Nexus 5 with Android 4.4 show up in leaked screenshot, log files too


Android KitKat

As we get closer and closer to the inevitable release date for the upcoming LG Nexus 5, more leaks and juicy tidbits of information are beginning to show up around the web. Previously, we showed you a leaked screenshot from an updated Google Keyboard on the Google Play Store depicting white status bar icons, which Google ended up removing. Nothing says confirmed like deleting a screenshot or a published YouTube video. This time we have for you an alleged screenshot that goes along with previous leaks and an accompanying bug report for good measure.

As you can see below, the same white and grey status bar icons are shown once again. These are identical to the Korean Google Keyboard that we showed you last week. Besides being white, the WiFi icon is slightly tweaked and we can clearly see an Android Debug icon being shown. Either the debug icon is going to stay a Key Lime Pie for kicks or this build hasn’t been updated to reflect the new KitKat naming convention.

Android 4.4 Nexus 5 Chrome Screenshot

You can also see an updated or internal version Google Authenticator being shown here. What’s most noticeable is the addition of a Bluetooth icon on top of the standard Google Authenticator icon.  I’d love for this Bluetooth and Authenticator hybrid icon to indicate Google’s stance on replacing passwords with a more secure method or turn out to be something similar to Motorola’s Trusted Devices, which disables your lock screen if you’re connected to certain Bluetooth devices.

Next up, we have some log files which show us a few interesting aspects of the next Nexus phone from Google. We can see the board name ‘hammerhead’ which checks out in standard Nexus device fashion and we can see that LG is shown once again to be the device manufacturer, just in case we didn’t know for sure.

The display resolution is listed at 1920 x 1080, which matches previous rumors and FCC documents. This would put the PPI somewhere around 443, which checks out for a device with a 4.96″ screen. We can also see from the log files that the Nexus 5 will support wireless charging, once again matching previous leaked FCC documents.

The log files indicate the Android build number of Key Lime Pie KRS74H, which means it was cooked on September 13th. The Nexus 5 is apparently running on Linux Kernel version 3.4.0 as well.

All in all, this is a great way to start out the week. For more screenshots including camera, sensors and more, head on over to the myce.com forums.

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PSA: Cyanogen Inc looking for CM Installer Beta Testers

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  1. I call BS!

    1. It’s legit.

    2. It does seem like it could just be based on everything we’ve already known about the N5, but I trust the source.

  2. It’ll always be Key Lime Pie… in my heart.

    1. Kit Kat is just too odd for me I just refer to it as android 4.4

  3. I’m glad this came up. I was going on a few days with no Nexus rumors and/or leaks..wasn’t sure I’d make it. After watching Breaking Bad and now this.. I can finally go to bed.

  4. I find it a smidge strange that they went with 16:9 this time instead of 16:10 like on the N4. I guess that’s what everybody is doing though. Flat out 1920×1080. I can’t complain about 420+ ppi, hah.

    I just have to keep hoping it gets the 3000mah battery rather than the rumored 2400mah.

    1. Because if it’s 16:10 or 5:3 for 5″ the phone width is gonna be wider & shorter screen. Now they managed to make its’ dimensions even smaller than the N4 with the same screen width but longer screen length to make it 5″, which is great imo.

      1. True, I guess the 16:10 is more for tablets since they want you yo have the full 1080p plus buttons.

        1. BTW, the N4 is 5:3 or 15:9, whichever you prefer.

          1. Ah, I automatically figured it was 16:10, my bad.

    2. The FCC documents state 2,300mAh.

      1. A man can always hope right? I get that it’s unlikely though.

        1. Sure, you can always hope. I know I am. But when something as official as a FCC document comes out it’s kind of hard to ignore that.

      2. If we’re lucky they’ll have made use of their acquisition of Motorola to get some decent juice out of this LG Nexus. That’d be hot.

    3. I agree on the battery. My Galaxy Nexus with extended battery is just sad, every 6 hours I have to charge. With 3000mah I could go a full 24. I’m tethered to this darn charger.

    4. Actually the usable area of the Nexus 4 was 16:9. The true resolution was 1280×768. It you don’t count the on screen buttons that could easily be about 48 pixels you get 1280×720 which is 16:9.

  5. Am I the only one still wondering what happened to the rumoured fingerprint sensor that “at least one android device, probably Nexus 5” will have?

    1. Moto Atrix got it… nobody cares about finger print readers. Had one on my last laptop, was fun for the first day after that never used it.

      1. You’d think Google would go for it if they’re trying to “replace passwords with a more secure method.” But maybe I misunderstood that.

        1. The problem with that thinking is that they’re not more secure than a good password.

          1. get over it. Those hackers can hack through your 4 digit passcode on android even faster. If someone’s trying so hard to come at you, you should be smart enough to keep your information in a more secure place other than your smart phone in the first place.

        2. Fingerprints are far from secure. How is something you leave everywhere a good secure method? Look at the iPhone fingerprint sensor. It was confirmed hacked in the first few days. Nothing like a good password. Also, if your password is somehow comprimised, you can change it. Can’t change your fingerprints…

      2. I used them on my old laptop everyday to sign into the computer. Don’t see a use for a fingerprint scanner on a phone, though.

