Gazelle says they saw a 210% increase in Samsung trade-ins during iPhone 5s/5c launch weekend


galaxy s4 vs iphone 5

With every new iPhone release, it never fails. I log into Facebook or Twitter only to find that many of my friends, while currently sporting Android devices, fall victim to Apple’s charms and its promises of an even better iDevice. With the release of the iPhone 5s and 5c — this was no different.

Even though in recent years, I’ve noticed an awakening from former iUsers fed up with Apple and their tired rehashes. This is even echoed in the media where Apple has become a sort of running gag, known for releasing the same thing in a shiny new package (which is quite literally what they did with the C). But, year after year, we find consumers lining up for city blocks to get their hands on the latest iPhone. They don’t ask questions, they don’t care to. They simply want whatever Apple is giving them.

Other than market share statistics, it’s always been kinda tough to measure exactly how many Android users are converted over to “the dark side” when a new iPhone is released. Today, online consumer electronics recycler, Gazelle, is providing us a little more light on the subject. According to Gazelle’s iPhone 5s/5c launch day stats, the company saw 4 times as many trade-ins when compared to last year’s iPhone 5 release. With Apple announcing a record 9 million in iPhone sales during its launch weekend, I think it goes without saying that a good portion of these were looking to buy one of Apple’s newest models.

Adding insult to injury, Gazelle even tallied up traded-in Samsung devices during the i5s/5c launch weekend and what they saw was a whopping 210 percent increase in customers trading in Samsung devices specifically. While Gazelle fails to mention exactly which Samsung devices contributed most to this number, we have a feeling many of those traded-in were low-end or old hardware.

UPDATE: A Gazelle rep reached out and gave us a breakdown of the specific Samsung devices that saw an influx of trade-ins for the month of September. Check it out.

  • Samsung Galaxy S: 3% increase
  • Samsung Galaxy S2: 16% increase
  • Samsung Galaxy S3: 44% increase
  • Samsung Galaxy S4: 16% increase
  • Samsung Galaxy Note: 3% increase
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2: 9% increase
  • Other Samsung device: 10% increase

Typically, I’ve noticed teens or adults who opt for low-end devices find themselves “fed up” with Android, eventually spending good money (or upgrades) on the iPhone vs quality Android hardware. Still, I’m just always surprised at the magic the Pied Piper of Cupertino still has over consumers.

Gazelle also surveyed 3,000 of their customers, of from those mentioning they were upgrading to the iPhone 5c, 29% it was because of the device’s “better camera”, while another 29% said it was for its more affordable pricing. Huh?

Anyone surprised by Gazelle’s numbers? Any of our readers have friends or family you’ve tried to talk into sticking with Android, only to find them sneaking out to the Apple store for the 5s/5c?


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. You know the saying:

    Numbers don’t lie,but,liars use numbers……

    You can skew statistics to validate/rationalize/etc…. anything/idea/point you wish.

    1. Yeah, the four times as many trade ins this year could be, because websites like Gazelle are more popular now. The increase in Samsung phones is probably as a result of so many people having Samsung phones nowadays.

  2. I don’t doubt this. The average person doesn’t care about the more advanced Android features.

    The Galaxy S4 is too big and too plastic for most people. The ugly Touchwiz interface and lackluster design isn’t great either. The headphone jack on the top of such a huge device is a great example. For a power user it’s not much better. How could a power user want a non-Nexus that doesn’t run stock Android and won’t get timely updates.

    I love Android and use it every day, but iOS is still a far more responsive interface than even the latest Android, and key apps like iMessage make it appealing to most people I know. Google really has work to do in the user-experience.

    About the only thing the Galaxy S4 has going for it is that AMOLED screen, which is spectacular. However, I personally have zero interest in a non-Nexus or non-Google Play Edition Android phone anymore.

    1. Amen Brother.

    2. I frown every time I meet someone with a Galaxy device, and I make a remark about touchwiz and they have no idea what I’m talking about. A little bit of me dies inside.

    3. Android is awesome but… for NON Nexus Family waiting latest update with newest feature is PAIN… really PAIN…

      I’m on Galaxy Note 2 and waiting Android 4.2.* released really boring… and then again Google release Android 4.3 and Android 4.2 on my Galaxy Note 2 never come… latest update from Samsung, there will an update release SOON… but when? And then again Google release Android 4.4 (KitKat) and this happen and happen again.

      For some reason too.. Nexus or Android handle data (example SMS) did not smooth enough. On iPhone/iPad: we need to find SMS with text *GOOGLE* we can find it easy and quickly using Spotlight or Search Bar on Messages App. This result included on Text Data and Sender too.. But I can’t do that on Official Messages App in Google Nexus Android. On Galaxy Note 2 version give better result but not smoothly on iPhone

      *sorry for my Terrible English*

    4. I have personally used both. First iPhone then Android. I feel iPhone is still a premium device out there and i m ready to get 5S as soon as it is released here. Apple is improving core OS and HW rather than releasing new design every year. iPhone camera is the best point to shoot out there in the market. I don’t like huge screens. They don’t fit in my pocket. I like typing with one hand and no point in having a phone where my thumb can’t reach from one end to other end of screen. I don’t need GB’s on RAM and quad cores to show off. The apps that i need if they run on 512MB RAM it’s sufficient.

