Sep 12th, 2013

Facebook Android app 1

The Facebook Android app is about to become a little more data intensive. The social network announced today that they’ve already begun testing a new, more dynamic news feed with videos that automagically play as you scroll past them. This is exactly how videos on Instagram and Twitter behave and we suppose it’s Facebook’s way of staying hip with the times.

Keep in mind that auto-playing videos wont have sound, and the new feature can be disabled by the user (pictured below). If you find a video you do like and would like to listen to it, a simple tap on the video will open up the usual video player.

Facebook auto play video

While we’re not sure how much more convenient it is to have videos auto-playing over a simple static timeline, Facebook’s motives become a little more clear after mentioning this new “feature” will soon making its way to ads as well. If you don’t see the auto-playing videos just yet, don’t worry. Facebook says the feature is rolling out over the next few weeks.