Samsung’s latest Galaxy Note 3 + Galaxy Gear ad hits YouTube



With the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (which we just reviewed) set to become widely available in just a couple of days, Samsung is about to start ramping up advertisement for the tasty combo. The company has just released a new one-minute TV spot on YouTube, giving us a look at how the Samsung Galaxy Gear and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 can be used to make life just a little bit easier.

The ad is notably slim on Galaxy Gear focus, though Samsung does show how you can find out who’s texting you or take a picture without looking at your phone. The Samsung Galaxy Gear has already gotten a bit of a sour reputation due to its incapability with devices other than the Note 3 and Note 10.1.

Even with Samsung promising that the Galaxy S4 and Note 2 will be getting functionality over time, many were hoping that the smart watch could be used with any device, no matter the manufacturer. Samsung says they’re continuing to work on that as the days tick by, but as it stands this product is quite dead for those who don’t own a compatible smartphone.

Regardless, it’s an interesting piece of technology that should hopefully help move the smart watch space forward. Watch the minute-long video above, and let us know if you’ll be looking to snap up one or both of these “life companion” devices in the comments section below.

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  1. Saw this one posted by Samsung on September 10th.


    1. The full ad is so much better…

  2. So I need to become a hipster to fully use the Note 3. I’m on to you, Samsung.

    1. They have lots of money thanks to daddy

  3. Gotta love samsung ads.

  4. because the galaxy gear is crap

  5. I must say this ad helped me decide whether I needed a smart watch or not. I now see I really don’t have enough use for one. Thanks for the help Samsung!

  6. I love this ad which inspire thousands of people including me.

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