      Most annoying thing in Android is SW updates. I got a high end HTC device and HTC said it will not release updated SW for my device. Despite of having good HW to support it they did not release it. I turned on to DEV community and i m very happy my device is running 4.3 without any issues. I don’t do customization. I use pretty much all the standard features given in OS.

      HOLO UI does not appeal to me and it’s very boring. Of all the interfaces i found MIUI to be the best and then Sense UI.

      I m waiting for Nexus 5 and i want to use both iPhone as my primary and Nexus as secondary.

      Apple app store has very good quality of apps and it’s not the same in Android. I searched BBM the other day as some of the websites mentioned as it was released. Went to play store to download and found all the apps are fake. I feel the eco system needs to be controlled and the way android is moving forward.

    5. To plastic? So why are they turning around and buying another plastic phone?

  3. I have tried talking to several friends, who have been Apple users for a long time, but who aren’t very tech savvy. I tried explaining in an unbiased way the differences and similarities between iOS and Android and even showed them. And everytime after my honest efforts they all respond similarly… “So basically Android is a much smarter choice. Look at the possibilities. But… come on… it’s an iPhone… And all the other people who buy them then? They can’t be wrong. And again… it’s an iPhone! How can I possibly go wrong with choosing an iPhone! ”
    You can lead a horse to the water, but you can’t make it drink, they say. How right that is.

    1. Why do ya care so much, if they’re happy leave them be

      1. I don’t care. But they turn to me when they are having problems. Then proceed to ask my advice. Then after explaining everything, they still succumb to the herd mentality and choose an iPhone because all their families LG have one or whatever.

    2. Apple’s spent a lot of money on an image. That’s the real edge they have. Most people don’t actually know a thing about electronics. They just see iPhone and think it must be great without a second thought. It’s not the ecosystem or the build quality. It’s just an iPhone, and that’s all it takes for your average consumer.

  4. “Typically, I’ve noticed teens or adults who opt for low-end devices find themselves “fed up” with Android, eventually spending good money (or upgrades) on the iPhone vs premium Android hardware.” so true and it’s so annoying. If you’re going to cheap out you’re not going to be happy with it. Don’t blame the manufacturer, blame yourself!

    1. Not necessarily the case. When I had Android I had the top of the line phones. But I fell to the dark side later on. I just got fed up.

      1. Oh it’s a matter of personal preference, I’m just saying that statement is right on. I know so many people who bought a $99 optimus one or HTC wildfire or cheap Samsung and switched because of no internal memory and other reasons associated with their decision to buy a cheap phone.

        1. Android does plenty to drive people away, even the flagships. I had the HTC Incredible, and the lack of Gingerbread / ICS and the unfixable memory in use issue drove me insane. My brother had the Bionic. Don’t get me started. Thunderbolt? Jesus. Super successful Galaxy line? Bloatware and a schizophrenic doing-too-much user-experience.

          The answer for 90% of people afflicted? Get an iPhone.

          Or a Nexus. Yeah do that instead.

          To be fair, devices are seeming to get better. I’d have a hard time telling someone to turn away from an HTC One or a Moto X, but the LG G2 or Galaxy S4? Wouldn’t recommend those to anyone, even though they are great phones in so many ways.

          1. Agreed. HTC One and Moto X are the top two choices for Android right now, imho.

          2. I’d get a G2 but it would have to be rooted as soon as I get it. That’s why I love the One, it has great hardware and software.

          3. Same here. At this point I can’t personally recommend anything but a Nexus to my friends. Which is sad because Android is supposed to be about choice. Maybe I could recommend the Moto X, but it still has a lot of bloatware.

  5. You can be a rooster one day and a featherduster the next. Just wait Apple.

  6. These stats are misleading because more people trade in phones now than they did a year ago. I would also wager that there is an equal or larger increase in iphone tradeins on another iphone. Over-all android still trounces iphone by a wide margin in market share.

  7. Each new iPhone release I am thinking to myself “by now people will surely know and understand that this is not such a spectacular improvement over the previous one” But each time I’m surprised at how crazy they get over the new iPhone and are willing to spend hours in line to be one of the first to have it. I just don’t understand how Apple keeps being so success in hyping their services.

    1. Successful* in hyping their devices*

    2. It’s the same as having someone type a comment into a article just to say “first!” They are led to believe that $600 of their yearly pay HAS to go to the new iPhone when really there is such little difference, it’s astounding that Apple has so many employees designing nothing new.

    3. It’s a cult, that’s why.

  8. I have had Android since 2009. i have been tempted to to get an iPhone many times, but hate the fact i have to use iTunes. i have a GS3, and i am not fed up with Android, it is just that i am fed up with Samsung. so i will settle for what i belive is better than an iPhone and a Samsung device……NEXUS!!!!!!
    By the way people who have known me for years can vouch that i have always said…” Give me an Iphone running stock Android, and i will snatch it up”

  9. As they say in statistics, correlation does not always equal causation. There are a number of variables at play.

  10. Guess what, Im sure the same can be said when Sammy launches their phones. Eat that.

  11. You know, in a way I really don’t mind seeing this. With this happening, Google will still have competition – something to have to top. Google definitely still has a few things to perfect before they can say that they’ve “topped” iOS completely. As you mentioned yesterday, touch response time needs to be improved. Google also needs to make “babble” so good that everyone converts to it so that iMessage is obsolete. I can’t say much about making Android more “simple”. I can’t see it being much more simple without losing functionality.

