What are T-Mobile and Shakira announcing for the 3rd phase of the UNcarrier movement today?


T-Mobile has been teasing an announcement at a New York City park for a couple of days now. Yesterday, the company’s official Twitter account Tweeted that the third phase of the UNcarrier movement would kick off today, with international superstar Shakira confirmed to be christening the event with a musical performance.


The only problem is that we haven’t been given the slightest hint as to what to expect, except for John Legere’s proclamation that the forthcoming announcement will “REALLY shake things up” again. If T-Mobile’s recent track record is anything to go by, I wouldn’t doubt their ability to live up to lofty expectations.

Without any rumors to go on, though, we’re left to our own devices to figure out just what it is T-Mobile has to show off at today’s event. Their new plans are already out and in full effect. The T-Mobile JUMP early upgrade program has already been announced and available. What else could T-Mobile possibly be bringing to the table? I have a few different predictions:

  • T-Mobile will announce a huge list of 4G LTE cities to go live at some point in the very near future
  • The death of throttling
  • Shakira in unlimited amounts of leather to replace Carly in a new major marketing campaign
  • Free pink Magenta cupcakes for everyone who buys a phone
  • More shots fired at AT&T

I’ve obviously gone a bit off the wall at the end there, but the point is that we are clueless as to what T-Mobile could be looking to announce later tonight. Whatever it is, though, you can bet our eyes will be peeled and that we will be bringing that information straight to your inbox as soon as it’s available. Be sure to add your own wishes and predictions in the comments section below, and circle back later tonight for all the latest out of New York City!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I think it would be interesting if they paid for your ETF after leaving another carrier.

    I don’t honestly think this announcement will be that, but hey, its a nice dream.

    1. I would be jumping ship to T-Mo if they did that

  2. Correction: Shakira in limited amounts of leather.

    1. I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

    2. How about @shakira in MINIMUM amounts of leather? :-)

    3. Correction: Carly in anything….just bring her back!

  3. Going to go along with the thought that they’ll pay your ETF if you move to them from another carrier.

    1. they’ll lose so much money, and someone could just cancel their AT&T account, switch to T-Mobile for a month and cancel since T-Mobile doesn’t have contracts. So it wouldn’t work.

      1. Only if they brought their own device. Having an $800.00 USD phone to play off at the end of that month would detour a LOT of peeps

  4. That looks an awful lot like Bryant park…

    1. Sure is:-)

  5. I keep hoping to see them release a WiFi calling app in the Play Store. I’d love to have the ability to use WiFi calling on my Nexus phone (and my next Nexus phone).

    1. My Note 3 has a wifi calling app on it – but I don’t know why I’d actually use it since I have unlimited talk… of course using it where you have wifi and no signal might be nice.

      1. The no signal is my issue. I have family in small towns and get no signal, but if I could just connect to their wireless internet to make and receive phone calls, that would be perfect and it would eliminate much of my care for their spotty coverage outside of major areas.

      2. International is another reason, when you are trying to call back home and don’t want to roam or buy a local SIM or calling card.

      3. Wi-fi calling still uses minutes from your bucket so unlimited is still a good idea to have with this if you talk a lot. The wi-fi calling app is only on Tmo phones unfortunately. Otherwise I’d have waited for the next Nexus device. As pointed out, no signal is my main use for this app as I work underground but we have wi-fi.

  6. I think they will announce something in regards international roaming, tmobile has a lot of international connections. Maybe free calls to land lines in other countries. Shakira represents international and their tweet advertisement at the end says, “Don’t miss it for the world”. We’ll find out soon enough.

    1. Sounds good to me. I could certainly use it.

    2. It also says something about- “Does your phone have a passport?”- Its international calling in part at least.

  7. My hope:

    Indiv Postpaid “un-plan” $50 unlimited talk, text and data (no throttling)

    Family postpaid “un-plan” start at $80 (again, unlimited everything, no throttling). ($80 is 2 lines, additional lines after 2 are $10/month each)

    No options, just plain and simple. All existing postpaid customers who are on postpaid no contract plans automatically migrated to the new “un-plan” for the un-carrier. (those paying $70 right now for unlimited everything are now paying $50 for unlimited everything. Those paying $50 now for unlimited talk and text and data (but throttled after 500 MB) now are unlimited everything)

    Talk about the scaring the f*** out of VZW, Sprint and AT&T.

    1. Won’t happen (as their 50/60/70 tiers are new), but if it did, I’d probably switch from my $30/mo tmob prepaid, as it’d only be an extra $20/mo to be on post-paid, have unlimited calling (vs 100mins), and have conditional call forwarding available for (google) visual voicemail. The current $50 plan has only 500MB of 4G, which doesn’t cut it.

      1. I’m not holding my breath for the un-plan, BUT I’ve heard actual rumors that they will go from 500MB/2.5GB/Unlimited to 2.5GB/5GB/Unlimited, with no change to the price, i.e. the $50 postpaid would be unlimited talk, text and data with throttling after 2.5GB instead of 500MB. If that is the case, I’ll be thrilled!

        1. 2.5GB @ $50/mo would be a nice bump, but I don’t think that’d quite push me to pay an extra $240/year vs $30/mo prepaid (unless, of course, the $30/mo plan was also discontinued, as some have feared)

          1. I hear ya. For me, I’m already doing the $50 postpaid plan. I do need unlimited calling without having to fuss with workarounds (GV + SIP, etc), call forwarding, and most importantly, data roaming in the US which I understand you don’t have on prepaid and TMO’s coverage is lacking in some places so I need that data roaming.

    2. More likely $30 per month for additional lines. But, either way, we’re dreaming…

  8. My impossible hope: T-mobile will be announcing a secret merger with Sprint

    1. Too incompatible in every way; would be as bad or worse than the nextel merger. At least with the MetroPCS purchase, both are using AWS.

      1. Except, this was news last week, as a possibility: “T-Mobile executive calls potential Sprint merger the ‘logical ultimate combination'” —

  9. Free international calling to Mexico!

  10. My guess: Turning on 2x10Mhz LTE for all of NYC! It’s possible, my LTE has been going in and out all day today.

  11. While we speculate…

    Nexus 5 through t-mobile for $100 down and $10/month or 32GB version for $15/month an $100 down.

    Throttled speeds to go up to 1.2Mbs instead of the 400Kbps or less. Virtually making it possible to always use maps, music, and browser even when you go over your minutes.

  12. Global roaming data. You can see the article on engadget.

  13. Hope they subtitle her commercials, cause I’m not fluent in marble mouth

    1. Shakira speaks English, so you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

  14. Hopefully Mr. Kennemer’s theory about the end of throttling is correct!

  15. I would like to see a list of LTE cities being added. I will say me going out to my friend’s apt in Pasadena, I have seen some improvements in my reception. That could just be radio upgrades and stuff, though.

    I know for me to get LTE, I would have to leave my phone by his patio door. Now I can roam around the apt., and still get LTE. It’ll drop down to HSPA sometimes, but it doesn’t halter anymore like it used to.

    Like I said, that could just be a radio upgrade.

    His Sprint service still sux. =.3

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