BlackBerry Messenger coming to Android this Saturday, Sept. 21st! (Do you still care?)



It has been a long story with BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). The messaging service has been rumored and expected to come to Android for a very long time. BBM’s expansion to other mobile operating systems became official about 4 months ago, though, and the wait is almost over!

BlackBerry has just announced the app will be available for Android (and iOS) this weekend! Android will be getting some BBM love starting Saturday, Sept. 21st at 7 AM EDT, a day before iOS gets to access the legendary messaging service.

What is BBM?

Many knew BBM since its very beginnings, but BlackBerry has been going downhill for a while. Chances are many of you don’t even know what it is! BlackBerry Messenger was once considered the very best messaging service in the world. It brought features no other messaging client did.

bbm for androidFor example, one could see when a message was sent, delivered and received (much like services like Kik and WhatsApp do now). The service also prided itself in security, which helped BBM and the whole platform take the enterprise market. BlackBerry was simply unmatched.

BBM has now evolved. It continues to be a great messaging solution with the inclusion of group chats, file exchanging and profile management (profile picture, status message and other details). It uses a personal PIN, so it is also very secure because there is no need to give anyone phone numbers or email addresses.

It is a great messaging service, right? It sounds like… many messaging clients out there.

Do you even care BBM is coming to Android anymore?

Whenever we ask this question we get a variety of answers. Overall, though, we find it hard to believe there is a need for BBM anymore. I would have loved to see it coming to Android 2-3 years ago, but now it seems like it’s “too little too late”. Let’s take a quick look at it first.

We have various alternatives for BBM now. Kik and WhatsApp are just the first that come to mind. “But a lot of my friends have BlackBerries” – I am willing to be those friends are also using services like WhatsApp. Other alternatives have taken over the market since then.

Now this doesn’t mean there is no market for BBM, it just means the app won’t get the same amount of love it would have before. We must remember BlackBerry is still very popular for certain markets, as well as certain countries.

If BBM can get all its users back, it could succeed. It has its following, so we are sure it could have its chances in the industry.

When and how can i get BBM?

BBM for Android will be available on Sept. 21st, as stated above. Blackberry says it will be available from the Google Play Store starting 7 AM EDT. Just wake up Saturday morning and hit the Play Store! Will you be downloading it? Do you think BBM will catch on again?


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  1. Again, two years ago. Would have been slightly more relevant two years ago. RIM’s going down and their own damn fault.

  2. If marketed correctly, it could be a big success. Wouldn’t mind losing my txting plan.

  3. Well it was the 19th then the 20th and now the 21st.. Im not sure itll be a hit for more then a month

  4. What do you mean still care? Never cared in the first place more like.

  5. The last time I seen a person with a Blackberry was 3-4 years ago..

    1. Just seen one earlier today. One of the older ones with the extra tiny keyboard.

  6. I don’t understand why everyone is so against this? It seems like every single post that I’ve followed up on that has any relevance with BBM arriving for android, there is someone or some people continuing to write the same old stupid comment, “not relevant”, “they’re too late”, “I don’t care about bbm”…WE GET IT!! The last 1000 people wrote the same BS comment on the last article about bbm. Just shut your asses up and accept the fact that android was popular enough that blackberry felt that there was a need to offer their services on it. It’s better for android, it furthers development and it could bring a possible million more activation’s to android just because of it. When there is competition the consumer will always win. I’m tired of these idiotic comments all these children continue write. Just shut up!

    1. Because the article title asks “Do you care”. Maybe you should read before going on a rant.

      1. Quite right sir.

    2. Just shut up or answer the articles question? Your rant is an article late. You should of said this on the last article that didn’t ask. Skip along now friend.

    3. I somewhat agree. People are entitled to their opinion and whether they care about BBM….the article does ask us. I personally am looking forward to BBM coming to Android as I have many friends back home (other side of Canada) that will not give up on BlackBerry…I’d like to be back in those circles. I was also a BlackBerry fanatic before I saw the light and used to love BBM. I’ve tried other current messaging apps and feel that BBM still tops them all.
      So, give it a chance if you’ve never tried it. Try not to shun BBM, because it really doesn’t reflect the state that BlackBerry is in. Yes, it’s a little late but it’s great competition and just might convince your stubborn Blackberry buddies that the grass really is greener on this side of the fence…BBM is quite likely the only reason they still use BlackBerry.

