Motorola sets up new shop in Waterloo, Canada; swears it isn’t eyeing Blackberry campus



With news that Blackberry is shedding about 4,500 employees from their work force and looking to sell to Fairfax Financial, a lot of folks might be looking for a new job pretty soon. Blackberry’s Waterloo headquarters is just one of many tech-centric businesses in the area.

Now, Motorola wants to get a bigger presence there. It’s being reported that Motorola is looking to open up a new engineering office in Waterloo, Canada, and will be hiring an undisclosed amount of employees to help fill it. The move doesn’t sound like anything significant other than wanting to be in the best position to attract all of the talent that was just laid off.

Motorola’s parent company Google also already has a pretty nice home there, with a considerable part of the Chrome and mobile teams enjoying employment in the area. We don’t know the scope of Motorola’s impending hiring spree, but we’re definitely keeping our fingers crossed that a considerable amount of those ex-Blackberry employees are able to land well on their feet with “a Google company.”

[via Financial Post]

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  1. Officially, Motorola can’t look at Blackberry employees. There has been bad blood and legal problems between the two for poaching employees for several years. However, if Blackberry lays off people they’d be hard pressed trying to keep them from working elsewhere, so I’m sure they would find open doors and donuts at Motorola…

    1. Or open doors and KitKats :-)

  2. Heh…vultures are circling the scraps already

    1. I, for one, am glad, since those “scraps” are people who need jobs.

  3. So Moto fired 2000 employees because it couldn’t afford to keep it after the merger but is now hiring more? I bit redundant isnt it? Either way good to see engineers wont have to worry about being out of the job long

    1. just because you have a round of layoffs during a merger doesn’t mean you can never hire different employees for different purposes later

    2. You don’t keep redundant positions. Doing so is a quick way to throw money away.

  4. Slowest. News. Day. EVER?

    1. Actually, April 12th, 1956 was the slowest news day ever.

      lulz :)

  5. Very smart move. Silly BB fires half of their talents, which is frankly their main asset. Not even patents come close to this. Patents are immediate gain and pricey too, while people resource of such quality is hard to come by these days in large amounts. If Moto picks them up, they’ll become the best innovator of our days.

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