  12. omg who WITF would use gazelle? Oh wait, an iPhone user at heart. Never mind…

  13. I heard someone put it like this the other day, and I think it holds truth.
    Android is all about free choice. Don’t like what it looks like, change it. Many options of UIs from several manufacturers too. But to make a choice you have to know what you want and you have to put in the effort of looking at the options. A lot of people don’t want to do that and simply are satisfied by letting someone else make their choice for them, so they give that power to Apple who simply say “this is what we say you want and need and nothing else. Want it to be different? Too bad. We say this is how it must be and do not dare think otherwise. Now dance puppets!”

    1. You put a statement out there like that as if it’s some sort of important human quality to have more choice on your smartphone. These are still just phones and cameras (and facebook / texting / email vehicles) for most people, and iOS does a great job at all of those functions, especially between iOS users. Sure, there are some that treat their phone as if it puts them into some sort of category of a human being, but Android users have the same “problem”. Those are the extremes of the spectrum – most people fall in the middle and never change the home screen of their S4 or G2 or whatever Android device they have.

  14. Chavez, Chavez, I love your articles! if YOU ever go iAss I will never recover!!

  15. I use both android and ios and ios does have its merits. Not even to talk about the marketing fluff but seemless hardware and software coalesced by one company …. Yes yes yes it definitely has its merits.

  16. Those people that went to the iphone 5s and iphone 5c(heap). They ain’t bout da Android life.

  17. Poor article. Biased. We dont want your opinion we want facts.

    1. Those were facts. You just didn’t like the truth.

      1. I remember before, articles where, “iPhone SOLD OUT.. blah blah bah..” This does not happen anymore but we don’t see articles like ..”Apple is losing its appeal.. not sold out just like what it used to be”..

        But their marketing is good… they made this article.

        1. since when didn’t they sell out? people were leaving because the gold was out of stock – that’s selling out, regardless of the availability of the other two. initial production runs are higher than they’ve ever been, allowing for higher sales numbers overall. 9 million sold, with only 1 color sold out… is more impressive than sold out entirely, because only 5 million were available in total.

  18. It’s no surprise that there are more Samsung phones being traded for iPhones this year than last year because of the simple fact that are many more Samsung phones out there as a whole. For istance, if in 2012 there were 10 million Samsung devices and 1% of them were exchanged for iPhones then we would’ve had 100k devices traded. Now imagine in 2013 there are 30 million Samsung devices sold and the same 1% were traded for iPhones, you will have 300k phones traded: a whopping 300% increase on the number of Samsung devices traded in for iphones. A number that doesn’t mean any increase at all because of the 1% ” Samsung rejection rate” was still unchanged.

    1. I’m selling my GS3 because I bought the HTC One on Verizon. I wonder how many are in similar situation as me.

    2. Great point. To the top!

    3. The added details from Gazelle don’t help either. It’s been a long time since I took math, but I don’t see how the aggregate of a number of increases, all of which are less than 50%, could possibly come out to over 200%.

      Imagine it with numbers. Say Gazelle saw 100 of each of these phones before. This week they’d be seeing 103 S’s, 116 S2’s, and so on, for a total of about 200 phones. Not a 210% increase,

      1. It actually could be. What they mean is that, within the 210% increase (lets say 100 phones), there were 44 GS3, 16 GS2 and so on. Percentage can be tricky but it is still part of an exact science. ;)

  19. Is there any data on what kind of a percentage increase they saw on Apple hardware? What does the data look like before the launch of a major-make premium Android phone? What’s the typical fluctuation in trade-in rates?

    There needs to be some reference data before this information can be interpreted, let alone speculated upon.

  20. Most people I know use Android. Well, I’ve steered some of them to Android; they were looking to move from featurephones. The biggest draw for them are the big screens. I show them my Galaxy Nexus- even put it next to an iPhone, and my GNex’s big screen wins them over. The only person that I know who went from Android to iPhone had some awful LG; btw, about him- among other things, he doesn’t trust ATM machines, he says sometime in the 90’s, some ATM “ate” his check; he only deals with the bank tellers. Also, he has a bluetooth slide-out keyboard for his iPhone, since he says, its screen is a pain to type on.

    1. He probably also thinks playing video games on TV breaks it lol.

  21. Funny. “Fall victim”?? More like they woke up and wanted simplicity in their life.

    1. What’s more simple than icons that you touch and things open?

      1. u wouldn’t get it man. cuz ur dumb. APPLE IS EZ. IT JUST DOES WAT I WANT IT TO DO. cuz I am not as bright as the next guy u know? so 2 keep up i need a tool that only a stupid person can use – but i need good marketing to make it look like i am smart for using it, but really i am dumb -iPhone owner (Confirmed Legit)

  22. Without providing actual numbers, those stats mean virtually nothing. A 210% increase over what? 4x what amount? Gazelle really aren’t providing us with any extra light at all.

