Aug 9th, 2013


A refresh of last year’s Nexus 10 seems like a no-brainer, even if the tablet didn’t rise to the same level of popularity as its smaller, cheaper counterpart the Nexus 7. But when we see the new 10-inch slate, supposedly launching in time for the holidays, it might not be coming from Samsung’s camp. The latest rumor says Google is going with ASUS, the company they partnered with on the Nexus 7.

The switch wouldn’t be all that surprising. Samsung’s offering was pitched as a higher-end device, not a 10-inch rehash of the budget built Nexus 7. While Google will likely still want their Nexus 10 to come across as a premium slate, ASUS knows how to build it for as cheap as possible. While there is no replacement for a hi-res display or powerful processing, price is as important a factor in the tablet buying decision for many.

But you have to wonder if there are other reasons Google and Samsung did not renew the lease on the Nexus 10. Perhaps Samsung bowed out, too focused on their own Galaxy line. Maybe the two couldn’t reach an agreeable deal. Whatever the case, look for an ASUS-made Nexus 10 to touchdown later this year on the Google Play Store and at retail outlets such as Best Buy.

[via Geek]

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