[Update] Sprint officially announces plans to carry the HTC One Max; watch this first look video


Earlier today, HTC announced the HTC One Max, the 5.9-inch fingerprint scanner-enabled smartphone that’s part of their 2013 flagship “One” lineup. We were wondering how long it would take for the first carrier to announce plans to sell the device, and it’s already happened. Sprint has chimed in to mention that they would be carrying the One Max at some point later this year.

Pricing and exact release date information couldn’t be had, but it’s always nice to know that the device is coming. We expect Verizon to announce plans to carry the device as well, as their version of it has been leaked in a couple of pictures prior to today’s announcement. Some have reported Verizon as confirmed, though we won’t be banking on that until we can get official word for ourselves.

AT&T and T-Mobile are still in the air, but history suggests they’ll likely be getting in on this phablet party, as well. We’ll be updating this post if any other carriers decide to announce official availability plans today. In the meantime, be sure to take a look at the “first look” video HTC put up on YouTube if you’re interesting in seeing this thing in action.

[Update]: Add Verizon to the official train. Just waiting on AT&T, T-Mobile, and perhaps US Cellular to enter the station.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Dear Verizon: why does your Galaxy S4 Mini have a logo on the home button?

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  1. price?

  2. come on tmobile! don’t let me down!

    1. If I hadn’t gotten the One as soon as I could I would consider this. I was still considering it until the specs were announced as my first “JUMP!” upgrade…

      Probably just going to wait until May at this point. (May/November upgrades sounds about darned perfect.) Always hits on the Nexus.


      Speaking of JUMP!….anyone know if there’s a buyer’s remorse clause in there? If I were to say, “JUMP!” from my HTC One to something that I realized a week later I didn’t like nearly as much as the One…could I go back?

      1. i think you can return it, and then they waive the remaining payments. not sure though. you’d have to ask a tmo rep.

        1. Might have to. Really like the one and my upgrade is going to hit pretty soon. Considering the Note 3 at this point, but want to see what the “n5” has to offer.

          Need to make sure I can go back to the One if I don’t like ’em though. (or just pay the One off and go from there, I suppose)

  3. It has removal back cover but can’t remove the battery? What a big fail move LOL No SD 800, only 2 GB of ram, no s-pen…….and way bigger than the note 3….I’m now definitely getting the note 3.

    1. What’s an SD 800?

      1. snapdragon 800

    2. It has SD

    3. I am pretty sure you have already set to buy the note 3 even before this one comes out, so what’s the point of going LOL big fail? Does Samsung pay you when you go LOL big fail now I am buying samsung?

      1. what is wrong with you?

        1. certainly not as much as what is wrong with you

          1. Fanboyism is very strong with this one. Enjoy your device & keep telling yourself it’s the best device ever. And you make sure to always stay on guard for anyone prefers other device over your imaginary HTC One Max that you haven’t even touched once.

          2. my ones battery life isnt all that great, daylight pictures suck and i hate blinkfeed. but damn this is the best smartphone i’ve ever owned. so fast and lag free, it has handled anything and everything i’ve ever thrown at it and then some.

            beautiful solid aluminum build, a nighttime camera that kicks any other smartphones ass, awesome speakers and a crisp, clear and bright lcd3 display that renders natural colors perfectly including perfect whites. I hate sd cards and don’t ever want a replaceable battery which would detract from the solidity of this phone.

            So no I don’t think it is the best device ever but damn the pros sure outweigh the cons which will be dealt with in future iterations.

          3. Cool story bro

          4. does that bring me down a notch or two on the fanboyism scale then?

          5. no the damage is already done. Look how many of your dumbass looking pic is in here….. calling everyone a shill for not loving your favorite brand aka HTC…. you just became a joke on phandroid.com

          6. Matt your wetness behind your ears showed the moment you resorted to ad hominem argument. You are now attacking me personally instead of my arguments.

            Now if you are paying attention to my posts you will see that I’ve selectively chosen whom I respond to. Samsung fanboys need not worry because I can tell who you are. I know you love your galaxies get very defensive when threatened. you also get very upset when cornered and resort to fallacious arguments to escape.

            you need not worry though. my targets as are the samsung marketers, paid students and shills who seem to have overtaken a thread devoted to htc one max. im just cleaning house dude..

