Sep 23rd, 2013

jackthreads android app

When JackThreads first launched their Android app last year, it sucked. (Sorry, Thrillist, but it did.) We were happy that the discount clothing store finally came to Android, but the app made me want to visit the website anyway.

Thankfully, that is no more — the app has been updated with an all new design, with the folks at JackThreads bringing us a taste of Holo for those running Android 4.0 and higher. The app will allow you to browse all of the place’s wares, order items through the app, and stay up to date on all the great sales they tend to put on.

While some may have their reservations on the urban-centric fashion this store specializes in, they shouldn’t have any qualms with how nice this app looks. If you’re a JackThreads customer you’ll definitely want to download the app to your Android phone or tablet and give it a whirl. It can be had here for free in the Google Play Store.