Oct 14th, 2013


Thinking about what accessories to get for your HTC One Max (which was just announced) ahead of retail availability? HTC’s hoping you’ll buy their Power Flip case, a folio cover that does a bit more than just protect the device and give it a unique look. The Power Flip case comes packed with a 1,150mAh battery that can feed juice to your HTC One Max.

It does all this using the three pogo pins found on the rear of the One Max. Add that juice to the 3,300 mAh battery already inside the One Max and you’ve got yourself one of the longest lasting devices on the market.

The case can also act as a kickstand for the One Max, giving you a way to prop it up and enjoy the content spread across that huge 5.9-inch 1080p display. We don’t typically make a huge deal about cases, but the Power Flip adds enough to the experience to grab our attention. We haven’t been treated to a price for this bad boy yet, but as soon as we hear more we’ll definitely be bringing those details right to the forefront of Phandroid.

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