          7. cool story bro

          8. What a creep…

          9. what? im just being honest

          10. The One is a great phone. I don’t think there’s another phone out there that has such a great feel to it and looks awesome. Now that htc has the max and they have the one, they need a phone just like the one but at maybe 5.2 or even 5 and I would buy it. My last htc phone was the evo 3d and before that I have only owned htc phones. My latest phone, plastic and all is the note 3 and it’s been a great phone. I just wish the max was more the size of the note 3 and I would give it a chance. I understand the plastic on the note 2 feels cheap but it has a case on it so I never notice. For now I’m sticking to the note lineup. The amoled screen has never given me a problem and I don’t mind it at all, plus the battery life is awesome. I’d take battery life on a phone over material anytime.

      2. exactly! he’s a shill NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. he has no business here yet has to put in his two cents in bad faith

    4. LOL, you are a samsung shill and I can spot you and your ilk from a mile away!


      1. They always list first certain features that the competing YYYY phone doesnt have

      2. They next list the drawbacks or cons of YYYY phone.

      3. Lastly, they say “Now I’m gonna out and buy the XXXX” or if they already have XXXX, say “I’m sure glad I bought XXXX” or “I’m definitely not going to buy YYYY now” or some other variation thereof.

      dumbasses might as well have a target on their ass…

      1. This is why I hear HTC & Nokia fans are worse than the iFans. 1st of all, I rock HTC One. I’m just looking to buy a bigger phone because that’s just what I want. Is that a crime, too? I found out I have three options. HTC One Max, Sony E ZU & Samsung Note 3. Sony ZU is just toooooo big for me to carry around so I got it off my list. I also wanted the best SOC for the money because I am paying full price for it. I was a bit jealous of s-pen too because I think they’re are more than a few things I could with it. And if the price is the same between my two options, why should I settle for something that offers less. Note 3 has 3 GB of ram, SD600. I just found out HTC One Max is not only bigger but much heavier than the note 3 as well. So who’s a fanboy now?

        1. Dude how is it then that you followed the outline of how to spot a samsung shill to a T? You are a shill and I KNOW IT! your retort makes NO SENSE

          1. OH NO!!! YOU REALLY GOT ME THERE!!!

          2. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          3. Richard,

            I am sorry but as an HTC One owner I also want a bigger screen. I moved from the Note 1 to the HTC one and I have put off buying the Note 3 because of the HTC Max. I really like the speakers on my One and I have read that the loud speaker on the Note 3 is less than impressive. However I see no reason to upgrade to the same SoC when better are not only available but also common. I see no reason to upgrade to the MAX when I lose Optical stabilization. I also do like the Pen on the Note 3 which I used quite a bit on my N7000. I almost agree with Danny word for word.
            That said the Note 3 has less than optimal loudspeakers, the camera does not perform as well as its competitors in low light and I take a lot of pictures in bars/restaurants and in the evening. For this reason I am waiting to see what Nokia offers in the 1520. If I am not impressed I will go with the Notes 3 or maybe the ZU if I can get a chance to see 1. The water resistance is nice but it is definitely pushing the edge of pocketability.

          4. i can respect that. you articulated yourself well with an air of impartiality throughout, stating your reasons for preferring one handset over the other in an objective fashion. you never once resorted to bashing or denigrating other smartphones to make your point.

            The samsung shill on the other hand….well you see my point.

          5. I understand if you only take picture in low light (Sucks for you) but the note 3 is the best you going to get on any Android phone out now. It came in 2nd for the best camera smartphone out.. But listed 1st place in the video recording department. Lol I’m a proud note 3 owner

          6. what, you don’t like going out at night and having a good time taking pictures at places with not a lot of light. wow now THAT really sucks for you…

          7. And then flash was created!!!

          8. i understand. but flash makes for stark contrasts which makes for awful pics. htc one can take pics in close to complete darkness. dont hate..

            just out of curiousity though, where do you go at night?

          9. Man I’m not going to tell you my night life bro. Lol you’ll a funny guy but to make you feel better my wife has the HTC one.

          10. oh, you are MARRIED! my bad…. that explains everything. sorry i gave you a hard time about taking night pics.

            smart wife.

          11. Lol Okay

          12. take care of your wife. she is definitely a keeper dude…

        2. haha I was thinking the same thing. HTC, Nokia AND Sony fans are delusional.

          1. Chen, being delusional means an inability to distinguish fact from reality. how does how sick a phone is and the way it looks have anything to do with fact and reality when, although the former could be construed as fact, the latter is totally subjective? Your reasoning is flawed there buddy…

      2. Honestly, that sounds a lot like EVERY fanboy on the internet regardless of brand.

        1. no. true fanboys follow a different outline which includes getting defensive. they also get really mad.

          shills need to maintain their composure in order to preserve the appearance of credibility.

          1. man, you really do love to talk about yourself, don’t ya?

