Oct 7th, 2013

Samsung’s first attempt at a smart watch hasn’t been welcomed with the most warm reception in the world, but the company is looking to go hard with their advertising anyway. Alongside the general ad campaign Samsung launched to try and sell the Galaxy Gear beside the Note 3 (which we just reviewed), they’re trying to play on the nostalgia factor that such a watch could bring.

In their latest TV ad, Samsung takes us down memory lane by showing us a collection of watches and other wrist-bound gadgets that were featured in popular TV shows such as Power Rangers, Star Trek, Knight Rider and more. These shows made smart watches look ultra futuristic to me as a child, and now Samsung’s hoping to get your attention by declaring that those fantasies have finally become reality.

The Galaxy Gear does a couple of unique things that we haven’t seen on many other smart watches to date. For starters, it does include a pretty decent camera that will let you capture photos using your wrist. It’s also one of the longest lasting smart watches which use a traditional, non-eInk panel at a decent 17 hours per charge.

Samsung’s biggest mistake was making the smart watch compatible with only the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Tab 10.1 – 2014 Edition to start. Samsung has promised that functionality would be coming to some of its older devices in due time, and they also mentioned that they were looking into the possibility of making the smart watch compatible with all Android devices at some point down the line.

To me, it all sounds like Samsung rushed this thing to market just a bit too fast. Some argue Samsung looked to beat Apple to the punch, but the egg is on Samsung’s own face as Apple didn’t even have a smart watch to reveal at their most recent event. It’s possible we could see that change whenever Apple gets ready to introduce their next line of iPad tablets.

That Apple didn’t rush to be the first out of the gate with a smart watch isn’t anything surprising. As we all know, Apple is more worried about getting it right than they are getting it first. We just wish Samsung approached their research and development process with that same sort of thinking. Watch the latest Galaxy Gear ads above and below.

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