    4. You’re in the wrong forum if you’re looking for real unbiased answers. Check other forums like mobile syrup or any other site that doesn’t just specialize in just android. Everyone else is waiting for it compared to here. It’s like night and day (I’ve noticed what you mean too).

    5. Someone lacks reading comprehension skills it seems.

      1. I don’t understand how you can make that claim. You clearly don’t have enough evidence and I didn’t accentuate enough information for you to make that thoughtless and literally useless comment. Douche. Don’t reply back to me.

        1. Well actually yes, yes I do have enough evidence. Your entire comment is proof that you lack reading comprehension. The author asked for everyone’s opinion, you clearly didn’t understand and had a problem with that and went into a mindless almost incoherent rant. Your entire comment was utterly worthless and lacked any substance. Please don’t act so superior, I can comment back if I want and I’ll keep doing it if it pisses you off so much. Scumbag.

    6. You may not be one of those ridiculous RIM supporters with their militant defense of everything BB but you sure are skirting that line. I’ll never understand why they’re so defensive of RIM. They are failing due to their own poor decision making, simple as that.

      BB messenger on Android would have been much more relevant TWO years ago, at least. This is so late in the game many here are just wondering why they’re even bothering to do it now.

      1. First off, you have no clue who the hell I am. Your assertions are completely ridiculous and you have no idea what your brain was thinking at the time of writing this. I have sold more android phones than you can count, I have kept people away from blackberry phones for the past 3 years when they really started to sink. I am by no means a blackberry fan and am offended that you’d say that I was crossing some stupid line that you created in your head. I was simply stating that this is a good thing for android, it validates android’s openness and brings variety into the market. Don’t reply back to me.

        1. “Skirting” the line, not crossing. You may not be one of them, not that you are. Reading.

          Cheers for your back story friend.

    7. We will see if android really needs it. Why would I switch from whatsapp to BBM nobody I know owns a blackberry anymore and most bb owners use WhatsApp these days

  7. Perfect for those that have friends and families in countries like India or the dominican republic where cheap blackberry plans makes it the only smartphone platform available for the majority of the population.

    1. what’s the difference between a blackberry plan, an iPhone plan, and an Android plan? why not just keep your blackberry plan, and remove the sim card and insert it into an android phone… I don’t think the plan matters as long as there is a low cost android phone available.

      1. It used blackberry BIS as middleware for the data connection it may have changed now but before that wouldn’t work

      2. When I had a BlackBerry I had to pay an extra $5 a month for BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service.) Otherwise the phone couldn’t download the required service books so the built in web browser, BBM, and who knows what else would work.

        It’s actually one of the reasons I originally left BlackBerry for Android. It didn’t seem worth an extra $5 a month for such an inferior phone.

    2. Wait, what? That’s an offensive comment. Here in DR Blackberry plans are more expensive than Android / iPhone plans. In fact, Blackberry market share has reduced a lot in the last months. The Galaxy S III and IV are far more popular here.

      1. Well things have changed in a few years. Before blackberry was the only prepaid data plan for about 500 pesos mensuales. Everything else was like 1,200

        1. It’s companies like Samsung who are doing very well in emerging markets with their cheaper versions of popular devices like the Galaxy phones.

  8. I was expecting a Poll for the “Do you still care?” Question…. So that I may click No.

  9. If it’s more secure then I care.

  10. revise title to “did you ever care?”

  11. Nope, don’t care

  12. Who cares. It better be free.

  13. Judging by all the people that downloaded fake versions of it, its clear many do care….despite the peanut gallery of comments indicating otherwise.
    fyi BBM already sends 10 billion text messages a day, it is by far the most engaging messenging platform out there, those who have it love it, now everyone can have it, I hope app store servers are ready for massive downloads upon release.

