Oct 9th, 2013


Android gamers like myself were ecstatic when Final Fantasy 4 hit Android devices back in June. Besides making a solid addition to our Android game library, it was nice seeing Android finally receiving some Square Enix love in the states. It was only a few weeks ago that publisher Square Enix announced that the sequel — Final Fantasy IV: The After Years — would also be making its to the Google Play Store later this year. Another win for RPG gamers everywhere and that was only the beginning.

In an interview with Kotaku, Square’s director and producer Takashi Tokita announced that his company would be bringing fan-favorite Final Fantasy VI to Android devices by year’s end. While you’re busy picking your jaw up off the floor, Tokita went onto say that the game wouldn’t be a simple direct port of the 16-bit classic. Terra, Edgar, Sabin, and the rest of the crew will be receiving facelifts, not unlike the recently launched Final Fantasy V for Android and iOS.

Final Fantasy V screenshot

Here’s the cleaned up Final Fantasy V for mobile, FFVI will look something like this

The battle system will also bee tweaked for mobile devices. According to Tokita, leveling up and grinding will play a less prominent role in the whole Final Fantasy experience. Tokita says mobile players will now be able to simply enjoy the story, a change we’re leary on, but should help those new to the series.

When it comes to future releases, Tokita acknowledged the “tons” of Final Fantasy VII fans begging for a remake. When it came to the possibility of releasing FF7 (and beyond) on mobile, Tokita said only that his team “would like to one day be able to work with VII,” providing previous releases perform well.