ASUS-made Nexus 10 leaks again, official announcement looks imminent



Samsung Nexus 10 (2012)

Like the Nexus 7 before it, we’ve been expecting a refresh of the Google Nexus 10 for awhile. We’ve been hearing rumors of Google going with ASUS for the next Nexus 10 since back in August, but it wasn’t until we spotted the device in a PC World computer system that we had something a little more concrete. The 10-inch tab had a list price of £350 in the UK, and unfortunately, a release date wasn’t provided.

Nexus 10 leaked screen shot

Today @evleaks is confirming those rumors of an ASUS-built Nexus 10, showing off yet another screen shot from an unnamed store computer system listing the “Google Asus Nexus 10”. Other than that, little details were given (we were hoping for a list price). It’s expected that Google will unveil the new Nexus 10 during the same event as the soon-to-be-announced Nexus 5.

Current rumors are pointing to an October 14th reveal, but as the clock ticks down (press invites have yet to be sent out), we’re thinking it could be a few weeks later than that.

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  1. Man, you want to talk about bezels!!! Ohhh, but its a Nexus, so humongous bezels are ok.

    1. Umm, that’s the Samsung Nexus 10…..from last year.

      1. does that make the bezel any smaller?

        1. No, it just makes your comment kind of pointless.

          1. Commenting on a pointless comment? Brilliant

          2. I was attempting to educate in the event that you weren’t just being a mindless troll….but yeah, nevermind.

          3. He’s arguing even though he already knows he’s wrong. Don’t take it to heart brah.

          4. How? Its a Nexus, and no one said much about that huge bezel.

      2. Yup. That’s what the caption says.

        1. …now. I’m sure that was a ninja edit afterwards and wasn’t on the original article.

    2. To me bezels on a tablet are necessary, because I have to wrap my hand around the front of the device to effectively hold it, where as with a phone I can grasp the left and right edges without touching the front of the device. With that said the Samsung nexus 10’s bezels are a bit extreme.

      1. In my opinion, 10″ tablets need about a third of the bezel that they’ve all had up to this point.

        1. I’m still rocking the Motorola Xoom, and I wouldn’t want the bezels to be any smaller than these. I guess that’s why I’m glad to be an Android fan, we are offered a wide variety of devices to choose from.

          1. I have a Xoom too and I agree with you that the bezels are perfect. the sheer weight of it is annoying until you get used to it tho

    3. Any tablet should have a bezel, otherwise it’s impossible for me to comfortably use. And even on phones I like them somewhat because of how I hold phones, I gave back my GS4 for my S3 for mostly that reason.

    4. All the better to hold onto a 10-inch tablet my dear.

      1. What is “Big Bad Bezels?” I’ll take “Android FTW” for $2000 Derek.

    5. I have no issues with bezels on a tablet. Even with the bezel on my current Nexus 10, I still sometimes find a finger from my left hand accidentally touching the screen while I’m navigating with the right hand.

    6. Yeah, it’s not like other tablets have equally sized or larger bezels…


    7. compared to every other tablet at 10 inches i dont see the big diff….

  2. Take my money already!

  3. Only i can say is that if they dont put front facing speakers, im getting a used OG nexus 10 from ebay instead (nice lower cost as people try to unload them). Snapdragon xyz cpu or xyz amount of ram or not in the new one, the OG one still has really great guts to last me for the next year.

    1. I hear that. I wish I had jumped on someone selling the 32GB locally for only $250. Sad day…

  4. Pearl Jam album and new devices on the 14th…I couldn’t be happier!

    1. PJ went downhill since vitalogy.

      1. True…not their best stuff…but a few great songs in every album. They’ve been around a looooong time and you’ve gotta respect that. “Sirens” is a pretty damn good song that they just released off the new album.

      2. PJ went down since Ten. Oh, wait…

        No, I stick by that statement.

      3. For sure!

    2. The 14th is still a rumor. Remember they were saying the 7th for a while. That’s definitely not happening. I honestly don’t see the 14th happening either. They’d give press at least a 2 weeks notice to get hotels/flights booked and stuff. They’re not just going to spring it on people.

    3. what is pearl jam?

      1. the next android update after KitKat ;)

        rock on!

  5. I wish I like the 10″ form factor. I k ow there are people that do, but after using a 7″ tablet I just can’t go back. Its funny, I like my phones big and my tablets small.

