Images of Android 4.4 Key Lime Pie (KitKat) allegedly running on Nexus 5 surface – shows new Gallery, Dialer, and more


Android 4.4 Key Lime Pie KitKat leak 1.jpg

Seemingly out of nowhere, a site dubbed Gadget Helpline has allegedly gotten their hands on the upcoming Nexus 5 and in the process, Android 4.4 Key Lime Pie (Kit Kat). We’ve been going over images of both the UI and device, and have to admit, they look pretty legit. First off, while there isn’t much shown of the device itself (Google imprints tracking codes all over devices used for testing, so it’s to be expected), we do see the front facing camera and volume rocker matches up with images of the device pictured in that bar from a few weeks back.

Android 4.4 Key Lime Pie KitKat leak 2

As we mentioned before, Android 4.4 KitKat is also pictured with the tipster going over both the device settings and info, as well as the all new gallery app. What’s interesting is how the settings show the name of the device the Nexus 4, but as we talked about earlier, the phone clearly isn’t last year’s Nexus 4. This leads us to conclude 2 things: either somebody just plain got it wrong, or Google is planning on pulling a Nexus 7 and releasing the device as the Nexus 4 (2013). And that’s possible given the fact that the screen reportedly doesn’t hit an exact 5-inches (it’s been measured at 4.97-inches). This could allow Google to go either way.

Android 4.4 Key Lime Pie KitKat leak Nexus 5

Android 4.4’s rumored new gallery app was also pictured, and while at quick glance there doesn’t appear to be too much new, you’ll notice new print options directly from within the app, as well as a few new options during editing (drawing, frames) and new export function (useful for USB OTG support). Default printing options can also be set from inside the settings app, where payment options can also be seen (integrated Google Wallet, anyone?).

Android 4.4 Key Lime Pie KitKat leak 3.jpg

As usual, leaks like this should always be taken with the finest grains of salt. I think in this one’s case, we’ve seen enough here to draw our own conclusions of its legitimacy. What do you guys think? Could Google still have be keeping a few “cards” close to their chest when it comes to Android 4.4 KitKat? Shouldn’t be much longer before we find out.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Can we please have this already?

  2. No where in the source article says they have the Nexus 5. It is running on the old Nexus 4

    1. The pictures on here are not of an old Nexus 4, look at where the FFC is. Its on the opposite location as the old Nexus 4.

      1. The VERY FIRST picture SAYS Nexus 4. LOL!!!

        1. Look at the hardware though

        2. could be nexus 4 (2013). like the nexus 7

    2. As I mentioned in the post, the earpiece and front facing camera are much different from the current Nexus 4. They’re actually identical to the leak of the Nexus 5 pictured in the bar a few weeks back (which also had a similar screen protector on it like this device).

  3. hmm white notification icons still. And I really like the dialer look. I need this pronto

  4. Guess the white icons are pretty much confirmed. Bummer.

    1. Didn’t see it mentioned at the source, but it was once rumored that the icons’ colors could be changed in the system settings. Seems doubtful. :/

      1. Yeah I’d love to see a windows style personalization menu at least. Maybe not to the extent of a cyanogenmod theme but at least the option to customize the color. It isn’t a big deal, but it would be nice

      2. I’d love a transparent notification bar. *-*

  5. i think the 4.4 should have some kind of software to where we can change the colors of our status bar, key board, icons, yall know what im getting at

    1. I do not think they will allow a change of status bar color. Then you will have disapearing notifications if a developer used the color that you chose.

  6. I wonder if google has figured out yet how to put unread mail and message count on the icons yet.

    1. You mean like…. IOS?!?!!?! O_O

      1. Apple would get their lawyers ready if Google did that

        1. If that was the case the iOS 7 UI changes alone is worth a counter suit. Just look at the open/close app animations straight out of Jelly Bean.

          1. Agreed. That hasn’t stopped Apple in the past though lol

    2. FWIW, Nova Launcher overlays message count on app icons.

  7. I hope 4.4 brings a good amount of UI changes/enhancements. android needs a facelift.

    1. Yeah, even if slightly. We can clearly see the direction Google is moving with their “card UI” design in all their apps. The black and blue “Tron UI” of Holo is nice and all, but I would like something a little more inviting.

      1. the cards thing is cool. I’d love a transparent notification bar and a transparent on-screen button bar.

        1. I’ve been hoping for that since Gingebread :/

          1. i don’t want any transparency if its anything like windows transparency, that stuff eats up ram for no good reason.

        2. Transparencies are annoying. That’s why I shut them off on Windows 7

    2. Face-lift? You should tell that to iOS where it is due. The kid that was born during that time is now a 1st grader, that’s how long it is.

  8. i would love to see an option in the settings (either called screen or video settings) to let users adjust the color, tint, contrast, sharpness and brightness levels like they do on tv sets…that would add even more personalization to ones smartphone besides the use of themes and launchers.

