Straight Talk finally comes clean, admits to 2.5GB of high-speed data before throttling


Straight Talk 2.5GB data

TracFone — and its sub brands Straight Talk and Net10 — have been known for being notoriously tight lipped about the amount of data they offer customers before being throttled. You couldn’t find even a smidgen of information on Straight Talk’s website, not even in the fine print.

Customers were forced to provide only their own personal experiences. Searching through various forums online, you’ll find all kinds of numbers being thrown around in regard to data usage and how much was consumed before being fed 2G speeds, or worse yet, kicked off the service entirely. Leave it to a class action lawsuit to finally break TracFone’s silence and today, the MVNO finally came clean about the “unlimited” data they offer via Straight Talk and Net10.

According to a TracFone spokesperson, customers will receive 2.5GB of high-speed data before being throttled down to 2G/Edge speeds. They also mentioned that abnormal usage (possibly high amounts of video streaming, or excessive data consumption in a short amount of time) is also cause enough to terminate one’s line of service. That should be a load off the minds of potential customers weighing their wireless options and while we suspected 2.5 geebees all along, it’s nice to finally have confirmation.

Earlier this month Straight Talk began offering 4G LTE via AT&T SIM cards they offer on their website. For only $45 a month, customers on Straight Talk could get unlimited talk, text, and 2.5GB high-speed data on either AT&T (with 4G LTE) or T-Mobile (no LTE) — contract free. It’s a great wireless option for the money, just don’t get expecting much in terms of customer service.

[Straight Talk | via FierceWireless]

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    1. T-Mobile 5gb $30 ftw

      1. Or T-Mobile 5 lines at $42 each for everything unlimited.

      2. I heard Tmo is getting rid of that.

        1. From?…

          I’m constantly recommending Tmo BECAUSE of the $30 plan.

          1. Sorry. I know it’s like DAYS later, but this is what I was referring to.


          2. Ah, but those classic plans are the post-paid plans, not pre-paid, so we’re still good with the $30/mo. Scroll to the bottom of this page — — and it’s still present. *phew*

        2. Source? Even if so, that’s the strong reason to get one this plan :-)

          1. Huh? Wasn’t it posted on Phandroid, that Tmo is getting rid of their plans from different places and trying to go towards the no-contract plans their doing? I could have misinterpreted the article. Let me go search for it.

          2. Nope, this plan is still on the website (there is the information that this plan can be bought only in Walmart OR using So I think even if they will stop selling this plan in Walmart, it should be available on the website.

  1. Most “average” users hit about 2gb a month. I still don’t care about mnvo though. They should do Comcast style and throttle per download instead of total. Where the first 5mb of anything is fast. That way even if you are throttled websites would still load and small downloads would work.

    1. I’m pretty sure that’s what Tmo is doing, because often when I download the large files, like a ROM or huge app, I notice a slow down a little ways in. Man is that freaking annoying!

  2. You know… (in the USA), the FTC shouldn’t allow (anyone) to say something is ‘unlimited’ unless its (italics) unlimited (/italics). Just sayin.

    1. Yeah, but I would say it’s still unlimited data even though it gets throttled, because you can still as much as you’re able with the reduced speeds. What is ridiculous is the fact that they can term you if you use “too much” data in a short time; they have a throttle limit so what’s the point whether you use the 2.5GB in a day or 30 days.

      1. It makes me wonder what deems “too much data”. I mean 2.5GB of data is like nothing right there.

        So what? If you use 1GB within a day they terminate you? =.=

        1. Actually yes. My cousin got an email from them effectively saying “you used too much data. Knock it off of we’ll terminate you. Without warning in fact, we didn’t even have to warn you now. You should be grateful.” When I read it, I was blown away.

          1. WTF!? I would have actually laughed at that and responded like it was a Facebook comment.

            Then I would have been upset. LoL!!

            That is quite the story.

    2. Why? So someone doesn’t have to actually read and research what they’re signing up for before they choose a company? If the US needs to regulate something, I’d much rather them regulate whats going into the food I purchase at the grocery store, (which they don’t nearly to the extent that they should).

  3. 2.5 GB in writing….in practice we all know the throttles will hit far before that point.

    1. you can always use a data/usage monitor (built in on 4.0+ devices) to investigate yourself… then…Hello Class Action Lawsuit!!!

      1. there’s a warming in those settings that state it may differ from carrier numbers

    2. you cant stream so the 2.5 is pointless anyway and unless you can somehow use that much by browsing and using facebook. 1 youtube video will get your service canceled.

      1. Shut up about having your service canceled after watching one video!!! I watch YouTube on my StraightTalk 4g sometimes and they don’t do anythjng. Years ago they would turn my 3G of for using too much data, but they would always turn it back on after I called them.

  4. I average about 2 gigs a month. Sometimes more sometimes less.

  5. still cheaper than T-Mobile..

    UNLMTD talk/text 2.5gb T-Mobile —$60
    UNLMTD talk/text 2.5gb StraightTalk—-

    1. if it wasnt cheaper than T-mobile, then there wouldn’t be a reason for it to exist

      1. Sure there would. T-Mobile signal sucks. Was in the DC area recently and outside I had 4G LTE. Inside (a restaurant mind you, not like it was a bunker) I struggled to get even a 2G connection. Had to put my phone in a certain spot on the table to be able to text my friend who was on the way. My house is mapped as having strong 3G signal. Truth was I barely got 2G speeds while on 3G.

        1. maybe it does suck in your area, but this uses t-mobile’s sim cards… so it would be stuck to tmobiles signal regardless, and im sure it’ll get low priority at that. Sure there is an ATT version for ATT signals, but having a T-mobile option would be meaningless if it was the exact same price as regular T-mobile who already doesn’t require a contract.

