Sep 12th, 2013

HTC One Gold color

The HTC One is no stranger to color. Originally launching in standard silver or black aluminum color options, it was only a few weeks after its initial release that leaks of the device in red and blue varieties began popping up around the net. Of course, we know today that those leaks turned out to be accurate with the HTC One in blue being sold exclusively in Best Buy stores, while the red remains exclusive to Sprint.

With this week’s iPhone 5S announcement, we watched as Apple introduced the device in an all new color option: gold. It’s not a bad color by any means, in fact I personally know of a few friends that will be picking one up (despite my best efforts to lead them towards better, more capable Android options). Guess they’re just not thinking straight with all that bling staring at them in the face.

Now it appears HTC could be looking to bank on this new color as well, with a champagne gold HTC One housing leaking out on the net. Still, we’re leery on the legitimacy of this leak, only because it’s not a fully assembled model but other than that, seems legit. At first glance it looks like nothing more than yellow lighting from the room, but in the middle image, you can see darker hues of gold on the inside of the housing. Certainly wouldn’t be a bad color for the HTC One and one that’s sure to become more popular once the iPhone 5S arrives on the scene.

What do you guys think? Love it/hate it?


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