NVIDIA CEO: Shield 2 could be released along with the NVIDIA’s ‘Project Logan’ processor



NVIDIA has become the unofficial go-to processor manufacturer for mobile gamers. In fact, their NVIDIA Shield portable console is arguably the best gaming device powered by Android. Even though it is not exactly flying off the shelves, we don’t see NVIDIA giving up on the Shield. A second one should be coming, and NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang is giving us some hope. The NVIDIA Shield 2 could be coming very soon!

NVIDIA is not exactly giving us all the details, but Jen-Hsun Huang is pretty much teasing the device without saying anything. Yes… press talk can be confusing. To be exact, Jen-Hsun is asked (in an interview with Engadget) if we can expect a second iteration of the Shield coming soon. He says that “he hopes” that one will come with every Tegra release, which means yearly.


We all know NVIDIA’s very own CEO is not “hoping” for stuff. The fact that he is being “hopeful” means he probably knows what’s going on behind closed doors, yet can’t say it directly. The Next Tegra release is “Project Logan”, or we can just call it Tegra 5. Tegra releases are usually during the 1st half of the year, around the 2nd quarter, do we can start looking forward to seeing something.

Maybe we could get a tease at CES? We sure hope so. We did last year, so it’s a possibility. Jen-Hsun Huang also talked about Gamestream, which is the Shield’s PC streaming technology, only re-branded. It’s latency is supposed to be stupid low, and the technology was tested with a 4K TV. Now that’s having guts!

We will keep our eyes open and will be going to cES to get you all the details, so stay tuned! How many of you are thinking of getting the next-gen Shield?

[via Engadget]

Edgar Cervantes

[Update: It’s out!] BBM for Android finally rolling out later today; be sure to “wait in line”

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  1. Drop the price down and I’ll consider.

    1. Im guessing they will when number 2 comes out, and you can probably buy a used one for a decent price.

      1. Nvidia giving shield discount coupon with their gtx holiday bundle right now. But still it will end up cost more since you have to buy new gpu to get the bundle and discount coupon :D

  2. I’m annoyed because I just got my shield lol.

    1. you can probably sell it for a decent price.

  3. Interested to see how the others will compete… Project Logan is essentially the first desktop style CPU/GPU in a mobile device, since it will support CUDA 5 and OpenGL 4.3. Actually, quoted from ExtremeTech: “In a tablet, Nvidia believes the beefier 2W version of Logan will be more powerful than the PS3 or the GeForce 8800 GTX ”

    It’s also supposed to use 3X less power than the iPad 4 GPU to render the same content.

    The difference will really be seen with augmented reality apps, facial recognition, games, etc.. Even Microsoft & Sony should be running scared imo, their usual 8-10 year release cycle isn’t going to work this time if people can use their Tegra 5+ tablet/phone with an HDMI cable (or wireless streaming) and a wireless Bluetooth controller. Especially with Tegra 6 not too far off.

  4. They should drop the price of shield one and introduce shield two… Continue the process to shield three. Drop one every new product. So we should have shield 1,2, and 3… When shield shield 4 come, drop support for shield 1.

    I would like to see support for only two year though, to improve technology. When shield 3 comes out, we should agree to expect no support to shield 1.

    1. For support nvidia have a good track record supporting their old product. On the desktop gpu side they still support their 6000 and 7000 gpu until earlier this year. Not sure about their tegra though

      1. Nvidia GPU’s are more expensive at times, but Nvidia (and their vendors, ex: EVGA) imo has always had the better GPU and support. From performance to the drivers that power it. Even if AMD has better hardware their drivers suck. Nvidia has solid drivers, solid features, and solid updates. You get what you pay for.

  5. I’m honestly surprised they sold enough of the original to consider making another.

    1. From the very beginning nvidia never did intend to make profit with shield instead it was a platfrom (marketing tool) to promote their tegra capabilities and some other nvidia technology that can be associated with it (for example the streaming tech actually is related to their GRID technology).

      1. Exactly. Although idk why Nvidia doesn’t jump into the game console market. The Shield is already a game console in a controller, so the biggest part would be making the controller wireless… the rest is essentially done. Or hell, build it into new TVs and send the finger to game consoles. They’ve been slacking lately anyway.

        The screen is one of the most expensive parts too.. so it would make it even cheaper, all while promoting their chips on other devices, and pushing Android to the limit.

        1. a shield inside a TV would make a very interesting product. H’bout a TV with G-sync with the ability to upgradable shield module? Atleast, the minimal function would be a smart TV.

        2. Instead competing directly with other player i think nvidia are more comfortable if their chip is being use and let those company compete among themselves like OUYA and Mad Catz Mojo. But when talking about android gaming i see no other company than nvidia that seriously working with developer and encourage them to use the capabilities of their chip. We always see tegra enhance games with extra eye candy than the vanilla version but why there is no such games for qualcomm chip for example? Maybe what nvidia doing is fragmenting the android gaming side more but if you don’t encourage the dev they will not use the true potential of the chip.

    2. its like a long term investment, nvidia said they want to be the leader who turns android into where pc gaming is today for the future.

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