          2. are you trying to throw in a red herring there? where in ANY of my posts am i talking about myself? i stick to the issues dude

          3. Wrong. I think Yellowcard is the best band in the world and every other band should just accept 2nd place.

            Fanboys are ig’nant. LoL!!

      3. I’m guessing your were expecting something a little better from the HTC One Max?

        If a device is great its hard to criticize… i.e. the Note 3.

        1. if i dont pay any mind to a device, it sucks…sorry

          1. That does sound very much like a fanboy comment…. maybe if the brand said HTC you would like the Note 3?

          2. perhaps an analogy will drive the point across.

            since the note 3 was introduced i have yet to visit any sites or blogs or threads pertaining to it.

            conversely, do you see how many samsung people are on this thread that is dedicated exclusively to the htc one max?

            the difference, i never saw the note 3 as a threat so never bothered with it.

            you people on the other hand are all over this thread.

            I wonder why that is? security issues? you bet…

          3. Not looking at a device because of the brand is a very limited fanboy point of view…. especially when most reviews are rating the Note 3 as arguably the best phone available at the moment…..

            When I look for a phone I buy the best phone available for me… that’s why I have owned Nokia, Apple & Samsungs.

            I looked into the One Max and rumored specs before I brought the Note 3 but expected it to be a few months away from sale. Having seen the specs I’m glad I didn’t wait.

          4. Dude, I cannot get past the plastic build and bluish hue of amoled screens. Samsung’s are straight up ugly. sorry.

            ad hominem sure to follow now I’m certain, lol

          5. oh god no if htc ever made a plastic phone I’m going back to iPhone. screw HTC TN! Although it did like my one x

          6. I probably won’t change your mind but if you are looking at the One Max i would recommend looking at the Note 3 as well. Aside from no FM radio and touchwizz (now replaced with goLauncher) I cant find a weaknesses with it. Cheers

          7. if htc put their logo on a pleather phone I’d be done

          8. The faux leather back is a massive improvement on the glossy plastic back of the Note 2… no finger prints, better looks, not slippery and feels less likely to be scratched.

            Probably not perfect but all materials have downsides… even aluminium which scratches easily, heats up quicker and can block signals.

          9. Wade you are starting to sound like a Samsung marketer. are you?

    5. No one I know uses the S-Pen. I think that’s just tailoring to that small group of people. LoL!!

      1. I guess you don’t have many friends.

        1. i dont have many friends either then, lol

          1. you didn’t have to state that. everyone here already knew it because it’s very obvious.

          2. whoooooooooosh! thats the sound of sarcasm flying OVER the top of your head. you’d think my lol would have clued you in. tsk.

            still wet behind the ears kid?

        2. Wrong. It’s just the people that do have the Note series phones, the regular consumers, don’t use the S-Pen. It only sounds like the small group of people, the people that actually know about what firmware they’re on uses the S-Pen.

          Though I seen my mom use it like once in my life. LoL!!

          The only people I seen use the S-Pen were cell phone reps, and people who knew that they had Jellybean. Who weren’t my friends.

  4. That’s great Sprint. Now re-release the Note 3 as TriBand :)

    1. Great point. If the note 3 was triband I would have given sprint a chance. Now I will just wait out my etf and jet to tmobile as soon as I can.

  5. This phone is worthy over the Note 3. Up to $500. Over $500 then the $700 Note 3 is the best option.

  6. Bulkier, heavier, and lower specs all around than the Note 3?
    WHY do you keep screwing us HTC????!!!!

    1. oh gawd another shill acting like he owns an htc

      1. You know android is great when they keep topping each other

      2. dude, just let it go…..

        1. why? im exposing the shills for what they are

          1. Only thing that you’ve done here is you’ve only exposed yourself as a moron HTC fangirl. Look at you…. every here hates you girl.

          2. woo hoo looks like i hit a raw nerve with this name calling fanboy. likely a samsung fanboy at that. you make it seem like i hate being….uh, hated. actually that comes with the territory but it can be so extremely gratifying as you can see, LOL!

          3. dude, we’re just talking about a smartphone here. What the heck is wrong with you?

          4. you’re right. some people on these boards can be very brutal… over a smartphone that purportedly is inferior to the note 3 at that. quite perplexing really

  7. Still didn’t top the note 3

    1. top it in what, the tendency to stutter?

  8. I don’t get why people don’t want the best phone out. Sure j agree this is a great phone but not the best. So if youre going to spend x amount of money why not get the best!

