T-Mobile is killing off Classic plans at Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and more starting Nov 1st



It was back in March T-Mobile made waves in the mobile industry after officially announcing that they would be doing away with their Classic rate plans — and device subsidies in the process — in favor of new, contract-free, Simple Choice plans. Sure, making monthly payments on your new phone made them just about as expensive as the other guys, but the fact that you could BYOD (bring your own device) and pay a substantially lower rate for monthly service was liberating.

Simple Choice plans

  • $50 a month – unlimited talk, text 500MB of 4G (2G speeds once limit is reached)
  • $60 a month – unlimited talk, text, 2.5GB of 4G (2G speeds once limit is reached)
  • $70 a month – unlimited everything (no throttle)

Originally, Simple Choice was a move that affected only first-party T-Mobile retail locations — not 3rd party retailers like Best Buy, Target, Walmart, or Sam’s Club. These 3rd party retailers were free to continue offering the old Classic plans and discounted devices on-contract, but it looks like all of that is about to change.

According to a leaked memo obtained by TMoNews, T-Mobile will be retiring their Classic plan option at 3rd party retailers, getting them on the same page as 1st party stores. Changes are said to go into effect on November 1st, and although it wasn’t mentioned in the leaked doc, we suspect this might have something to do with phase 3 of T-Mobile’s “Un-carrier 3.0” plans for later this year. No way to say for sure.

3rd party retailers will begin sending their post-paid devices back to HQ, with support for device exchanges and buyers remorse to be handled at the wherever the device was originally purchased. It will be interesting to see what T-Mobile has up their sleeves. We know they aren’t going to leave partners like Walmart hanging for very long.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Very good. This will keep the ball rolling and hopefully keep the other carriers pushing out more options for the customers.

  2. If they had a cheap tethering option id be on it. Get that coverage up and ill ditch big red. id gladly come back to wifi calling and gsm phones!

    1. Their unlimited data plan for $20 bucks now includes 2.5gb of tethering and only your tethering gets throttled when you hit that cap while whatever you do on your phone is unlimited and not throttled.

      1. I tether a lot. And I have unlimited on Verizon with the unlimited 4G hotspot and a 23% discount with them from my job.. :(

        1. Have you ever looked at metro pcs? its tmobile and i tether 50 plus gbs a month (user agent changer) it is tmobile and 60 bucks a month

      2. And they have tiered tethering plans. 4.5GB combined for $20 (same as unlimited/2.5GB), 6.5GB for $30, etc.

        Tablets/Laptop cards/etc start at $10 for 2.5GB if you have a separate voice line.

      3. I saw that tethering increment. I was like “YES”!! LoL!!

  3. Does this mean they’re going to get rid of the wal-mart exclusive $30/month 100 minutes, unlimited data/texts plan?

    1. I hope not. I am trying to switch from Verizon to that plan now. Though, I am waiting for a LTE Tmobile GS3 to pop up on craigslist for a decet price first =(

      1. or you could get an LTE Tmobile Nexus5 on the google play store for a decent price, i suspect it’ll start at $299

        1. Bet it will be closer to $400 when it’s all said and done. Have you seen the specs?

          1. Yeah, I agree that it will probably be $400. Not just because of the specs, but because it’d be ludicrous to offer the nexus 5 for so cheap when the moto x already goes for $600.

      2. Really? No lie? My friend’s mom is selling her’s. She’d get rid of it for $250. If you’re in Houston, I can shoot you my email and talk to her to see if she has the phone still.

    2. No. That’s a prepaid thing. Simple Choice is post paid.

    3. didn’t know you could get that at wm, i got mine straight from tmobs website. but i am interested to know this too

      1. They used to offer it through their website (that’s where I signed up for mine), but I looked around their website and it’s no longer on their website. I believe that the only way you can get it now is by walking into your local wal-mart.

        1. It’s still there. If you do a search for t-mobile prepaid, you’ll find the prepaid site of t-mo and there you can find the $30/month 100min/ultd text/data under plans.

    4. I thought that was a contract-less plan?

  4. That’s good. More options for T-Mobile phones means cheaper prices because one company wants to gain an edge over the others. I hope the prices of T-Mobile’s non-contract rates drop over time. The iPhone 5 off contract is not worth $550 to me. I would gladly pay $350-$450 if that’s the case. Likewise with many Android devices. I have an HTC One, so I am content until mid to late 2014. Upgraded phones way too often this year.

  5. I don’t know how they’ll do this at Costco, all phones sold there are on contract. You can’t even buy the phone for full price if you wanted to.

    1. it’s simple, at Costco, they will sell the phones for T-Mobile full price, unless you go with T-Mobile’s JUMP program, and then since you are not on a contract you’ll get simple monthly pricing like listed above.

      1. I’m a manager at one of there kiosk in Costco, as of now HQ hasn’t come up with a way were going to offer Simple Choice. One thing i will say though I’ve heard through the grapevine our prices will still be cheaper than the T-mobile stores. :-)

  6. Personally not a fan of the new plans. I’ve avoided changing my service as a result. Price comes out the same as my current plan unless I try to buy a phone through Tmobile, then it goes up $50+ /mo. My old plan was a better deal for phone upgrades.

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