  23. I traded my S4 this week but it wasn’t for no iShit. Finally checking out the One. :)

  24. bgr is going to have a field day with this. Gellar will be creaming all over himself when he reads and posts this. It will have some snappy barb at samsung. Followed by the Troll comments. This is the first thing that came to my mind after reading this article. Oh and I hate BGR but for some stupid ass reason I can’t quit reading the moronic crap there. bTW Phandroid rules……

    1. Who’s the biggest iMoron? Jonathan Gellar or Zach Epstein from or Michael H from or David Pierce from or last but not least Jesus Diaz from They should just fight for the biggest iMoron title. I would pay to see that.

      1. All of them.. Its beyond pathetic

  25. Boo just get a moto x yo

  26. As a former die hard Apple fan, I must say that I am tired of Apple winning. I remember when the iPhone was the best phone you could buy. Today, every new iPhone is at least 1 step behind the competition. With all do respect, Apple’s drive for innovation died with Steve Jobs.

    Today Apple’s success is based off of their brand image. The Apple symbol on the back assures customers that they are getting quality. Even the most die hard Android fan has to admit that Android’s OS and hardware still needs some work. However, Google has made Android better, more secure and more stable with every release. If they can partner with developers to get more app support (and limit the garbage apps) and make Android 4.4 a smoother and easier experience, they may beat iOS.

    Google, Samsung, LG and Sony are all very well known, high quality companies. The problem is than none of them have been able to produce a phone that is has that cool factor, while at the same time being easy to use and built with premium materials.

    If Samsung ever wants to beat the iPhone they need to bring their phone quality up to where their TVs are. When you look at the Samsung F8000 TV, it looks like a premium product, something that is worthy of showing off. The GS4… does not.

    Sorry for the long comment.

    1. As the S4 commercial says, doesn’t every phone have a learning curve. In many ways going from an android to iOS is the same for me, but that’s expected. When it comes to android beauty and simplicity, I look no further than the nexuses, but premium is an interesting conundrum. Who doesn’t want a near bezel-less phone, made from metals, semi-metals, and sapphires, but I care most about a phone having the specs that I want, a wallet friendly price tag, and durability(looking more at the likes of the GSM GNex, and hopefully the N5). I agree on many of your points and would add that the largest limitation for android would be the manufacturer support of an “old” 1-2 year old phone for updates, along with the garbage apps. So screwed up, and the stain upon all of android.

  27. I’m not interested in either a Samsung or an apple phone so it doesn’t matter to me.
    Of recently released phones either the Sony Xperia z1, Nokia lumia 1020, LG g2 or Motorola X interest me the most. Just wish the g2 wasn’t made in that cheap plastic way.

    1. True but u can buy fancy cases. Its really sweet buddy buddy has new 5s..and I love the g2 cam does he.

  28. As long as iOS is functionally inferior to Android, I do not care if a lot of people buy iOS devices. I do try to inform people who ask about Android, but ultimately a good number still buy an iPhone because it is what some of their friends use or because iMessage and FaceTime gives them a sort of exclusive club to talk to each other. I just continue to use whatever device and platform makes the most sense to me.

    1. That’s what makes you a leader and not a follower

      1. really? lol… hopefully there’s a bit of tongue and cheek in that comment :)

        @cooldoods:disqus ends by saying “I just continue to use whatever device and platform makes the most sense to me”, yet implies those that prefer to use iOS just want to be a part of an exclusive club. Surely it can’t just make the most sense to them…

        1. What I mean is if an iOS device made better sense to me, I would switch. Unfortunately, the way things have been going especially with screen size and battery life (and the fact that Android has great features that aren’t on — and probably won’t ever be — on iOS) I pay less and less attention to new iOS versions and devices.

          As for that part about an “exclusive club”, I mean that people look at iOS and see FaceTime and iMessage as features instead of what they are — proprietary and closed apps whose functionality is available in third-party apps that aren’t exclusive to one platform. Personally, I would always choose the cross-platform solution even if it’s something I would have to download because it means I wouldn’t be limiting myself in terms of being able to connect with everyone else.

          1. Gotcha, and I agree. I with Apple would be more “cross platform” with things like iMessage and Facetime, like Google is with Hangouts, etc. But obviously that will never happen. Though, a part of that could be due to the fact that iMessage and Facetime are so seamlessly integrated into the OS.

          2. Apple’s ecosystem is really one of the more closed among all. I get their strategy, as it really makes people who have been used to the Apple way of things very hesitant about switching. For one thing, all your content purchased from Apple’s marketplaces cannot be (or are quite difficult to) consumed on non-Apple devices. That’s an investment that most people cannot overlook. Another is that Apple makes their stuff really easy to use, and most people don’t like it if they find it harder or unfamiliar to do the same thing on another device. This is also why Apple tries very hard to protect with patents things like slide-to-unlock, their way of doing a cut-and-paste, pinch and unpinch, etc; they don’t want their users finding it just as easy to use non-Apple devices.

    2. to be fair, its only inferior to android for what YOU need it to do. For others, android’s lack of polish/middle child when it comes to new apps/hit or miss when it comes to camera and UI fluidity and battery life, means android is inferior to them.

      I tried to get my gf to come over to android, but with the introduction of LTE, for her needs there really isnt a need for her to switch.

      1. Honestly, I prefer Android. But we have two Apple TV’s (no cable), and my wife and our closest friends & family all use iOS. So for sharing photos, messaging, viewing things on screen, Facetime, etc., iOS keeps me more connected to them *easier* than Android does. I’ve got my wife to buy into Hangouts somewhat because I can use it on my computer at work – but can’t get anybody else to really. Plus, obviously, with 3 kids, the camera on the iPhone is great. Though the latest/greatest on Android has caught up (besides the X… yes even after the update).

