Humble Bundle with Android 7 brings Ticket to Ride, Bard’s Tale, Worms and more!


Humble Bundle 7

Humble Bundle fans will want to get their charity hats on and prepare to drop some dough, as the latest Humble Bundle with Android is finally here! It’s the 7th such edition, and this charitable group of folks put together perhaps the greatest list of Android games to be found within a Humble Bundle yet. Let’s get the quick rundown:

Humble Bundle 7

  • Ticket to Ride (regularly $7) – A pass-to-play game that has you completing railroad tickets.
  • Greed Corp (regularly $1) – A turn-based strategy game with great graphics and gameplay.
  • Incredipede (regularly $4) – A quirky, physics-based puzzle game.
  • Anodyne (not available on Google Play) – Adobe AIR-based adventure game with ala Zelda

Pay more than the average to receive:

All those games are worth well over $20 and all you have to pay is greater than the average, currently only $6.56 at the time of this writing. If you wish to pay less, simply strike Bard’s Tale and Worms 2 off the list. I should note that, as always, more games are planning to be added mid-way through this thing, so you’ll probably want to pay more than that average to make sure you get whatever those games may turn out to be.

Be sure to grab a quick look at all of these titles in the promo video above, and then decide how you want to split your payment up between the developers, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the Child’s Play Charity.

All the games can be redeemed in Steam, providing you pay over $1. Don’t forget to download the Humble Bundle for Android app to get quick and easy delivery of all the titles you buy. It’s available for free in the Google Play Store (link below). Let us know if you’ll be taking advantage, and be quick about your decision — you’ll only have two weeks to get in on it.

[via Humble Bundle | Humble Bundle app on Google Play]

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  1. All of these Humble Bundles are taking a toll on my wallet. But I just… can’t……. resist.

    1. At least it’s not much of a toll. I’ve been averaging about $1 per game over the past few Humble Bundles. That’s quite a deal for the untold hours of gaming I’ll enjoy if I can ever find the time to play this huge list of games I’m building up.

      1. This happened to me back when I worked at Gamestop. I piled up hundreds of games, and never even had time to play ’em all. It’s happening again! :S

        1. Yeah, my Humble Bundle list and my Steam library are just ridiculous. I would’ve had to really buckle down to play through most of these games back when I was single and childless. These days, it ain’t gonna happen. But it sure is nice to have a game at the ready whenever I want something new. And benefiting charity, etc.

          No, really, it has nothing to do with my compulsion to buy games when they’re super cheap. I NEED THEM ALL

          1. Same here. My Steam library is over 700. At this point I don’t see how I am going to play them all. I guess when Steam’s Family and Friends goes live, I am going to make a lot of people happy!

  2. I cant help myself when they release new bundles. Ive bought pretty much every one.

  3. Excellent and innovative offers – Humble Bundle 7.Should we expect such extempore from the premium brands like tapjoy, appnext, adcolony etc

  4. I already bought Ticket to Ride for iOS and OSX, but I wanted it for Android too… so I happily kicked in $10 for this bundle.

  5. OK, so stupid question: How do I install the 1910 DLC on Android?

    I have Ticket to Ride (installed via APK), Steam, and Humble Bundle all installed on Android, and 1910 is associated with my Steam account. The Humble Bindle instructions and FAQ don’t mention anything about DLC, as far as I can tell:—humble-bundle-with-android-7

  6. The Bard’s Tale is regularly $3 (not $6) btw.

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