    1. I thought the 10″ tablet was too much myself, then I upgraded from the Nexus 7 to the Nexus 10 and haven’t looked back.

      1. That’s the boat I’m in. I’ve got the N7 but find myself wanting more real estate on my screen.

        1. Go for the next Nexus 10. Secondary market sellers are discounting their current Nexus 10 stock so I imagine an announcement is imminent this month for a follow up.

          1. I have a 2013 nexus 7, no way could I now ‘downgrade’ to the old Nexus 10 (PPI, Brightness, Design) just for size reasons. I also love the 7″ form factor, so comfy for reading and general usage – one hand.

            New Nexus 10 will be better, I’m sure, and be in line with new Nexus 7 on brightness/sharpness but I still think 10″ is a bit cumbersome now.

  6. Had the Infinity and got the Hisense Sero 7 Pro. I love the 7 inch form factor.

    1. Why not the Nexus 7 instead of the Sero 7 Pro?

      1. I had the Nexus 7 but after hearing the enormous good reviews of the Hisense and they said it is going to get 4.3 this fall, I figured I’d save $100 and get this. Plus I got the two year warranty from Walmart for $15 extra. I have the Nexus 4 so I will have one device with 4.4

        1. What about the OG N7? Comparable specs (but better software), and you can get it in mint condition for about $20 more (16GB) or about $40 more (32GB). But I guess the Sero 7 Pro has a few of its own advantages.

          1. I’d even say the OG N7 16GB could be had for the same $130 price in my area, used, or at most $20 more for the WiFi 32GB, but some really care about the HDMI out and SD card slot, I guess…..

          2. I agree. And yeah, I’ve seen OG N7s for $130; for some reason I thought the Sero 7 Pro was $110. I’ll edit my previous comment, thanks.

          3. I had rad numerous reports that people’s Nexus 7’s (2012) were becoming very slow and pretty much becoming a paper weight and truthfully my Asus Infinity was getting kind of slow after a year or so so I really did not want to take a chance with the new Nexus.

          4. Mine still runs flawless just like day one. You need to stop reading reviews at Apple Insider.

          5. What about the threads on the Google forums?


            I have the N4 and love it, and will probably grab the Nexus 5 as well. However, I’m avoiding the tablets until Asus and/or Google address the terrible touchscreen problems. Looks like a hardware grounding issue based on reports, and cannot be resolved with a software update. :(

          6. So a guy running a no name test app, that likely is the entire problem is suppose to be a big deal? Show a problem in actual use. Adding a delay component to the test App such as a for to next loop could create exactly what his video shows.

  7. I have a nexus 7 and love it, but I might order both of these come release.

  8. Looks like I won’t be getting a new nexus tablet well at least this year

    1. based on no knowledge of the tablet, other than it’s made my asus you’ve decided against it? how absurd.

      1. I think he meant due to the event getting pushed back so far…not the manufacturer

      2. Actually yes. I have bought a few Asus products and have had quality issues with every one. I’m not going to get burned by them again. I was really hopeing for Samsung, HTC , or lg

  9. It would be legendary if #Google offered a discounted Nexus bundle this Christmas, for those who want to buy the Nexus 5 and new Nexus 10!

    1. That would be epic.$650-$750 for both?

    2. I know this will never happen, but that would be epic. I’m planning on the Nexus 10 for sure, but I’ve also been wanting to upgrade from my Galaxy Nexus as well.

  10. Me WANT! lol. I cannot wait to see this as I am very much in need for a tablet!

  11. God I wish I would’ve jumped on this thing a year ago an now its too late!!! I can’t buy the 2012 nexus 10 a month before the refresh is released, I’d never be able to sleep at night knowing that I just spent $100’s on OLD technology. I will say this I kinda wish they were sticking with Samsung because Sammy makes some great, real bright screens and I always wanted to own a Galaxy tab so with would the best of both worlds BUT I also love Asus..they make great tabs and I have a Zenbook and couldn’t be happier but yea whoever make the comment about the front facing speakers you hit the nail on the head….the new Nexus 10 better have some nice, front facing stereo speaker

  12. Is it time to upgrade my trusty Xoom??? :-)

  13. FTR, 10/29/12 was the G’ event for the Nexus 4 and 10 devices. If (Nexus5 == awesome-tech) then next_cell = Nexus5; else next_cell = GN3

  14. Please have Verizon LTE, please have Verizon LTE.

  15. FOXFI baby…here we come!

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