        1. i have 6 or 7 friends who use gchat on the desktop, but one or two of those use iphones on their mobile. I never cared about having the same OS on multiple devices, i find it boring. If my tablet was something other than android, maybe i’d use it more. But yeah, my gf just wants a super fast phone with a nice camera, and wants first dibs on all of the apps that come out… and well that’s the iphone for ya.

          1. Regarding apps, I’d rather that the Android version had already gone through a version or two on iOS to fix all bugs and refine it further to what actual users want before seeing it on Google Play Store.

          2. -.- thats what iphone users said about LTE. I disagree, most big apps don’t even have that many bugs, and if they do the bugs are minor and not experience killing features. I’d take the app over waiting a month to 6 months for a version of my own.

          3. Well, I wouldn’t know. :) What I do know is that when much-awaited apps finally make their way into the Google Play Store, I find them well-polished and full-featured. I would attribute that to the numerous cycles of bug fixing and refinements that have already been made on the iOS version.

        2. Yes, the built-in communication and sharing tools in an iOS device really make it a no-brainer in a home or group with at least one or two iOS devices. However, even iOS devices can use a different app or feature (e.g. Hangouts or Skype instead of FaceTime, WhatsApp or Viber instead of iMessage, DLNA instead of AirPlay) which is also available on other platforms. And yes, the iPhone camera has usually given great all-around results though other manufacturers are already putting out even or better performance.

      2. Not just what I need, but rather Android what I think everyone should look for in a mobile OS. Of course, my choice of device should have hardware that is good enough for what I actually need (large screen, pretty good camera, removable battery, memory card support, fast processor and graphics). I don’t mind apps not coming to Android first because I know sooner or later they do appear in the Play Store, which already has great choices in any category.

        1. yes they come sooner or later, but that argument can be said about things like LTE and a larger screen size for iphone. Obviously i’m not knocking your choice, for I own a nexus 4 myself, but iOS is very smooth and very fast, and reliable, and gets preferential treatment in many 3rd party areas. It gets annoying when people proclaim anyone with an iphone is an “idiot” or a “sheep,” not saying that’s what you said, but to some people iphone is just suits their needs better. Android is not better than iphone in every statistical category.

          1. Yes, iOS is indeed smooth. There are some Android features that make me and my use of the device more efficient than iOS allows, however, so I will ignore the occasional stutter or hiccup on Android. I also agree that Apple gets great support from third-party peripheral and accessory manufacturers though on the Android side buying a device from a high volume seller like Samsung or a dedicated manufacturer like Sony helps to lessen Apple’s advantage. Again, I don’t buy into statistics like sales or web usage or switching. The only thing I’m concerned with is what’s right for me with everything considered.

          2. The dev across from me at work downloaded iOS7 and came back the next day complaining about the slew of bugs he found, including lock screen glitches… it’s not perfect that’s for sure.

          3. well im not saying its completely bug free of course, but its not like when they come to android they are bug free either. They are often also watered down version of their iOS counterparts, that’s something i hope changes in the future.

  29. Gotta have gold baby.

    1. Samsung announced yesterday that their GS4 now available in gold.

      1. Laugh out loud ..

  30. The iPhone 5S proves that Apple innovates at its own pace. It’s then followed by a period of refinement. Real innovation doesn’t happen everyday. It will also further erode Android’s market share lead in the US where It now accounts for over 40% against Android’s 52%. That’s down from 60% a year or so ago. Apple’s move to 64 bit computing and moving iOS 7 and all of its core iOS apps to 64 bit makes it the first 64 bit mobile apps Eco system. Apple has also made it easy for developers to create 64 bit versions of their apps that also run in 32 bit mode. I’ve had over two hundred apps updated to iOS 7/64 bit in the last week. I have over 1200 apps. The updates are moving at a brisk pace because Apple has made it very easy for devs. Now despite not having 4 GB of RAM in the iPhone 5S, and being accused of moving to 64 bit as pure marketing, Anandtech did a thorough review off iPhone 5S and determined that it’s still 44% faster overall. This will give iOS 7 a significant lead over Android in the move to 64 bit computing. This combined with the first finger scanner on a mobile device that actually works, the promise of the M7 motion processor, the True Tone flash, iBeacons combined with Bluetooth LE (instead of NFC), etc, this is a great time for Samsung Galaxy S4 users to dump them for the iPhone 5S.

    1. apple is lame. :)

    2. Wow. this reads like a paid ad for Apple…

      1. Well they were at the stores promoting this and exchanges.not when any android phone is out..they are icrap loyalists.

      2. Copy and pasted from the Apple website

        1. lol you are so right.

    3. LOL Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts..Apple is yesterdays technology, btw Number of apps is not a measure of technological achievement. Apple days of dominance are over, and that is good for the consumer,

      1. Hmmm…Just like the “Slavish copiers” Samsung, I’ve heard your response somewhere else. Almost word-for-word. LOL You need to reread my post and this time take off your Google glasses and shoot for comprehension. LOL

    4. 80% of iphone users have no clue what you’re talking about and don’t give a damn either. All they need to know is it’s an iphone.

