Facebook brings auto-playing videos to your News Feed, watch those data caps!


Facebook Android app 1

The Facebook Android app is about to become a little more data intensive. The social network announced today that they’ve already begun testing a new, more dynamic news feed with videos that automagically play as you scroll past them. This is exactly how videos on Instagram and Twitter behave and we suppose it’s Facebook’s way of staying hip with the times.

Keep in mind that auto-playing videos wont have sound, and the new feature can be disabled by the user (pictured below). If you find a video you do like and would like to listen to it, a simple tap on the video will open up the usual video player.

Facebook auto play video

While we’re not sure how much more convenient it is to have videos auto-playing over a simple static timeline, Facebook’s motives become a little more clear after mentioning this new “feature” will soon making its way to ads as well. If you don’t see the auto-playing videos just yet, don’t worry. Facebook says the feature is rolling out over the next few weeks.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. How about we get a short clip of frames from the video? So that we can get a grasp of what the video is about and still keep the data low

    1. Yeah, I like the way Google+ handles videos. It’s just a few frames, to give you a preview. I think that’s the best way to go…

      1. I think having unlimited data is the best way to go.

        1. battery life, crashes, my unlimited doesn’t fix those

  2. Disabled.

  3. Data caps? Tough life! I’m on T-Mobile, I can ACTUALLY USE my smartphone! Solid network here in Ct, New Haven County.

    1. Yeah you need to travel more because you can not make a phone call with T-Mobile here.

      1. How about you sell uour cabin in the woods and live with normal human beings

        1. Because deer make great pets and even better eatin’

          1. Never tried deer, heard its delicious.

          2. It’s meat so it has to be good

      2. Agreed… I just dropped Solavei (a t mobile MVNO) because the service was so bad as soon as you leave a metropolitan area (I am in Baltimore). I got so sick of never having service whenever I would go away from the city. Just switched to ATT go phone for my Nexus 4.

      3. I moved here to get away from douche bag know it all’s like yourself ;) My son has T-mobile because that’s all he can afford. When he comes to visit he borrows my phone. My job requires I get service most anywhere I go. Grow up.

        1. He comments sarcastically on T-Mobile’s limited service availability in his area. In response you:
          – Call him a douche bag know it all
          – Claim that you LITERALLY MOVED because of people “like [yourself]” who offend you in the comment section of Phandroid articles
          – Some other stuff that nobody cares about

          I guess you’re loyal to your carrier at least

          1. Thanks for the recap? Yes. I see you did not get the joke but yes I
            am loyal to a company that has service to all the places I need to
            conduct business. Let me break down for you.

            – T-Mobile is not truly unlimited
            – T-Mobile service is horrible and if he traveled anywhere he would know that
            – He was being a d-bag suggesting I move to where more people are so I could use an inferior service

            The “stuff no one cares about” is the fact you can come to my house
            with your T-Mobile phone and be should not to make a phone call never
            mind data.

          2. Some of us live in urban areas where tmobile is great. Going from verizon 4g of data and saving 50.00 a month on unlimited tmobile is perfect for me.
            Maybe when you , Dorothy and Todo leave Kansas, you can get a signal to T-mo too

    2. I have Verizon unlimited data. Not only can I USE my phone here, but anywhere else I travel too!

  4. I can’t wait to not try this out!

  5. How about implementing Android’s design guidelines. Then I mgiht actually use it.

  6. Sprint/T-Mobile unlimited data! FTW!!!

    1. Still sporting Verizon unlimited ;)

  7. This is idiotic. Auto-play videos? What’s next… flashing banners and MIDI theme songs?

      1. Oh no you didn’t!!!

  8. as apps get more and more advanced. it also consumes more and more data from customers data plan. and for those without unlimited or high GB plans are the only ones that will suffer from overages or not being able to all the features apps have to offer becuz they are constantly monitoring usage on there plan. its sucks badly when u see these kinda things happen with no possible solution beside trying to get unlimited data period. i had to return to an unlimited data plan cuz apps and things like cloud use alot of data to function. ppl need to fight back the carriers to getting them to introduce unlimited data back.

  9. Recent Facebook updates have been really bad. They’ve taken away the ability to attach pictures from anything other than their own really bad gallery app. The gallery app is very insecure and presents another way for people to access areas of your device that they otherwise wouldn’t. They are trying to make an OS out of their App. They should just try to concentrate on making the App better rather than poorly coding in “features” that are fundamentally flawed..

  10. They should enable you to either enable the feature only when connected via WiFi or have it disabled entirely via the app’s settings.

  11. Un-Like!!!

  12. Yes, what a great idea, since this app is already the slowest, laggiest, most unreliable POS on my phone – this is bound to fix it /s

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