Sep 12th, 2013

Twitter 5.0 for Android featured

An all new version of Twitter is hitting the Google Play Store for a handful of select beta testers. It was a few weeks back when Twitter — like Snapchat and Facebook — began using the Play Store’s new beta app system. The catch? All you had to do was sign up for their Google group (no longer open), and you’d be on the bleeding edge of everything Twitter (at the cost of the stable releases).

Twitter 5.0 Android

Today, Twitter version 5.0 hit beta testers introducing a completely revamped, more Holo-looking UI. Gone are the tabbed icons from the previous version, replaced by actual words and a few extra tabs. The biggest change comes with the addition of the side-bar menu, accessible by pressing the Twitter bird icon in the top left corner of the screen (it’s not slide-able). It’s there you can actually rearrange the order of your tabs, sliding them around like songs in your Play Music queue.

We were able to give the app the hands-on treatment in a video, where we quickly compare it the current (older) version. For those willing to give the app a whirl, you can download it via the link just after the video.

[Twitter 5.0 Beta download]