HTC EVO 4G LTE to get Android 4.3 with Sense 5 by the end of this year



HTC America president Jason Mackenzie has announced on Twitter that the HTC EVO 4G LTE would be getting Android 4.3 with HTC Sense 5 by the end of this year. The EVO 4G LTE is Sprint’s version of HTC’s 2012 flagship HTC One X. A great phone for its time, many have contended that the One X (and the One S) still have a lot of juice in them. Indeed they do, and HTC is thankfully proving that by bringing it up to the latest and greatest experience that have to offer.

Of course, some features of the latest Sense experience won’t be present, mainly due to the fact that a lot of the unique features found within the HTC One rely on some form of hardware that the EVO 4G LTE / One X doesn’t have. The base experience should be there, though, including the all-important BlinkFeed.

You can read all about Sense 5 and everything it brings in an earlier post of ours here, and get ready to enjoy the goodness it brings once Sprint and HTC bring the upgrade out by the time 2014 hits. Any of you EVO 4G LTE owners out there excited to get your hands on this nice treat soon?

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  1. I’m actually surprised there’s an HTC EVO One

    1. There’s not.

      1. What?

    2. lol… yeah where did you think that from

      1. Lol …my head…

    3. It’s actually an improved version of last year’s HTC flagship, the One X

  2. Awesome, excited to hear this

  3. I’m conflicted now. I was going to get the Nexus 5 because my EVO hasn’t been updated in over a year. Now I don’t know what to do…..

    1. Nexus 5 > EVO LTE. I’d take stock Android over any UI any day of the week.

      1. But if on a budget and can’t update handset, the LTEvo now has the codefireXperiment 4.3 rom – true AOSP, not a CM/AOKP branch.

        This is a good time to own an LTEvo – because the choices are still happening, and choice is good.

    2. Think about it this way: If you don’t like the way 4.3 runs on the EVO, you can buy the Nexus. You have time to decide.

  4. now all that’s left is the One S…

    1. One S is a no-go. Some of the One S models use an S3 CPU, and Qualcomm isn’t providing the driver package.

    2. And the HTC One SV which is supposedly coming at some point in the future

  5. How about AT&T….?

    1. They don’t have the EVO line.

  6. Great news indeed…

  7. Uh huh…. Sure…

  8. The HTC EVO 4G LTE is actually Sprint’s precursor to the HTC One and it is an excellent phone. Sprint also has the HTC One.

    1. Right! It’s actually the Sprint specific version of the HTC One X which it improved upon by adding a microSD card slot and a larger internal battery…oh, and a kickstand! ;-)

  9. what about the HTC droid dna

    1. Expect nothing.

      Source: HTC Rezound user on Verizon’s network.

      1. but technically I have the HTC Deluxe…

        1. Technically, you are subject to Verizon’s whims… if you’ve spent any time with them, you have a pretty good track record of their rollout / update policy.

          (Not bashing VZW, I’ve been with them for a very long time… just stating the obvious. I’m with them until they pull my unlimited data accounts from my cold, dead hands… and then I’ll probably stay with them because of their network. Sigh.)

          1. I don’t have verizon either:0

          2. Ahh, there I go again… assuming. Well, then – good luck !

      2. I second that. The Rezound ICS update is buggy as hell but HTC doesn’t care while my cousin GS2 on T-Mobile is flying on Jelly Bean.

        1. idk… the dna/deluxe have that speedy quad core 1.5 ghz proccessor… my nexus 7 has a 1.3 ghz and it runs 4.3 great

  10. Maybe sooner than later…Woke up this morning to a “Software update notification”
    Perhaps the preparations have already started..?

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