    1. 2 reasons:

      1. pleather
      2. bluish whites

  9. Nice first try at a phablet, HTC. Thanks for the removable back and microSDXC slot, but it’s still not enough (even if priced $100 cheaper than the Note3, imo).

    For me to choose the HTC One Max (the next One, anyway – the “Two” next year(?)), it’d have to improve on a few fronts to compete with the Note 4:

    1) Fix the crappy camera! (gsmarena’s camera shootout ranked it in last place; Note3 in 2nd)
    2) Same or better CPU & RAM
    3) Removable battery
    4) Get rid of the physical buttons and go s/w to increase display/bezel ratio. Have only speakers & sensors on minimal bezels.

    Do that and you’re in the running next year. I love the front-facing speakers, but don’t really NEED a wacom pen (though some might), and while I don’t much like the “premium aluminum” build vs robus plastic, I could live with it (in a case)

    1. I’d rather the battery stay non-removable. OEM’s tend to make the device more caring of the battery and I don’t have to buy like 4 replacement batteries. Oh the horror. LoL!!

      IDK about the camera. I mean anything more is just being too picky. I’m content with whatever camera is out on phones nowadays. Back then in the Nexus 1 days, yea. But they’re all good to me, now.

      The CPU is just first world problems. Even the RAM. I have 2GB on my HTC One and I *always* have about 1GB of RAM left. I don’t think I need much more RAM. *first world problems*

      The physical buttons, I agree. The phone is too large to have physical buttons. And software buttons are better because you can customize them and get my search button back. =.D

      The fingerprint scanner is pretty neutral to me. It’s not like it’s going to ruin any functionality or anything. It’s one of those things where it’s tailoring to that small group of people.

      As far as the build, I just like the phones to look cool. I will throw a case on my phone regardless, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a cool looking phone. I take the phone out, in public, to clean it and get those “Ooo!! That’s a nice phone.”. LoL!!

    2. I agree with most of your wishlist except for the removable battery. a removable battery means a removable back which translates into a less solid feeling device. the structural integrity would be compromised and the phone would become flimsy like samsung devices.

      What physical buttons are you referring to? the only physical buttons on the one are the power and volume buttons. Perhaps you mean virtual capacitive buttons on the front? what is s/w?

      I totally hate that fingerprint reader too but for different reasons. i think that it takes away from the stylistic cohesiveness of the back of the phone. it literally looks like it was just plastered on there as an afterthought without regard to aesthetic considerations. Although many people probably wont care, it makes the phone look UGLY. if they cant place it in a more low-key location. I would rather they remove it altogether.

  10. Man waiting on the unbreakable flexible OLED screens.

    1. an oled, is an oled, is an oled…no matter which angle you look at it, it still looks blue

      did i mention that I can spot samsung owners from a mile away? they are easily identified by the bluish glow emanating from their smartphone when they are holding up to their face. they look like smurfs…

      …oh, i can see the ad hominems coming my way now…

  11. I was on this bandwagon until they said snapdragon 600, I want the 800 with andreno 330. Only if the (z ultra ) worked on Verizon .

    1. what good is a SD800 when the phone using it still stutters and lags?

      1. No the (z ultra) doesn’t.

      2. Can you furnish proof of the z lagging ?

        1. sorry. this thread is so populated with samsung fanboys I presumed you were referring to a samsung device. i have never heard of the device you are referring to nor do i know anything about it so i have no business commenting about it. i hereby retract my remark. the phone you aspire for may very well work well with the sd800 unlike the note 3 which stutters with it.

          1. I am a sammy fan, durability is there, deving is there and I still pull over two days on one charge. I think the note3 is a gimmick when compared to the note2, the (one maxx) had my attention until they said sd600, if I wanted a (htc one) I would’ve got it. In my eyes its like the note 3 not enough to push me forward.

  12. You folks talk about the Note 3 likes it’s this Godsend device. Well I spent some quality time with one and I was not blown away. The pleather is a step up from the plastic and the screen is beautiful but I’m no fan of the software and even with the Snapdragon 800, the phone still manages to stutter at times, especially when using the S Pen. I wouldn’t be too quick to write this HTC One Max off as it may prove to be just as competent of a performer as the new Note.

    1. nothing like a good dose of anecdotal evidence to temper some of that gloating and over
      exhuberation from Samsung fanboys over their note 3, eh?

      well my lowly htc one is still fast and powerful with ZERO lag 6 months later. are we sure that is only a mediocre snapdragon 600 in these things? lol

    2. the silence is deafening isnt it?

      …yoo hoo, shills where are you people?

      there was a hoard of you populating this board yesterday.

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