      1. I don’t think you do either…They also have college degrees, make a lot of money and like to spend it. Android demographic is made up of users like you.

        1. Simply put, the majority of smartphone users (iphone, android, etc.) don’t know or care what the specs of the device are down to a tee. They go by branding. Hopefully the iphone demographic isn’t made of users like you. Outright pricks. You don’t know anything about me, so you can promptly find a bag of dicks and eat it.

          1. You sound twisted and angry, please don’t go home and beat your wife!

        2. Are you serious? 80 % of iPhone users don’t. care. about specs, features, architecture, and so on. They want the iPhone because of it’s design, that their friends tell them that it’s crazy easy to use, and for other reasons similar.

    5. doesn’t the 64 bit thing only apply to graphics and not actually phone performance. correct me if im wrong. seems like it’s a lot of talk for something that will take a year or two to fully take advantage of. and samsung is gonna release a 64 bit phone in probably 3 months anyways

    6. Its never a great time for someone to dump their 5 month old phone for another unless you’re prone to throwing wads of cash in the air and giggling as it disappears.

      1. That did occur to me while composing my post. I wrote it anyway. Take the hit!

    7. Ofcourse the iPhone 5c is faster, it’s a different SOC. It has nothing to do with the OS. True Tone flash? Well you actually believe in the hype and off you go. There are thousands and thousands of people like you, who simply don’t ask for more. It’s ok, just buy your iPhone thing and do what you do best.

  31. I have a Galaxy Nexus and have absolutely no intention of replacing it until my contract expire, it does every thing i want it to do and more, than again people are calling me crazy when i buy 1 videocard per year at 400$ when they spend more than 700$ on a phone (be iphones or other) each time they upgrade. To each is own, btw i dont game with my smartphone, i always found that pointless

  32. Gazelle is an Apple Fanboy site in it’self… I would not trust any of it’s numbers good or bad. And I am sure that many people bought the new Apple phone, but I am sure it was for the pretentious little apple on the back and not the camera.

    1. Goddam it why are comments on this site so arrogant and ignorant. Gazelle makes more money off iPhones, so that’s being a fanboi? So people that buy Android phones aren’t doing it to be, let’s say hipsters going against convention and a niche of sorts? Only Apple has this stigma, it’s fu*king rediculous…

      1. Easy now Javi, no need to get butt hurt about Apple.
        There is a massive stigma in the tech world in regards to Apple.

        Remember when they were suing everyone for the most absurd reasons?
        That tends to make those in the know think of them as a bit of a joke.

        Also charging $4000 for a $1500 desktop will also assist with that stigma.

        Oh and one final thing, hipsters use Apple. It’s a requirement.
        Plaid shirt, skinny jeans, unkempt hair, Wayfarers with clear lenses, and a Macbook/iPhone/iPad at Starbucks.

        1. you forgot belt buckles, belt buckles are every bit as important is the iphone.

      2. Please don’t associate Android with hipsters. Thanks.

      3. if gazelle makes more money off iPhones, then they will continue the want to make more.

  33. It was the opposite for me last year, saw the iPhone 5 and thought, that’s it?! Then moved to android.

    1. What you mean “that’s it”, were you not swooning at an extra row of homescreen icons? And that design – I mean, man, it’s so freaking awesome the first thing you do is cover it up with a case.

      1. hahaha yeah seriously, an extra row and a fabulous design that scratches if you breathe too hard on it.

        I’ll admit the 5S is a bit more impressive with IOS 7 and the fingerprint scanner, but now I’m just too used to all the functions of android and I doubt they will ever win me back.

        1. The fingerprint sensor is a joke. How is something that you leave everywhere a good, secure way of unlocking or whatever. The fingerprint sensor of the 5S has been hacked already.

          1. WTF!? Really? It’s just a nifty feature to have your phone locked and easily unlock it. Of course it’s not the greatest lock. Your phone should tell you that a password will give the most security.

            Some people just want that small amount of security and still able to get into their phones. I tried Face Unlock for a time, but it wasn’t fast enough. So I just used an app locker and just lock my apps from a widget when necessary. Like at parties. =.3

          2. I’ll put up real money that fingerprint scanners are going to be on virtually every high end smart phone by this time next year. Apple may have some misses, but Touch ID isn’t one of them. It’s smooth and fluid and ridiculously easy to use. Apple cracked the code on using biometrics in a way that appeals to the average consumer. I haven’t heard one person who’s used it give any negative reports. And we all know that it provides reasonable security for 99% of the population.

          3. That money is gone my man..

  34. Samsung certainly didn’t do anything to build its brand loyalty with phones like the GSII Skyrocket. But most of the irrational consumer behavior is due to the media — American journalists, tech and otherwise, are lemmings and part of their culture is the iPhone.

    1. Ok what? So now every time a site says something positive about Apple they are biased. What about this site? It has no real Apple news and it bad mouths Apple every chance they get. This is the very definition of a biased site. So what the hell are you talking about? The news is hyper critical of Apple, tech sites review it fairly (pros/cons) so just because you hate Apple they are false? Interesting…

    2. I have actually noticed a trend going the opposite way. Many sites and podcasts that had been very pro-Apple have been tearing Apple down lately. I have seen many iPhone sites refer to iOS 7 as playing catchup to Android. Many were particularly critical of the 5C case saying Steve Jobs would have never allowed that to happen because it doesn’t look clean with writing appearing in the holes. They also bashed Apple saying if a gold colored iPhone is the best the 5S can offer then they are no longer innovating..

