Sep 23rd, 2013

It looks like Sony is getting a bit tired of all the leaks they’ve had to put up with. Their phones are often fully detailed and revealed weeks and even months before we get an official announcement. They want to put an end to it, though, with some “strict” rules and set of protocols for using unannounced devices ahead of their unveiling.


The sign above has reportedly been spotted in various areas of Sony workplaces with the following messages:

  • Do not use phones without protective cover
  • Do not show phones to individuals outside of Sony Mobile (unless NDA is signed)
  • Do not upload any pictures to social networks, public web pages etc.
  • Do not use 3rd party benchmarking applications

We’re not sure how effective such a poster will be. Even Apple has had trouble containing information about the latest iPhone and iPad wares as of late, and they’re known for their overwhelming secrecy (so much so that one blogger had his house raided after finding an iPhone 4 sitting in a bar).

Samsung has been the luckiest company in recent months, with the South Korean giant able to keep a considerable lid on Galaxy Note 3 details before it was revealed at IFA Berlin (though we did know a little bit about its specs in the couple of days leading up to the event).

Perhaps Sony can reach out to Samsung across the pond and see how they’re able to run such a tight ship. It’ll take some time to see if this new policy truly will help, though the greedy, nosy side in us secretly hopes it doesn’t.

[Digi-wo via XperiaBlog]

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