YouTube update brings more ads and notifications, Google Search updated too


YouTube Google Search icons

Man, Google has been quite the busy bee today. We’ve already seen updates getting pushed out for Hangouts and Gmail, and now YouTube and Google Search are being added to that list (as well as Google Voice for Android and iOS).

YouTube update screenshots

YouTube has some minor changes, but ones you might not be too keen on. First up ads now appear at the top of your “Watch Now” list upon opening the app. Can’t say we’re too happy about that one. Second, YouTube will now push notifications to your device of newly uploaded videos based on your interests. While this may sound a little spammy, if it helps us discover new content, we wont complain.

Google Now tablet screenshot

When it comes to Google Search, Google has also updated the app to version Looks like the changelog posted on Google Play is still from the previous update, so we’ll have to wait to learn about specific changes in this release. In any case, it appears Google is doing a little housework, possibly in preparation for… Android 4.4 KitKat? We’re just counting down the days!

[YouTube on Google Play | Google Search on Google Play]

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  1. That’s the old Google Search changelog.

  2. I don’t use Google Now for what it’s worth. Although I do LOVE it when I get that notification about shipping. No longer do I need to scavenge my emails or remember if I bought the item on Amazon, or eBay. LoL!!

    I may start using it to keep up with sports scores. I don’t really watch sports, but I may want to join the conversations since it’s quite popular.

  3. The ability to tell when others have left work is going to be a great asset for cheating spouses.

  4. Good to see that google is keeping updated all these juicy apps!!

  5. Are those new video notifications for individually selected subscribers or everyone you’re subscribed to? Google has been busy. Gets me excited. From the leaked screen shots of what KitKat might look like it looks a little cartoon like but I’ll wait until it’s official to have an opinion. Soon enough.

  6. I’ll not be updating the Youtube app.

  7. if there’s no changelog and you haven’t found anything new, then why does the title say there are more google now cards?

    1. he’s a pendejo.

  8. I would use Google Now more if the cards it currently had actually provided any value. To date, I still haven’t received a single for a shipping notification or flight information. They should work on getting the current stuff to work before “adding” new features. I currently get sports scores and traffic to-and-from work. That’s it.

    1. I don’t get notifications, but if I go in there after I receive a shipping notification email, there’s a card. Unless it’s a reminder, appointment reminder, or emergency alert, I don’t really think you’re supposed to get actual notifications.

      1. I order way too much stuff on the internets and have yet to see a single card for shipping. I get emails all the time with tracking numbers in them. Still, I get nothing.

        1. I don’t know what to tell you :/ Seems like it works for some, and not for others.
          I have yet to see a commute sharing card from my boyfriend, and Google Now’s settings recognize that he’s sharing with me.

  9. I still have yet to see Google Now grab one of my shipping notifications. I had a motherboard RMA come to me last week, the shipping email came with the tracking number in plain text. I was a bit angry that it didn’t show up.

    Plus, to get the full draw out of Google Now, you have to have location services enabled. That takes away probably 10% of my potential battery life just so I can look at traffic for 10 seconds every day. Yeah, I turned that off of course.

    1. Google Now is always hit or miss for me. Mostly miss. In fact, it never really tells me anything on its own other than the weather :/

      1. I use it to find surface area and volume equations while I do my physics class. It’s only partially helpful, haha.

    2. Shipping works fine for me, matter of fact all the features i have checked off work, might depend on which site you bought the item from.

      1. One came straight through ups notification service. I find it no excuse for missing that. Even I could code something to look through my inbox for anything ups related.

        1. And you’re positive that you have your gmail checked in Google Now’s settings? The only recent shipping notification mine has missed was a tracking number from China, but it was that international air mail number that eventually gets translated to USPS, so that’s nothing. I’ve had about 7 packages in the last two months, and it’s gotten every single other one. Also, it frequently pulls up nearby restaurants when it’s close to a meal time, and sports scores all the time from teams I’ve searched (I keep having to clear those ones out!)

        2. Same here. I haven’t gotten any cards for shipping.

  10. Any idea when they will fix whatever is causing videos to load slowly if they load at all and it’s not just the application I also find this issue at as well any body else having this problem.

  11. For the 1st time, YouTube now works on my Nexus 4.

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