Final Fantasy 6 coming to Android later this year, Final Fantasy 7 remains a possibility



Android gamers like myself were ecstatic when Final Fantasy 4 hit Android devices back in June. Besides making a solid addition to our Android game library, it was nice seeing Android finally receiving some Square Enix love in the states. It was only a few weeks ago that publisher Square Enix announced that the sequel — Final Fantasy IV: The After Years — would also be making its to the Google Play Store later this year. Another win for RPG gamers everywhere and that was only the beginning.

In an interview with Kotaku, Square’s director and producer Takashi Tokita announced that his company would be bringing fan-favorite Final Fantasy VI to Android devices by year’s end. While you’re busy picking your jaw up off the floor, Tokita went onto say that the game wouldn’t be a simple direct port of the 16-bit classic. Terra, Edgar, Sabin, and the rest of the crew will be receiving facelifts, not unlike the recently launched Final Fantasy V for Android and iOS.

Final Fantasy V screenshot

Here’s the cleaned up Final Fantasy V for mobile, FFVI will look something like this

The battle system will also bee tweaked for mobile devices. According to Tokita, leveling up and grinding will play a less prominent role in the whole Final Fantasy experience. Tokita says mobile players will now be able to simply enjoy the story, a change we’re leary on, but should help those new to the series.

When it comes to future releases, Tokita acknowledged the “tons” of Final Fantasy VII fans begging for a remake. When it came to the possibility of releasing FF7 (and beyond) on mobile, Tokita said only that his team “would like to one day be able to work with VII,” providing previous releases perform well.


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  1. I’m so stoked about this. FFVI was by far my favorite entry and my first RPG ever. I’m a little worried about the changes to the battle system and the leveling, but as long as the story is the same, I’m game!

    1. Same here!

  2. I kinda wish they would have went all out with a full 3D version. Of all the old Final Fantasy’s out there, this was the one I was hoping for to make the transition.

    1. And maybe released it as a FULL gaming experience and not that horrific free-to-play format. Let’s see how this one plays out.

    2. I personally think the hand drawn art looks much better than primitive 3D graphics. I’m glad they went this way.

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  4. Square is being cheap. Not only are these games absurdly expensive for what they are ($15 for a 20 year old game!!!), but they could at least update the visuals to modern standards like Chaos Rings (which costs even less!) or at least FF3. Otherwise it makes more sense to buy and emulator and get all of the FF series for less than the price of one from Square. Lazy, greedy developers!

    1. nobody is making you buy this. I’m not a FF fan(never really got into it) but I’m glad to see hardcore-gaming developers make titles for android. now only if Nintendo would bend to the mighty power of holo

      1. Already own Android FF3 & gearing up for FF4.
        If it is not 3D, it does not go into my wishlist.
        I would rather download emulators to play 2D games.

  5. I would buy a re-made FF7 in a heartbeat. No questions asked. Shut up and take my money Square-Enix!

  6. FFV is already released on Android with updated visuals, why are we showing iOS screenshots here? It would have taken one minute to verify. Personally I’m happy to pay the premium price for these games vs the garbage that fills the play store.

  7. Uh… yeah. To “perform well”, I’d assume they ALL need actual global availability, without months of delay. That and a wee bit less ridiculuous prices.

    1. There is no issue emulating PSX games on android so a port/remake of the psx game code to run directly on android should run no problem. Most newer android devices have no issue emulating N64 for crying out loud. not even the PSP can do that very well.

      1. not to mention psp emulator and nintendo ds emulators work AAAMMMAAZING on quadcore phones (runs near perfect on my htc one).

        1. Yea, all that runs great on my rooted OUYA. About the other thing it’s good for other than a project box is emulators and XBMC. It’s just better playing on a TV with a dualshock3 then a phone.

  8. I fear this game will run into the same problem FFV had; a long gap between the Android and iOS release. Although its not just Final Fantasy, its almost every big or higher budget game.
    The main reasons are:
    1. Android has gotten a VERY bad reputation with developers. (even though iOS has just as much, if not more piracy)
    2. I know this gets talked about WAY too much, but its the truth. Androids fragmentation is ridiculous. From hardware, to software updates, Google needs to set some minimum standards.
    3. It has been proven that iOS users are more likely to pay for apps. Therefore, developers are making more money on iOS, even though there are more Android devices in use.
    All of these problems fall into Google’s hands and they need to fix them ASAP. The entire Play Store system really needs some work and organizing. As an Android fan, saying these things sucks. However, from an app developers perspective, iOS certainly looks like the better option if you actually want to make money.

    1. All they have to do is look at Asia, with a zillion people who all use Android. The question over there is not “should I get Android or iphone” but rather “which android?”

  9. Any others hoping that we see a Final Fantasy Tactics port? I know this game didn’t have the hype of all of FF games, but there was definitely big following. And, this was by far my favorite game ever. And that means any genre!

    Probably won’t happen, but one can wish…

    1. iOS got it lol

  10. Loved FF-6, one of my favorites. FF-7, 9 and 10 also come to mind. Never got into 8.

  11. Just give me FF7, no remake, no HD, just port FF7 as is.

  12. Yep heard about this, this could be interesting!!!

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