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Don’t feel like selling your Android devices online? ‘Sold’ can do it for you!


Tech enthusiasts tend to have this little problem: we go through devices like they are disposable toothbrushes. We find our new toys and quickly pile up what used to be “top-of-the-line gadgets” just months ago. The reason? Selling them can be a hassle and we can’t bring ourselves to do it. Enter ‘Sold’, a new Android app that sells your stuff for you.

So what does Sold do, exactly? I usually use store trade-in programs simply because I don’t want to deal with selling my stuff on Craigslist or Ebay. Even though I know I could get more money, I choose the easy route. Sold allows you to get your extra bucks while still keeping the process simple for you, the user.

How does Sold work?

The process seems to be a breeze, and it’s similar to other online device re-selling services. You take some pictures of the device and submit it for an appraisal. You will then receive a message telling you how much you can make. The user must then decide whether he wants to accept the offer or not.

If you do want to sell your product, it is as easy as accepting the transaction, getting your box from Sold, scheduling your pick-up and sending it off. You should get your money soon after. It literally is just them taking all the hard work off your hands.

Is Sold worth trying?

The Android app has finally hit the Google Play Store, but is it worth trying? I say it is a great startup, as well as a good solution for constant sellers. I know I hate the whole process of selling my old devices. I usually just throw them in my drawer and forget about them. I guess it’s time to see how much I can get for them!

It is also great to see the prices some of these devices have sold for. An HTC One can sell for up to 391, for example. While a Galaxy Note 2 will go for up to $437. That is not bad for a used device. In fact, that is amazing! I was thinking of selling my Galaxy Note 2 for like $200, if that. I am definitely giving it a try, are you?

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 12.14.18 PM

You can go ahead and sign up for Sold at their official site, and the Android app is live at the Google Play Store. Go get them!

P.S.: Their videos are pretty fun, too.

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. Your links are reverse btw.

    1. Thanks for the heads up, guys. Fixed :D

  2. You have the links switched btw

  3. I may try it. Although I love the note 2’s screen, it’s kind of uncomfortable at times. I think I need something a bit smaller.

    1. Exactly how I felt when I had the Note 2. So far, the G2 seems to be the perfect size :)

      1. Looks like LG was right then.

  4. Also check out – cheaper than ebay, more trustworthy than craigslist… and you still take pictures and ship it yourself, though they don’t provide a box obviously! Plus you should be able to get more than what you can through services like Sold.

    1. Yeah, can’t imagine using something other than swappa or ebay and essentially getting ripped off..

  5. Do you know if they sell they phone if it’s rooted with a custom ROM?

    1. I am curious as well. I went through most of the listing process and it doesn’t give you a chance to add this. I will try and go all the way through when I have my device to take the photos.

  6. ill stick to Craigslist. straight forward. no middle person. always meet in a public place with cameras. bring a friend with you to stand by unseen in case sh!t pops off. 9mm is optional.

    1. Who brought the muscle? Lol

    2. I remember one time I was selling a phone and this one dude’s body language made it seem like he was going to try and run off with my phone. I was in a mall. Me being in track, I was NOT goin’ to let that happen. LoL!!

      I need to start running again. =./

  7. No UK version? :(

  8. Wow thanks so much! This is awesome. I don’t want to deal with the fees online sales entail and don’t feel like getting robbed or killed through Craigslist.

    Another option is Swappa? I considered them previously but never ended up selling my precious device… Worth nothing now.

    1. I like how you said you don’t want to be killed on Craigslist. LoL!!

  9. Swappa is the reliable and trustworthy site, which is hard to find these days!

    1. I sell all my devices there. Plus, I met Ben Edwards at the Big Android BBQ last year. Dude is awesome. Use Swappa.

      (This message not paid by Swappa. I wonder how I get them to pay me for this message.)

      1. I met him also, he is a great guy! (I’d post everywhere if I could get paid) Hint hint Mr. Edwards! lol.

    2. Just found out about it today! No more ebay!

  10. only in the US… :(

  11. For Craigslist I always meet the person in the carrier store or bestbuy..Never had any problems. Use common sense

    1. Exactly this. I’ve been selling our handsets on Craigslist for years without issue. I always speak to the perspective buyer over the phone and meet at a carrier store during business hours. Once everything is taken care of and the buyer is activated I’m off.

      Utilizing both the process mentioned above and building a good add I’ve always received at least a 12% premium over eBay and other local sellers. I’ve even made a few friends in the process.

  12. $87 for a Galaxy Nexus? Da fuq?

    1. It’s an old ass phone man. Swappa has them for $120ish and that’s directly from an individual.

    2. I just sold mine for $100 on Swappa ;)

  13. WTF!? Galaxy Note 2 for $200!? Dude I would buy that from you in a heart beat. There are people willing to sell that phone for that low? LoL!!

    On a side note, I would sell my HTC One for about $300 only because I didn’t have a screen protector so there’s a tiny scratch. Also on the camera lens, there’s this smudge that won’t get off. =.[

    I’d sell them my phone for that price. Now with that being said, I wonder if you can buy phones from them. I don’t see why not. Or did you mention that in the article? *goes back to read article again*

    1. T-Mobile will give you $250 trade in on a Note II. Not much better, but still better than that. haha

  14. I would actually have considered the offer, if I didn’t already know what I’d be getting back from Best Buy this Friday (assuming the current trade-in price sticks, in addition to the additional $50 trade-in plus deal.

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