LG tipped to release ChromeOS devices with latest trademark applications



LG is just now starting to gain solid footing in the phone market and has just launched its second major attempt at tablets, but the South Korean electronics giant seems to want to try out something new for size — ChromeOS. Recent trademark patents tell us that much, with LG apparently submitting applications ChromeOne, ChromeDesk and ChromeStation.

We’re not sure if these are all meant to be names for different products or if LG’s just covering their bases and not yet sure of which name they want to use, but they all sound like they’ll shy away from the traditional netbook form factor Chrome is usually featured on.

We’d imagine something similar to Samsung’s ChromeBox if we’re going based on name alone (though the ChromeOne is left open for more loose interpretation. Unfortunately, the trademark applications don’t give us much other info, but it’s nice to know what they’re thinking about for the future. With LG just recently submitting these applications it’s tough to say how close we are to seeing an unveiling. It doesn’t sound like something that could happen in days or weeks, but we’ll be trying to dig deeper regardless.

[via ChromeSpot]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I still don’t see the reason for Chrome OS. You might as well get an Android Tablet with a keyboard dock.

    Is there something I’m missing? Is there a reason someone would want Chrome OS?

    1. Speed and reliability. ChromeOS handles the internet like a boss.

      1. And the fact that Chrome OS uses a real Desktop browser, which is light years ahead any mobile browser!

      2. Interesting… I might look into these, then.

        I was looking into replacing my laptop with some type of tablet. Not like full on replacement, but something to do homework on while at school, and media purposes. I’d leave my laptop at home and play games there and stuff.

        I may have to look into trying one out.

    2. Amazingly useful if you need a keyboard web applications.

    3. I just bought the new snow white hp Chromebook 14 yesterday and I love it. Boots in 7 seconds. Long battery life. Been using it all day. It’s actually really nice. I always thought the same as you but now that I have one, I think I’ll take both!

      1. Where’d you get that new Chromebook 14? Google only lists walmart on their site but then it’s only the 4g one and it’s not available. Thanks!

      2. That’s crazy. I may have to try one out then. I’ll look into them during this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

  2. I would leave my pc for a chrome device if I could root my androids with it but to me the os is not mature enough for that kind of stuff so I will stay with windows for the time being but I am rooting for google to overthrow microsoft in the pc game

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