Oct 3rd, 2013

Google Now Knowledge Graph

Google has really been tapping into the power of Google Now recently. It was in late August they added the ability to receive reminders by searching for a band or TV show (either on desktop or Android app). Using their Knowledge Graph, a card would appear presenting you with some information inside a handy little card. At the bottom of the card, users could click “Remind me” to receive updates of new releases, episodes, etc., via Google Now on their smartphone or tablet. Super functional. Super convenient.

Google Now updates and reminders

Google is further improving Knowledge Graph with a way to stay up-to-date on your favorite celebrities or athletes. Search for someone important, and their information card will be presented along side the usual search results. At the bottom of the card, a “Keep me updated” button will be displayed to notify you of the latest news articles about that person. Once again, through the power of Google Now on your smartphone or tablet.

Pretty useful way to keep tabs on your favorite celebs, for sure. Don’t forget if you go a little crazy with this feature, all your reminders and updates can be managed in your Google Search app’s “Google Now” settings. Have fun!


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