Sony shows off PS4’s upcoming PlayStation app for Android


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Japan’s Tokyo Game Show video game expo is off in full effect and where we didn’t expect much Android news to come out of the event, it looks like Sony had other plans. As most of you know, Sony has 2 big devices on the forefront: the Sony PlayStation 4 and the Sony Xperia Z1. To help lure gamers into their ecosystem, Sony is looking to offer enhanced connectivity between the 2 devices via their upcoming PlayStation app for Android and iOS devices.

Sony PlayStation app TGS 2013 2

Sony President Andrew House took the stage with Division President Masayasu Ito to demo the new app, showcasing the connectivity between the PlayStation 4 and mobile devices. Much like Microsoft’s Xbox SmartGlass app, the PlayStation app provides gamers with access to the usual information from their PSN accounts where they can view trophies, chat with other players, or accept invites to multiplayer game sessions. Twitter and Facebook integration will come included, and mobile users can even connect the PlayStation app to the PS4, using their smartphone or tablets as a controller.

Sony PlayStation app 2 TGS 2013

The real draw (at least for me anyway) will be the 2nd screen functionality the PlayStation app will enable for compatible titles, offering a sort of Wii U-like experience for Sony gamers. Whether or not developers will be chomping at the bit to include these new features into their titles remains to be seen. The PlayStation is gearing up for a November 15th release, where Sony says they expect to sell upwards of 5 million consoles by March of next year. Wowzers.

If you’d like to take a look at the entire Sony’s presentation from Tokyo Game Show in its entirety, you can watch the full 51 minute keynote here.

[PS4Daily | Arstechnica]

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  1. PS4 > Xbox 1

    1. Duh lol

    2. Lol you just had to be “that” guy.

    3. I’ve been hearing that a lot but why is it? I’m not disagreeing but specs and most of the stuff seem pretty equal besides the cost

      1. Because M$ totally fu¢ked themselves when they said no used games, kinect required, and internet required. Even if they repealed it, they didn’t do it out of the kindness of their hearts. They did it because of the $hit storm of bad PR they received.

        1. I’ve been a Microsoft fan boy since the OG Xbox, but this time around I’ll be switching to the dark side. I can’t possibly justify giving M$ money after what they did. Plus, who is to say that they won’t switch it back down the road. No thanks.

      2. Numerous developers have said that the GPU in the PS4 is approximately 40% faster. PS4 also allows developers to access more memory since the OS is much more optimized.

        1. 40% faster? That’s hard to believe.

          1. That’s what specs are showing, on paper at least. Knowing all the facts, there is no reason to spend 25% more money on a Microsoft product.

          2. “on paper at least” – i think we should take it with a grain of salt and wait for real world performance though. Remember how there are some Android phones that blow the iPhone out of the water in terms of specs but in real world performance it’s quite different.

          3. It is according to numerous developers. Even Bulletstorm’s (MS exclusive) dev came out and confirmed the 40% faster factor.

        2. The OS is much more optimized huh? LOL. STFU.

          1. Don’t be mad, child.

    4. PS4 > XBONE fixed =)

      1. The arm bone is connected to the xbone.

        Wait, what?

        Bad name is bad.

    5. PS4 looks great but there isn’t much there that’s new. XB1 speaks more to my early adopter mentality. plus, I’m as much of a tv/media consumer as I am a gamer so tv integration speaks to me as well.

      1. Sony has it’s own tv streaming that releases next year..It will have every station owned by Viacom and they are in talks with HBO..Enjoy your X1 that needs a cable box. My PS4 will only need the free app.

    6. XBOX 1 Innovation > PS3…Oh sorry I mean PS4 innovation.

  2. Catchup?

  3. Sony has been doing a lot of things half assed lately. *glares at vita with rage* I wouldn’t be surprised if this app follows the yellow brick road that the kinect and ¬_¬ vita did.

    1. Rayman Legends free today. WOOT!

  4. I’m surprised at all the love for Sony. Xbox is going to dominate this round like they did last round. Sony has been playing catch up since PS3. You will all see in the long run.

    1. but hasn’t the xbox one been playing catch up to the ps4 ever since the console announcements? after that terrible response from the xbox one unveiling, seems like MS is trying to win fans back. either way, i’m excited for the next gen.

    2. I had the xbox 360 and wrote off the ps3 almost this entire generation, until this past summer and while I will concede the 360 does some things better than the ps3 I will say I enjoy my ps3 more.

      The xmb dash is just superior to the 360’s, not a plastering of ads when it’s connected to online.

      1. I have both, my PS3 is a glorified bluray player. I just never got into any of their exclusives. I prefer the online and user experience of xbox as well as the controller.

        1. The controller on the PS3 is horrible, I’m hoping the early feedback on the PS4 pad being vastly superior is true. 360 got all my FPS play this gen.

          1. The PS controller was awesome back in the day when I had child sized hands. Now that I’m grown, the larger xbox controller is more comfortable plus the offset sticks are far superior.

          2. Nah, parallel sticks are better.

          3. Seeing that the Dualshock 4 wiped the floor with the xbox controller this year at gamescom and E3 for awards..I’d say you might want to try the new one.

    3. In the States that’s about right. Elsewhere in the world, Sony has pretty readily been in the lead for a while. Though I will admit it is close worldwide: Xbox 360 has sold 78.4m units in nearly 8 years, the PS3 has sold 79.1m units in nearly 7 years.