    1. A custom kernel can do that.

  9. Android Version says KeyLimePie in settings. But it’s always just been the number version listed there, they don’t write out the name. Unless they are changing that, which I doubt.

    1. i noticed that too, Seems kinda weird to just input “KeyLimePie” Instead of ” 4.4″. Either way if it this is how is going to go It doesn’t matter it is gonna be awesom

      1. Possibly putting KeyLimePie there as they weren’t sure with the version number themselves, and were deciding between 4.4 and 5?

        1. Possible. But I thought “KeyLimePie” was never actually acknowledged by Google. They never denied it, that’s for sure. But it seems odd that they would use that unofficial distinction, especially with KitKat out for over a month now.

          1. I believe Key Lime Pie was pretty much what most of the team expected the name to be and were using internally. Even though the KitKat partnership was decided earlier, they seemed to have kept it secret from most people to avoid any leaks, which really would have ruined it.

  10. These leaks aren’t real leaks. They’re intentional. Will Google just announce the event already and stop playing these games?? This is just plain stupid at this point. Smh

  11. Take my money already!

    1. But updates are free…

  12. The screen comes out to 4.9606″ or you can round it to 4.96″ as most do, if the 126mm length was near right on the dot! I know I’m ridiculously anal :P

    1. looks like a screen protector in all the shots.

  13. Looking at the UI…this is why we’ll always have OEM UI’s. Because everyone thinks they need to change the look so that it can sell.

    MIUI knows what looks good

  14. What’s with the white google? I personally really liked the blue. How am I going to tell if I am connected to Google’s servers now?

    1. When the icons turn white instead of grey?

  15. What I’d really like to see in 4.4 (or one of the native apps) is more cloud integration. For example, why must I keep on telling Gmail that I want pictures from a particular sender on each device I use. Google should just store my ‘preferences per sender’ somewhere…

    1. Because people may want pictures on one device but not on another one. Like: tablet with wifi – show pics. Smartphone with short data plan – no pics, only text.

  16. The Key Lime Pie is a lie.

    1. since we know the name started as klp there is no surprise they may not have replaced it with kk yet.

  17. It’s running on the nexus 4 not on the “Nexus 5”

    1. Actually if you look closely at the center top of the picture with “Wireless display” you can see the circular (imo ugly) speaker grill we saw in other nexus 5 leaks…

  18. Sheesh! Blogging really is graffiti with punctuation. Fun to look at, but I can’t take it seriously anymore.

  19. Why do blogs, sites, people call 4.4 key lime pie? Even worse is when sites call it “key lime pie (kit kat)” as if kit kat is secondary name or an AKA.

    1. are you blind? look at the images… it CLEARLY SAYS “KEY LIME PIE” in build number

      1. Are you retarded? That build was built before they changed the name to kit Kat and announced it.

        1. I’m saying the same thing..

          just that morons ask questions like “Why do blogs, sites, people call 4.4 key lime pie?”

          its because the images indicate it..

          idiots.. idiots.. everywhere

    2. I think it’s for search optimization purposes. Because you cannot suppose everybody knows “key lime pie” is no more and “kit kat” is assuming.

    3. Consensus seems to be that Google is keeping the Key Lime Pie code name until actually announcing the 4.4 at which point they’ll take in the Kit Kat name.

      1. I can accept that lol but at least say “4.4 kit kat (key lime pie)” instead of 4.4 key lime pie (kit kat)” I know it isn’t a big deal. I was just wondering why after already announcing the new name they would continue to confuse people…like Angelo Tepes lol

  20. What i love is the draw option on the photo gallery

  21. I do hope not, I tthought they were supposed to be dropping holo dark and making everything look like the new play store…

  22. how come leaked photos are always taken at weird angles. let’s see some screenshots next time, too. ;)

  23. I’m pretty sure, that if you go into settings and device info, it shows you the android version number, not the name. It says 4.3 on my Nexus 4, not JellyBean, so it should say 4.4, not KeyLimePie. Even then, it should say Hammerhead or KitKat, not KeyLimePie.

  24. This is going to be very interesting, especially when its compared to ios7. From the screen shots it looks like similar features are going to be upgraded. Like this : http://tinyurl.com/keygvth

  25. I thought Android Kitkat is version 5.0 .. but it is 4.4 .. now I know :)

  26. That same camera software is used on the lg g2 and the galaxy note 3

  27. One thing that particularly annoys me is, whenever someone releases these “leaked” images, they have TERRIBLE photography skills. It’s pretty simple: Hold the camera directly above the phone, and don’t shake it. LOL. In this case, we have these awkwardly-angled shots of the screen, and you can’t really get a good look at the entire screen. Why didn’t they just use the screenshot feature in Android? xD Volume and Lock button simultaneously.

    /Endrant ^^

  28. this is fake. it says hammerheadf..

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