HTC One Max’s Power Flip case offers protection and adds 1,150 of battery juice



Thinking about what accessories to get for your HTC One Max (which was just announced) ahead of retail availability? HTC’s hoping you’ll buy their Power Flip case, a folio cover that does a bit more than just protect the device and give it a unique look. The Power Flip case comes packed with a 1,150mAh battery that can feed juice to your HTC One Max.

It does all this using the three pogo pins found on the rear of the One Max. Add that juice to the 3,300 mAh battery already inside the One Max and you’ve got yourself one of the longest lasting devices on the market.

The case can also act as a kickstand for the One Max, giving you a way to prop it up and enjoy the content spread across that huge 5.9-inch 1080p display. We don’t typically make a huge deal about cases, but the Power Flip adds enough to the experience to grab our attention. We haven’t been treated to a price for this bad boy yet, but as soon as we hear more we’ll definitely be bringing those details right to the forefront of Phandroid.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

[Update] Sprint officially announces plans to carry the HTC One Max; watch this first look video

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  1. Without the cover, hTC ONE MAX weights about 261 grams. What would it weigh with combination of the cover…?

    1. 217 g (7.65 oz) is the HTC One MAX “Naked” weight.

    2. Why would it matter? Unless you have muscular dystrophy, you should be able to handle it

      1. Weight REALLY bothers you when it’s in your pocket… imagine when your’e at the gym, when you’re at the club, at the beach, anywhere. Plus when holding it for long period of time. (Ok, I confess I do live in Florida).

        1. i never noticed the weight of a phone.

          1. Really? My Note 2 always bothered when in my pocket at the gym (with a case). To the point I started removing the case to work out. The Note 3 is a big improvement because is around 10% lighter. Before the Note 2 I had the GS3 and weight bothered too, just not as heavy, I mean, as much. Which phones have you used so far?

          2. Evo 4g, Evo LTE, and the Nexus 4. I havent owned a phablet yet so i cant speak about that.

          3. I had (and loved) the Evo 4G. You never forget your first 4G experience, hehe… now with that being said, the Evo 4G, to me, bothered the same than the Note 2 did, if not more. That thing was heavy and thick I gotta say. I promise you that the Note 3 feels much better in the pocket than the Evo 4G, even at the gym. The Nexus 4 tho, really is a more compact phone. I think if you can’t stop going for HTC, then the ONE (original) is the best option. If not, the Nexus 5 might just be the way to go for you. If you can tolerate touchwizz then give a try to the Note 3, I promise it is a million times better than the GS4, for example, hardware and softwarewise. The gains in real state screen is just far greater than any other disadvantage. To me, HTC missed the mark with the ONE Max =/

          4. Totally agree. I LOVE my Note 2, I just wish it was lighter and had an HD screen. All things I can get if I buy the Note 3 :)

          5. Well yea. When active, I don’t have my phone in my pocket. When I ride my bike, I wear my backpack and have my phone in there.

    3. Good. I hate how light plastic-made phones are. I feel like I’m going to accidentally throw it out my hand.

  2. That’s…. Just beautiful.

  3. Wow, this is way more useful than some lousy, overpriced cover that Samsung makes for their phones. Good work HTC!

  4. You forgot to mention that, with the cover, the One Max can also be used as a weapon of mass destruction!

    1. With that screen and combined battery size, it’s a weapon of mass consumption :p

  5. But, does it come with any kind of a belt-clip?? How are people carrying these?? Too big to keep in a pocket.

    1. Stop wearing your girlfriend’s jeans and it will fit fine.

    2. leg holster? backpack? you could zip tie it to an axe handle and be a lumberjack for Halloween!

      1. LMAO!!!!!!! @Leg holster.

    3. Too big to keep in *your* pocket. All I wear are Dickies. LoL!!

  6. i wonder if the htc one max charges as fast as other high end phones as of late. the htc one definitely takes forever.

    1. Yes, it does charge a lot faster.

    2. It takes forever because it’s trying to preserve the internal battery. Super fast charging shortens the life in the long run.

      That’s why I went through 4 batteries in 2 years on my GS2. That battery would charge in like 1 hour. LoL!!

      1. The GS2 is from 2010. Batteries have evolved tremendously since then.

        1. Yes. And the HTC Thunderbolt and Samsung Behold 2 is an old phone, yet people keep talking about how it’s changed the way they think about the company.

          That phone changed my thought on removable batteries. I believe that OEMs don’t care about removable batteries since you can buy them easier, so they die faster.

          That may not be the case anymore, but yea.

  7. Does the case also have a belt clip option?

  8. Does the case also have a belt clip option?

  9. I read somewhere that it’s suppose to cost around $90. Way too expensive if you ask me

    1. It’s a backup battery. I can kinda justify that price.

      Though I’ll just pick it up off Amazon or something.

  10. Because of things like this I want HTC to stay in market. You don’t need more battery? Out of the box it’s fine. Need more? Solution and a cool case to boot.

  11. Sweet.

  12. As soon as Sprint puts the HTC One Max out I’m buy it and a case.

  13. I have enjoyed HTC devices for many years, and they finally listen to customer feedback about battery size but it had to be with a massive phone (that I will be getting nonetheless). I have never minded a larger phone that weighs a bit, but I can understand why it will likely turn off a lot of people…sadly not helping sell this thing for HTC. I’d say if it was more like 8-9mm thick, 180g, and a couple millimeters shorter, it would be much better off. If they could have shed the outside white plastic around it, I bet that’d have done the trick.

    Even though I’ll live with it and enjoy the device, it really is pretty damn heavy and thick. Hopefully people will see the great features (software, speakers, battery life, display quality with SLCD, the SDcard that so many complain about, etc.) and be able to handle the behemoth, but I can certainly understand many smaller handed users going for the Note 3 or sticking with 5″ or less devices.

    Also, a good price point ($199) for it will surely help. $290 for the device and the Power Flip case combined will surely interest many for price compared to a $300 Note 3.

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