Sep 20th, 2013


Sprint is a little late to the early upgrade program game, but better late than never. One Up was made official today and you can all sign up! It’s rather simple. And as we mentioned in this week’s podcast – it’s not a bad deal at all.

What is One Up by Sprint?

The One Up program allows you to upgrade ever year (12 months). One only needs to pay for the device in 24 equal monthly payments. There is no finance fee or down payment. To top it off, Sprint is offering a 15-dollar discount on their Unlimited Everything plan.

This makes up for the subsidy, since you are pretty much paying for the phone without their help. It also helps alleviate some of the hassles of paying the monthly fee. In reality, that now $65-dollar plan will end up being close to a hundred (of course, depending on the device you get).


What do I need to do to sign up for One Up?

You can now sign up for One Up if you are ready to get your next device, but first you may want to know a few details. The program does have its tricky parts.

  • New customers will, of course, have to go through the usual credit check.
  • Existing customers can sign up right away, but they have to turn in their phone (must have purchased it at least 12 months before).
  • Customers with an available upgrade don’t need to hand their device over.
  • One Up not available on pre-orders.

Are you signing up?

Tech junkies and gadget lovers are loving these new early upgrade programs, but we know more than a few of you are not as fond of them. Some of us prefer to just buy our devices and leave complications behind.

With that in mind – what do you think of Sprint’s One Up program? It is right up there with T-Mobile in terms of the best deal out of the 4 major carrier offerings. Can Sprint “One Up” the competition and keep you in the cutting “Edge” of technology while letting you “JUMP” to your “Next” device?

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