Humble Mobile Bundle adds 3 new games for charity: Karateka, QWOP, and God of Blades


Humble Mobile Bundle 2 games

Humble Mobile Bundle 2 launched last week exclusively for Android devices and in one of the best Bundles yet, we saw the Android debut of Star Command. Time Surfer also made its first Android appearance as well as a handful of other great games that were being offered on the cheap in hopes of donating a chunk of proceeds to charity.

As so often is the case, a few additional titles are making their way into the Bundle and while you’ll have to pay more than the $4.54 average to get ’em, we think they’re more than worth it. The martial arts classic Karateka (normally $1 on Google Play), Noodlecake Studios QWOP remake (normally $1), and hack n’ slash runner God of Blades (normally $3) have all been added for charity. All solid titles for sure.

Humble Mobile Bundle 2 - 3 new games

If you’re still thinking about jumping on the Bundle, there’s no better time than right now (the average will only continue to grow). If you want to keep track of all your games, you can also download the Humble Bundle app for Android devices. It should help make downloading and keeping your games up-to-date a cinch.

[Humble Mobile Bundle 2 | Humble Bundle on Google Play]

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  1. Hmm… I’ve always wondered. What if you bought the bundle and they added games to it? Were you just SOL at that point? The average does continue to rise, though.

    Eh… Oh well… Haven’t seen any games that I wanted in a while.

    1. You get the new games too if you paid more than the average.

      1. You must didn’t understand my question, or maybe you’re saying if you paid more than the new average you can get the new games.

        It was stated that the bundle was already out with a set average. They added more games to the same bundle. What happens to those that already purchased the bundle before those games were added?

        I already know you get those extra games if you pay more than the average. I’ve used the Hundle Bundle before. It was quite lovely, actually. LoL!!

        1. I’m saying if you paid more than the average when you got the bundle initially than the new games are added to the games you got. No need to pay more.

          1. Ah!! Okay. That’s cool then.

          2. I did not pay more than the average and yet the new games are listed in the Humble Bundle app, I succesfully downloaded them. I uninstalled QWOP again within 10 minutes, there seemed to be no way to get the guy running. A better tutorial seems to be needed.

          3. Welcome to QWOP. :p

  2. Disappointing new games.

  3. Ugh… QWOP…. That is all. It’s even MORE annoying on my N7 than on my computer!

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