Sep 18th, 2013

droid maxx developers

You thought the Moto X would be the only Motorola phone getting a developer edition release today? Verizon, an unlikely proponent of developer edition phones as of late, is now accepting activations for the $650 Motorola DROID Maxx Developer Edition phone that just went up on Motorola’s website. So what, exactly, does this give you over the version that you can get under contract?

Well, it has an unlockable bootloader, for starters. Verizon and Motorola confirmed that the normal editions of their latest DROID phones and their Moto X would not get unlockable bootloaders, so if you want an official answer to that problem then this is it.

Unlockable bootloaders allow you to do things like flash custom ROMs, among other things. It’s a developer’s wet dream, though for $650 it might not be that for many others. The only other changes compared to the contract version is the next “Developer Edition” text that’s etched onto the back of it. Go ahead and buy one here if you’re interested, and keep your fingers crossed that this means good things for the development community surrounding this phone.