          1. The speeds were good in certain areas. The closest “city” had good speeds as I drove by on the interstate. The speeds were good in the northern VA area. In between though was where it stunk. No way anyone would be able to stream music while traveling. I’m not sure if SIM’s that are not on an official T-Mobile plan get lower priority. I was on a SIM ordered from T-Mobile and on a T-Mobile plan and still the service was not good.

          2. i understand that, but regardless of the service of Tmobile’s signal in your area my point remains the same. If the straight talk was not cheaper than tmobile, there would be no reason for them to offer a tmobile sim card.

            Why would you pay $100/month to use Tmobile’s airwaves through straight talk, when you could use Tmobile’s airwaves through Tmobile for $65?

    2. T-mobile is 2.5 for $60 and you can stream.
      Straight Talk is 2.5 for $45 but if you watch 1 youtube video they’ll cancel your service.

  6. Solavei $49.99 unlimited text/data/minutes through T-Mobile towers

    1. my step-dad recently got a nice 9 month old Volkswagen Golf R by work parttime using a laptop… web link w­w­w.J­A­M­20.c­o­m

    2. But you don’t have a LTE, only HSPA+.

  7. I never got throttled, my service was cut. glad they’re coming clean, but they have more to spill

    1. Same here one single 4min low quality youtube video was all it took for my data to be cut for a month and a half. After that I was through and went back to Boost Mobile at least boost doesn’t cut you for streaming media.

  8. Guys Gud job

  9. the sudden cut is what makes them a joke. If i stream all day for 1 day i’ll get booted even if i never use 2.5 gigs in a month. T-mobile it is.

    1. I’ve only used 2.3gb of straight talk data since February! And I still have horrible data service from straight talk. I can maybe get emails, but NEVER maps and NEVER streaming anything of any type.

  10. I think I will be switching around tax time if the nexus 5 has at&t lte support unilmited talk text and 2.5 GB off of at&t lte which the tower a block from my house just got lit up hell yeah. And at&t has a good lte roll out in so cal

  11. been with straight talk for the last 5 years saved a whole lot of money currently my ohone is a nokia lumia 930 with lte support using att antennas great service huge savings love straight talk .

  12. I hate straight talk. Simple steaming pandora to and from work (30 minute drive) and they’ll threaten to cancel your service. I even turned off auto updates except on wifi, never watch vids, rarely browse, just pandora/grooveshark in the car… and I still get letters almost monthly.



  14. I welcome the community to add their feedback to, where Straight Talk is still one of the best value MVNOs for the money in the prepaid market.

    1. Straight Talk uses TracFone’s network, and in my experience has been useless for the most part. Why not go directly to TracFone for service, instead of using Straight Talk?

      1. What issues did you face with StraightTalk?

        1. An over all lack of function of their data network. I thought maybe I had been throttled, but don’t see how that’s possible given that the data network just doesn’t function. I wanted mobile data specifically for maps and gps, but it never works. Looking at my usage monitor on iphone, I have used only 2.3gb of data since FEBRUARY! So it’s not throttling due to over usage. The data service just plain stinks. I live just outside Portland, OR, but I recently took a trip from San Antonio to Seattle. I experienced no data function in any of the major metro areas in between. I also do not have data function regularly in Seattle WA or Portland OR. I will sometimes receive pushed emails, but forget maps, browser, or any type of streaming anything. This will be my last month on Straight Talk.

          I also CANNOT STAND the straight talk forum, where every CSR demands to “take the conversation offline.” What’s the point of a forum if they won’t allow any helpful information to be shared with other users?

          1. Cool, thanks for sharing your experience. Sounds like there’s some similar issues reported in these comments from other customers. Looks like it’s not just throttling that’s the issue here.

          2. People are reporting being throttled for streaming ANYTHING, not just for going over 2.5gb. However, I have not been able to stream. Sometimes, I log on to Pandora, or I will open my maps and set a route while still on wifi at home, hoping the initial connection will keep, but as soon as I get in my car and get 100ft from the house, it all stops. And then I am unable to reconnect on the move. I have a suspicion that even the pushed emails that get through have more to do with driving through random open wifi’s (like starbucks etc). Now I will say, the cell service isn’t bad in the city, and I am able to receive multimedia messages through the data, but for some reason all internet traffic is impossible. So what would you recommend as an alternative? All the major carriers are starting prepaid services, maybe one of those will be better than ST/tracfone etc….

          3. Have you checked your APN settings for StraightTalk?

            I was on T-Mobile and satisfied in the city, but when traveling the coverage drops to Edge pretty quickly. I just started on Aio to test it out:


          4. I have the correct APN settings. In fact, I discovered how to enable picture mail myself with no help from ST csr’s at all, who all told me it wasn’t possible. I spend about 90% of my time on Edge, only getting 3G in the big cities. However, even when my phone says 3G I cannot connect my browser to internet or use the maps etc…

  15. Looking at my data usage on iphone, I see that since Feb 2013 I have used a total of 2.3GB of data. So obviously, the problems I have are not due to throttling, but just an over all crappiness of Straight Talks data network. My #1 reason for wanting mobile data is maps/gps, but I have NEVER had my maps function outside of a wifi spot. Straight Talk stinks. On a recent trip from San Antonio, TX to Seattle, WA, I had data failure EVERYWHERE and spotty cell coverage for much of the trip. It seems ridiculous that their network would be worthless even in MAJOR downtown metro areas, like Dallas, Denver, SLC, Portland, and SEATTLE.

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