      I think what we saw here was marketing. Apple did not offer the the 5S for pre-order. Why? The want the lines and the press. The stories about the lines is what gets people excited and thinking this is worth buying.

      1. never thought of it that way. no preorder means people need to get out of their houses and go to the store and going to the store means lines. +1 for you

      2. Jobs definitely wouldn’t have allowed that case with the holes… but i’m not so sure about the colored versions. I mean, this is the guy who launched the colored iMac which helped revived apple… but yea, those holes are atrocious… someone, or several someones should be fired.

      3. Thing is also though, that any debate concerning the iPhone subject is a lucrative deal for media. People tend to click on the articles more often and want to see what somebody has to say about the immortal iPhone. Apple get their publicity in this way and they always have been. It’s simply a matter concerned by the public, a phone that everyone cares about. Mainstream, and so on. Don’t trust any “trend” in the media..

  35. My opinion is that the strength of Android is also its weakness. Being open choice and having multiple OEMs is a beautiful concept, as it inspires innovation. However, Google does not produce its core OS and hardware together, Nexus, GE phones, and Motorola products notwithstanding. The QC of the third party apps of not as polished as iOS. Some apps are not even ported to Android. An ecosystem of accessories is ready and available for the iPhone and iPad. Because of the different OEMs, the accessories for Android are not as numerous or some cases, cannot compare. Fragmentation aside, Android has came a long way since the G1. It is safe to say that it has a long way to go. It is hoped that Google becomes Apple-like and reign in the problems that affect the UI and institute a base HW/SW requirement for high, medium, and low end devices so that the end users can truly benefit.

  36. I’m always skeptical when people publish just the percent change and not the actual number. If people traded in 7 samsung phones the week prior and then it went up to 21 the week of the 5s release you’re looking at 200% increase in samsung trade-ins…the 200% sounds a lot more interesting and newsworthy then 7 and 21….

  37. My wife was due for a new phone on Verizon, and wasn’t happy with iOS 7 on her iPhone 4. She took one look at the 5s and 5c on display, and went with the Droid MAXX instead. I didn’t even have to convince her to switch to Android (but I did push her towards the MAXX over the G2).

  38. don’t like Gazelle they cater mostly to iphone!!

    1. And they low-ball their prices. Other sites offer more money.

  39. Samsung throws the kitchen sink at you. For previous Apple users this is a shock since there’s almost nothing the phone can’t do. I have my iTunes on it, my iPhone friends downloaded Hangouts to video chat, and Google voice is fantastic. However, I’m on my 2nd Android phone and know what to expect since I’m used to the OS. Apple users get confused very easily since there’s almost too much going on all at once with the galaxy line. I think its unfair to judge iPhone against Galaxy…Galaxy trumps apple in every case but people want ease of use. These are the same people that buy the corolla…its a safe bet…boring…nothing special… No standout features…but safe…its a shame since Android as a stock OS is extremely easy to use and fluid, but the Nexus doesn’t get nearly the marketing it deserves. If people are thinking about switching they need to check out Moto X, not Galaxy.

    1. i agree with the switching thing to go over to a nexus/moto x type phone. im a seasoned android vet and whenever i start up a new galaxy device im just like holy crap so much stuff at once! stop the maddness! can only imagine how an iphone convert must feel

    2. The big problem with Samsung is TouchWiz. They throw the kitchen sink at you, and it makes it lag like none other. I’m still shocked every time I do browser testing on the S4 at work and it lags. The hardware exceeds my N4 but there’s really no comparison in the speed of the interface.

      I’ve never used iOS other than doing testing at work, but if I came from iOS to a samsung device, i’d probably switch back too. In short, I think TouchWiz makes Android look bad. Nexus ftw!

  40. I’ve personally seen people get frustrated with their low end Android device and go to iPhone. But you can’t compare a low end Android device to iPhone. You spend your money on iPhone, spend the same amount on
    a high end Android. You are guaranteed to be satisfied, if you can free yourself from the Apple ecosystem. More and more people are computer savvy. If you have a certain knowledge of Technology, it’s obvious Android is leaps and bounds ahead of Apple, and just all together a better experience.

    1. A better experience? Thats very questionable.

      1. Dude…this is an Android fan site…if you’re here to bash android and hail cr’apple, you’re on the wrong site. Android has much more funtionaly that the stupid iPhone…get over it…it’s true…iPhones are for girls, teenagers and old people who want a ‘simple device’. go troll somewhere else..

        1. First of all I use both IOS and android so i have every right to be on this site. And how did I bash anything? I said your arguement was questionable or as Fred said debateable. So get ur little panites out a bunch already.

          1. Um…it’s ‘panties’…not “panites”…”If you’re gonna insult me, do it properly.” It is ‘debatable’ which is why I’m debating an isheep troll who replied to my comment. Based on the many people I know who have smartphones, most men and tech people choose Android for the reasons stated, and the people I said before choose iPhone for the reasons stated.

        2. The iPhone isn’t simple. I know my way around computers and can learn a new OS when giving the time. But iOS is just… weird. Even Mac. It’s… not the most easiest to learn.

