Sprint launches early upgrade program ‘One Up’



Sprint is a little late to the early upgrade program game, but better late than never. One Up was made official today and you can all sign up! It’s rather simple. And as we mentioned in this week’s podcast – it’s not a bad deal at all.

What is One Up by Sprint?

The One Up program allows you to upgrade ever year (12 months). One only needs to pay for the device in 24 equal monthly payments. There is no finance fee or down payment. To top it off, Sprint is offering a 15-dollar discount on their Unlimited Everything plan.

This makes up for the subsidy, since you are pretty much paying for the phone without their help. It also helps alleviate some of the hassles of paying the monthly fee. In reality, that now $65-dollar plan will end up being close to a hundred (of course, depending on the device you get).


What do I need to do to sign up for One Up?

You can now sign up for One Up if you are ready to get your next device, but first you may want to know a few details. The program does have its tricky parts.

  • New customers will, of course, have to go through the usual credit check.
  • Existing customers can sign up right away, but they have to turn in their phone (must have purchased it at least 12 months before).
  • Customers with an available upgrade don’t need to hand their device over.
  • One Up not available on pre-orders.

Are you signing up?

Tech junkies and gadget lovers are loving these new early upgrade programs, but we know more than a few of you are not as fond of them. Some of us prefer to just buy our devices and leave complications behind.

With that in mind – what do you think of Sprint’s One Up program? It is right up there with T-Mobile in terms of the best deal out of the 4 major carrier offerings. Can Sprint “One Up” the competition and keep you in the cutting “Edge” of technology while letting you “JUMP” to your “Next” device?

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  1. Good work on integrating all of the plans in the last sentence.

  2. how does this work on the family plan

  3. Appropriate name

  4. fine print – “$15 monthly discount expires after final installment payment.”

    1. No shade intended but isn’t the discount there because you have a phone on the installation plan? If you get another phone the discount should come back.

      1. How is that a good deal? If you like your phone or choose hold off upgrading to save money, you get hit with a charge for nothing. You’d be paying the rate for a subsidized phone you didn’t buy.

        With this, I’m still leaning towards T-Mobile next year:

        1. You can get all the benefits of no contract and not be forced into an upgrade plan. You can keep going with an existing phone an choose not to participate in JUMP.
        2. You can save money by not going with an unlimited data plan.
        3. If you do opt to join JUMP, it also includes insurance, which Sprint conveniently leaves out of their price comparisons.

        1. This feels like the plan for people who like a new phone every year.

          Most people want unlimited.

          Idk.. Insurance is a subjective.

          1. No. Most people want a phone. Most who want data only want to pay for what they use, not subsidize a few heavy used. Only most people who post on tech sites really want or need unlimited.

          2. Okay. Agreeing to disagree. *shrug*

    2. Wow that’s huge… And pretty senseless.

      So once your phone is paid off they essentially add the payment back into your plan? Supremely unethical.

  5. If sprint had great data coverage and speed here I’d be on this. Like Breaking my neck grabbing a new phone.

  6. Too little, too late. I fear they have hemorrhaged too many customers already and for good reason.

  7. its pathetic that my work gives me 20% off sprint and Verizon and 19% of att, yet due to discount limitations (plan only, not insurance or phone) it’s cheaper to still go with T-mobile and no discount.

  8. Fix your fucking network, Sprint! A flashy new phone every year doesn’t make up for your lack of service!

    1. They are. Softbank is pumping $16B into them. But we wont see significant increase in coverage until they turn on 800Mhz LTE later this year. Dont bother with Sprint until they come out with triband phones (800/1900/2500). They will then become a viable player.

      1. I’m willing to bet money that their service will still be crap. Their 3G sucks, WiMax was a complete failure, and their 4G is slower than their 3G and constantly drops out leaving me with no connection at all. What good is unlimited data if you can’t use it? A shiny new phone on Sprint is just barely better than a paperweight.

        1. The 3G on old network is slow – new network completely different. I’m getting up to 30Mbps on Sprint LTE, typically 6-20Mbps. Since I use 10GB/month, would rather have that than 60Mbps with a 5GB/month cap. ATT/VZW isn’t even an option.

          The rollout isn’t complete yet. When 800Mhz turns on, will be a completely different network. But do agree that if Sprint doesn’t work for you, dump them. Softbank will not put up with a subpar network with as much as they are investing. They’ll have to improve.

      2. Sprint will be releasing the G2 next month and it’s triband so I can’t wait.

  9. Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see the financial value in any of these plans to us customers. AT&T and Vzn don’t discount their plans at all as you make installment payments so that’s horrible. And while Sprint discounts $15/mon, that doesn’t offset the installment payments so they’re still making out better than the customer on the deal. I’m surprised the FTC hasn’t gotten after the carriers for deceptive practices since they’re charging the same service plan prices whether they’re subsidizing the handset or not. It’s still all messed up.

  10. Does anybody not realize you will get taxed double for your phone then? You pay sales tax on the phone upfront, but the $27 a month you pay for your equipment, there will be a mobile sales tax on it, which is close to 15%….

  11. I hear some of us bitching and/or pointing out the detriments to the consumer in regard to all of these new upgrade plans… but why is anyone surprised? Did we actually expect any of these carriers to implement a new business practice that is not almost entirely to their own benefit?


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  13. People before you sound off.. Do your homework. First off as long as you continue to get a new phone every year the 15 dollar discount NEVER goes away. Also, if you do the math you are getting the phone for CHEAPER. Let me explain, I know because I took advantage of the One Up. I got the S4 which costs 24 dollars every month under the plan, however, take 15 dollars off the top makes it an additional 9 dollars a month (are you with me). Ok, so 9 dollars x 12 payments equals 108 dollars, so 108 dollars versus the 199 dollars the phone is worth under a 2 year contract saves me around 90 dollars. Yep! I will save money. Oh and I got to keep my S3 which I am going to sell for 90 dollars.. Again more money for me. No gimmicks this deal is real and SAVES money.

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