    2. Hell no. Just another NSA friendly crap.

      1. assuming that you run Google services, I find it odd that you are worried about the privacy of your digital life.

        1. Considering the fact that it is already out there for the taking lol.

    3. it’s a stupidity like glass at the back “25 % iPhones have broken glass”

      it’s like to write your PIN on your credit card….so easy to bypass

    4. I’m pretty sure that was just a misunderstanding. The hole people saw for the FCC photos wasn’t a fingerprint scanner. It was a hole to make it easier for the FCC to open the device

  6. I hope I’m not the only one who doesn’t like the white icons…. black and white is nice, but colors just make your screen more lively. Not saying to go for an iOS flat rainbow layout, but some color would be nice. Really.

    1. Paranoid android + custom theme = win

      1. I buy Nexus to get the vanilla android experience… no way in hell I’m flashing a custom Rom…. pointless. Might as well get the LG G2

        1. Except when it stops being supported, like the nexus s I just bought. $70 was a steal I couldn’t pass up and I have cyanogenmod to give me a nice 4.2.x experience!

        2. not pointless actually

        3. Why are you buying a developer phone then? That’s the purpose of the Nexus program.

          1. For vanilla android, good quality phones, quick software updates and cheap prices.

        4. The nexus is a great phone to flash and play around in though seeing as it’s the base phone. With that being said I’m on pure stock because it’s just as enticing as all of the custom Roms

        5. negative sir

      2. i’m betting 4.4 will allow custom colors

    2. I think the white icons are a step backwards IMO…almost like going back to the 2.x days.

      1. i think the color should be customizable

    3. I just realized something. The app they are in on the screenshot is white… if rumours are true and the status bar/icons will match the color of the app, the icons being white makes sense.

      1. Please be true!!

    4. I’ll be installing a custom color scheme to clearly differentiate between white and gray.

    5. More important than being white, I love the functional aspect of the current Jellybean that only changed the GSM/HSPA/Wifi icon to blue if you had a working internet connection. Many times on cell data I may get a connection, but not have actual data access. I hope they have some replacement for that if they are going to make everything white only.

  7. I’m tired of seeing the same articles. Wish somebody would post something new.

  8. Showing Two bluetooth like logos side by side makes it fake.

    1. I was wondering what was up with that, but maybe the second is replacing the first and they happened to capture it mid-transition.

      1. From Googler’s phones I’ve seen in the past, they have their own internal Authenticator app. I was guessing two version of it for different accounts?

  9. Always all these leaks before release =) In any case, I’m quite keen on trying this phone and hopefully they will price relatively it well. I buy a fair deal of gadgets and tried adding them on http://unioncy.com to manage their docs and life cycles better. Thus far I think it works pretty ok, but it’s quite frustrating that you buy something and it becomes obsolete almost instantly

  10. Might be a fake screenshot, Could just have a white status bar icon pack.

    1. RIIIGHHHT… All that code — showing exact specs (the FCC confirmed most) just to fake a screenshot? Get real.

      From another site:

      “Most of the stuff is no surprise – a 5″ screen (actually, 4.97″) with 1080p resolution, 442ppi pixel density, a Snapdragon 800 chipset with 2GB of RAM and 16GB storage (on that concrete model, there might be others with more and hopefully not less storage). The phone ran Key Lime Pie (a.k.a. Android 4.4 KitKat), build version KRS74H.

      It seems that the camera has been changed to an 8MP snapper (the Nexus 4 also got a lower-res camera than the Optimus G it was based on). It’s too early to tell if there will be optical image stabilization (probably not though). There’s a 1.2MP front-facing camera too.

      The Nexus 5 will pack dual-band Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and GPS connectivity. The model whose log file leaked ran on North American LTE bands, but we should expect a Euro version too.

      Pieces of the leaked log with the salient info

      The phone will have wireless charging built in and while battery capacity wasn’t in the logs, FCC docs point to a 2,300mAh unit. There will also be a full set of sensors – accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, proximity and light sensors as well as a barometer. The FCC measured the phone at 131.9mm tall and 68.2 mm wide, there’s no info on thickness.”

  11. Btw when is this launching?

    1. Most likely sometime in October or early November. No one really knows. One rumor said October 14th. We shall see.

      1. I’m thinking a Halloween release is rather fitting.

        1. I want nexus 5 running kit Kat in my candy bag lol

  12. All you have to do is use Google Drive App to get a feel for the color scheme we are going to be working with. I like it for Drive, but not sure I like it better than the Holo blue. I like distinguishing between status with the colored icons.

  13. I’ll say it again you guys are slacking slacking man, all the other blogs broke this a like two to the days ago

    1. They don’t have writers that publish on weekends. Is it that hard to comprehend?

  14. i think i like the white icons after 2 years holo blue is getting a little stale IMO

    1. Agreed, I don’t like it. I would love that aspect to be customizable but Im not counting on it :/

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