          Android is more like a computer. You have the desktop, your all programs, you can pin things to the desktop, choose default programs. It works like an actual desktop.

          iOS, things are just… placed in weird places. I don’t think the iPhone is a “simple” phone, actually.

        3. Ha! This is cracking me up. You can’t find a single Apple fan site that isn’t absolutely overrun with phandroids bashing all things Apple. I follow a story here and find you guys getting your PANTIES (did I get that right?) in a bunch because one dude makes a slightly snarky comment. I love it. I’m going to start hanging out here more often!

        4. hahaha spot on

      2. Technically it’s debateable. And it’s bound to be a very lopsided debate on this site. Overall experience should go to Android, mainly due to customization and integration within everyday life (i.e. Google now, widgets, etc.).

  41. 86% of all statistics are made up anyway.

  42. well it makes sense since a year ago people have no idea what Gazelle was

  43. I’ve actually been thinking of going over to iPhone too. I like the stability of iOS and wish I had less problems with my phone =o/.

    1. What phone do you own now? I never really understood the stability argument. So far, I’ve had an iPhone for 5 days now, and it’s already rebooted on me twice.

      Never happened with my HTC One, or with this LG G2. *shrugs*

      1. Our household has a Droid RAZR M, DROID MAXX and Nexus 10. Nothing has the stability of my iPad =0(.

        1. Not going to lie. Moto devices seem to be the most unstable. Went to HTC and no more problems.

        2. Define “stability”? Like, force closes from incompatible apps, or screen freezes, reboots, etc?

          1. I’d like a definition too.

        3. This guy doesn’t even know what Stability means…

        4. Stop trolling. That’s my job buddy.

      2. The LG G2x on the other hand rebooted 25 times a day… i returned 23 of those things before I gave up and moved on.

    2. It still sounds ridiculous as a claim. I can use my stock Galaxy S3 for months on end, never has a problem. My buddy is dumping iOS because his iPhone 5 constantly crashes. Do I blame iOS? Not entirely because it only happens when he’s doing certain things like using certain apps or going to certain pages. It comes from sloppy programming.

  44. 3000 is not enough to make a determination.

  45. They should have provided hard figures. Going from 5 to 16 trade-ins is a 210% increase which is relatively nothing. Going from 50,000 to 160,000 is a different story.

  46. Either way, SAMSUNG WINS!

  47. I traded my note 2 during this time so I could get a LG G2. They should note assume the Samsung being sold were to buy an I Phone.

    1. how do you like your G2 I did the same thing and I love the phone

      1. I love the phone. By far the best phone I have ever owned. Don’t miss the note 2 at all.

  48. I’m not surprised about the camera causing switches. I just bought a Moto X. It’s fast. It’s the perfect size. It has has some custom features that make it the best user experience I’ve had with a phone.

    But it’s hard to get over the fact that the camera is awful. It’s such a key phone feature, I’ve thought about returning it and getting an iPhone.

    1. Theres an software update coming out to fix the camera issues, It really does some wonders.

  49. People simply have no idea, as this clearly explains. I guess we all have to live with the fact that people don’t care.

    1. That seems like the best idea… lol

  50. People who choose iPhone for quality and stability should really look at some statistics.
    iOS isnt as stable as people seems to think, worse then Android used right.
    And quality is a joke, iPhones have alot of hardware quality problems.

    OT As someone said. Its not sure they traded for an iPhone? Some nice Android phones have been released now to.

  51. Gazelle doesn’t account for the whole population, therefore this statistic is just gibberish. Perhaps long time low end Android users are switching to iOS, but at the same time long time iOS users are switching to Android devices (specifically to high end Android devices).

    1. Desperate come back??? kwok kuh nee dre sam sumg?

  52. I requested a trade at this same time in anticipation of the note 3. How is it that they think it is for the iphone….

  53. Way to go! Just shows samsung depressed users doing the best investment.

    1. go away stupid racist

  54. You android guys do sometimes come off as melodramatic and weird. Honestly, the worst thing about having an iPhone is having some nerd preach at you about how you should have an android phone any time you use it. It’s a strange strategy. Just enjoy yourselves if you want everyone to be like you.

  55. I must give my thanks to SARAH MOORE, who posted here last week comment about system she uses to earn online…

    I’ve got my FIRST check total of $550, pretty cool.. You can try it for yourself.


  56. I have an iPhone 5 running Ios7 and a Galaxy S4. Anyone that traded an S4, or S3 for that matter, thinking Ios7 is better is making a huge mistake.Thank god I have my S4 because Ios7 has a lot of problems.

  57. oh my gosh this is ridiculous ppl seriously if you like the iphone get it if ya like android get it seriously no need to bash the other phone and be fanboys. The iPhone is GREAT at some points and HORRIBLE at others, its the exact same with android but honestly does it matter THAT much what SOMEBODY ELSE has . Also, everything about iPhone isnt new so you have to hate it? Okay, I get it, NOT. Apple has always done this and you are just now realizing it. Apple comes out with a new top of the line phone thats awesome and beats out alot of Android phones but there are still some better phones than it. Ever heard the saying “there’s always somebody better than you” and then they come out with one or two phones that aren’t COMPLETELY new but offer new features but mainly build up on the last phone then the cycle starts over again. So yeah ppl need to chill, not being an apple fanboy cause i actually have an Android phone right now but I’m just saying this is all stupid.

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