  5. omg people, a game console should be good at playing GAMES! not playing a game then waving my hand like a r’tard, now I’m searching the web, then wave like a r’tard again now my web browsers is small and I’m watching a movie….O_o. Its just stupid, “not only does is slice and dice, it washes the clothes and walks the dog jim!” Make it good at what its supposed to be good at, playing games, and thats what the PS4 is going to do with out these over the top, not going to work like it did at the expo, bells and whistles the Microsoft troupe is putting on their console. As far as I’m concerned, aka IMHO, XB1 vs PS4 is a ricer honda with a aftermarket turbo and stickers vs old school American muscle Pontiac GTO, at a drag race…..deep down, you already know who’s coming out on top

  6. Yall stupid whoeva thinks Xbox is better than PlayStation, PlayStation been the best

  7. If you are over 25 years and play video games regularly you need to really grow up. You really should have other things better to do with your time. Playing video games that you were playing when you were a teenager is a waste of time.

    1. Yes, because once people turn 25, man, it’s like anything other than being productive is a waste of time. We should all just be robots and have absolutely no hobbies or leisure time. Studies have definitely not shown that some video games can actually help with hand-eye coordination (I’ve seen a head surgeon require his staff to play an N64 or something, I forget, before surgery because they had shown that it helps them perform better when using precise remote controlled scalpels) Obviously, video games are only for teenagers and adults who have no lives.

      1. I think the keyword here is “regularly.” Eric did say regularly. In my opinion, regularly would be at least 4-5 times a day, at least one hour a day if not more. I see no problem with adults playing video game as long as
        their is a balance. As a married man and a father of a 15 month old boy, I
        find myself spending more time with them than playing video games.
        However, I do play video games on occasion. I definitely don’t play the
        way I used to play when I was a bachelor and I probably won’t play that
        way ever again. Except for when my son approaches the age of loving
        video games. :D I will, however, forbid him to love video games more than QT with the family and will certainly teach him the discipline of studying, education, and knowledge. As long as that balance remains, video games are completely fine.

        1. Indeed, regularly is a subjective term. Regardless, your comment reveals while his initial comment is wrongly a blanket statement. Not everyone is married. Not everyone over 25 has children… even if you have a full-time career, I don’t find it impossible or a waste of time to play video games maybe like an hour a day, even. Every situation is different.

          Additionally, I know many adults who find time for television or browsing online “regularly”. Is that a waste of time for anyone 25+ as well? I don’t get why some people think video games have such little benefit when it can be used to relieve stress, serve as entertainment, help with hand-eye coordination, exercise your mind (puzzle games, etc).

          1. I think some people think video games have such little benefit because of the stigma that surrounds the stereotypical idea of a gamer.

      2. So Anthony, what you are saying you are Medical Surgeon? And playing games for several hours a day helps with you operating on patients? Or Anthony are you just wasting time playing video games because you have nothing else to do? I think you need to find other things to do that are more productive. Like getting a real life outside of gaming. Remember it is called a Video GAME. Games are for kids. We all outgrow them.

        1. Haha, what a closed-minded buffoon. I’m sure you’re not wasting time right now reading about mobile technology and making dumb*ss comments in this thread. He doth protest too much, methinks.

        2. Troll much?

        3. I agree Eric. Adults shouldn’t waste their time watching tv either, or going to the movies, or playing a game of football with their cooworkers after work… We shouldn’t read anything fiction, or waste time hearing or telling jokes. I only wish the weekends were shorter so I could just get back to being productive.

          1. Now that was a great display of sarcasm… well done! =)

    2. You’re right Eric… instead of playing video games, everyone over 25 should go on the internet and criticize people over 25 for playing video games. That is so much more productive than playing video games. SMMFH.

    3. i’m well over 25, still love games, have kids and a pretty wife and a well-paying job. Any more advice? lol.

      1. You’re a blessed man.

      2. Funny thing is you have better things to do IF YOU’RE A KID. Adults have put their time in and deserve the break.

    4. Obvious troll is obvious…

    5. Plenty of people over 25 stream via twitch and earn a paycheck that way.

  8. XBOX, at least for me, was epic for one reason. HALO.

    1. Washed up series that was killed and run over like CoD? Playing Killzone and Resistance in the past has made me sometimes wonder – What is Halo?

      1. “Haters gon’ hate.” I never had a chance to explore all the game titles available for XBOX so pardon my poor taste in gaming. I only played HALO and GOW. I didn’t fancy spending too much time playing video games while in high school or college.

        1. I never understood buying a console for a single game or two but if it works then by all means do it. There is more to gaming than a series with a handful of sequels and little to no change other than maps and weapons. Halo will never explore past what it has been. Even CoD is turning into something somewhat different with Battlefield like destructible terrain.

          1. What about Assassins Creed? I delved into that a little but never enough to enjoy the game.

  9. Is that a crude drawing of the pedobear in the second picture?

    1. knack

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  11. The xbox vs. ps feud is friggin hilarious… Competition is GREAT between companies… And go ahead… Pick your sides… The companies care nothing about you unless you’re paying them…

    1. Unless you’re on here to pledge loyalty and persuade others because one of those companies signs your paycheck.

      1. Lol… Then yes… That is permissable… :-D

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