    1. Wait!! So it’s a text messaging app, like Handcent and Go SMS?

      1. On a BlackBerry it is, or was 3 years ago when I had one. I used it for all my messaging. If whoever I was sending a message to had a BB then it went through BBM, if not it went as a text.

  14. I’m downloading just in case it does catch on, just like we Google+ was announced.

  15. when*

  16. I don’t care. I just use Kik because it’s pretty mainstream. I don’t like how one messenger can’t interact with another messenger because companies aren’t willing to cooperate. I would love to use Hangouts. I like keeping everything in one place.

    Oh well…

  17. on one hand i want to say i could care less…. HOWEVER Almost EVERYONE i know USED to have a blackberry and use BBM like crazy. I could see this taking over as the top cross platform IM honestly. Mostly because familiarity with current users, and there needs to be de facto go to cross platform IM app, whatsapp, kik, and the many others are just not prolific enough. We shall see!

    1. there already is a de facto go to cross-platform IM app. and its called Google Hangouts Messenger.

  18. Yawn… Oh has Blackberry not closed their doors yet? Just give it a little more time and “corpse” will stop twitching.

  19. To answer the question in the article… Nah I don’t care. Never used BBM and I don’t know many who use it.

    1. мy coυѕιɴ ιѕ мαĸιɴɢ $51/нoυr oɴlιɴe. υɴeмployed ғor α coυple oғ yeαrѕ αɴd prevιoυѕ yeαr ѕнe ɢoт α $1З619cнecĸ wιтн oɴlιɴe joв ғor α coυple oғ dαyѕ. ѕee мore αт…­ ­ViewMore——————————————&#46qr&#46net/kAgk

      Again, two years ago. Would have been slightly more relevant two years ago. RIM’s going down and their own damn fault.

  20. I’d rather see an open source cross platform protocol

  21. Why don’t people care? Whatsapp and BBM do the exact same thing. BBM is free but whatsapp charges $0.99 per year. Whatsapp has had scares of unencrypted messages flying around in the internet before they decided to fix that. BBM comes from a long history of proven security on the other hand. I don’t mind dissing on bad stuff, but dissing on BBM is a little uncalled for here friends. In fact, it is most definitely worth a look at.

    1. The “cool” ones dissing BBM probably never tried it. I’m definitely looking forward to it.

    2. We’re not dissing it, we just don’t care. The opportunity has passed.

    3. Google Hangouts Messenger and Whatsapp do the same thing ! Actually Hangouts messenger is MUCH BETTER !

  22. Heck yes, I am always open to a “new” Android app with a trackrecord for being great on another OS.

  23. Should open a vote..
    A. Definitely getting it.
    B. Will get it when it gets more users
    C. Too late. BB should not have bothered!

    My vote is C.

  24. nope.

  25. Ya, for sure, i have a couple friends with berries, and it may be a sweet app. We all should be embracing it really, variety and difference is what sets android apart, download it, try it, and if it’s good, support it, don’t just shun it because it’s “cool” to.

    1. What’s the benefit over anything else out there? why should we be embracing it if it doesn’t provide anything beyond what we already have?

  26. Still know quite a few blackberry users. I look forward to using this when I message them.

  27. I do care about this. My GF has a Z10 and BBM seems quite a bit better than WhatsApp, which most of my contacts use. But WhatsApp is not very secure and sometimes takes its time to deliver the message.

  28. i just want to ask, it is true that tablet (android ver 4+) and iPad (ver 6+) can’t install BBM? it is true? Anyone?

  29. I think the question is not if people care of not that it is coming out on other platforms, the real question is “Does BB have a choice but to source out this and everything else that they have to stay afloat”? You see this would have been a killer app 2 years ago before all the mainstream chat apps that are out now. They would have dominated in this field, this app was so great now it’s just one of many, too little too late IMO.

  30. not good.. gone past 7 EDT and no sign of it on Google Play :o(

    1. agreed noon EDT right now and still nothing on the playstore

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