Watch Texas Gov. Rick Perry throw an iPhone in this video tour of the Moto X production plant


Motorola’s “made-in-America” proposition has been very interesting ever since the company announced that all Moto X handsets would be assembled here in the United States. They do that at the Fort Worth, TX plant that added over 2,000 new jobs to the area. We’d already gotten a sneak peak inside the plant through some nice Google Maps Street View trickery, and now we’ve gotten full-on video of what goes on inside.

motorola moto x plant

The deed was done by Engadget, who was on hand for the special visit by Google chairman Eric Schmidt and Texas governor Rick Perry. In the video, you’ll hear CEO Dennis Woodside comment on why they aren’t worried about the Moto X costing a few dollars more to produce in the United States as opposed to overseas (where labor is cheaper and there is no burden for maintaining a facility of their own):

“It does cost a little bit more to make the product here, but not so much more that it changes the overall economics. And we think over time we’ll recoup that investment, because we’ll be able to improve the productivity of the plant much faster, and also improve our designs much faster.”

Also noted is the importance of the plant’s location, which is fixated within the heart of a major shipping hub. It’s that strategic placement (among other things) that helps Motorola turn device shipments around in less than a week.

Watch the video at the source link, and stay tuned past the conclusion to see a video of Rick Perry tossing an iPhone to the ground upon being presented with a Moto X  by Dennis Woodside.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Lol Perry realized he came into the wrong neighborhood as soon as they mentioned that he had an iPhone. Smart move on his part.

    1. He’ll now have to make sure he is seen carrying Motorola phones for the remainder of his time in office. If not, there are sure to be headlines!

  2. Perry sucks

    1. says the person with the apple logo. i know you’re gonna get up again, but get knocked down.

    2. I guess you are a big fan of shipping jobs overseas as well so you can have your fruit? States would kill for that plant and the jobs it brings with it.

    3. Enjoy your ‘Made in China’ FoxConn phone

      1. Aren’t these parts made in china? Just assembled here.

  3. Smart move by Perry but still don’t like him.

  4. Rick Perry is a A**hole ! He has the brains of a earthworm!

    1. But he is richer that most of us here.. Must be nice to have the brains of “an” earthworm then.

      1. So him being rich makes him better than you! I was just wondering is that how you equate your value! until he can remember the 3 branches of government, then he dumber than a earthworm!

        1. Ok, you know the 3 branches of Gov.. So what now, he drives a Ferrari and you drive an old Honda Civic. He has mansions and you rent..

          I tell you, you might be better than him since you remember all your 3 branches of Govt but reality speaks..Are you well off???? What have you done to improve your life?

          I am not Pro-Perry but I am more likely not a Pro-Hater.

          1. Nice assumption, I really can’t make you believe I’m more well off than you believe. But I done very well for myself! I own my own business, I work for Ford Motor comapany, so I don’t drive foreign cars and neither should Perry since Ford is the Texas truck of the year, 34 out of the last 35 years, so that would be bad for his business since he so smart and rich! So you should stop trying to protect a Gov who wouldn’t know you from a whole in the wall much less cares about your or my view of him. And leave me to my opinion! Remember no one ask you for your comment!

          2. If you did not want your opinions to be commented, why did you post publicly?

    2. You don’t have to like his views/politics. But he got the job done by bringing phone manufacturing jobs to America. Apple: the ball is now in your court.

    3. Well he is governor of one of the most successful states for quiet some time now…. You may not agree with him %100 like I do but you gotta admit he is doing a much better job than his peers….

      1. that is very subjective

        1. oh okay, i wasn’t sure…


          glad we are all clear on where jobs are going and which state is moving UP :)

          and yes that is 7 out of the top 10…. 4 of them taking the 1,2,3, and 4 spots

  5. Motorola makes some good phones, but I just can’t get past that PenTile display. Sorry Moto get some IPS and dump the PenTile junk.

    1. Well the good news for you is the Moto X is %100 RGB! SMH

      1. “Good news everyone”

        Friggin’ new phandroid author got that stuck in my head from his article. LoL!!

    2. The moto x uses an rgb oled screen….

    3. I’m just sorry I can downvote you only once for such an ignorant comment

    4. Well since their screen is the exact opposite that you mentioned you should be happy with one….. Try actually researching or seeing one in person before making such an ignorant statement

    5. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMOLED Huh, funny everyone says AMOLED which is a PenTile family, gosh maybe I read the wrong reviews, but I don’t think so.
      So now all the down votes should be changed to a up vote, RIGHT?
      Maybe if kids understood technology better instead of down vote buttons.

    6. Dude, the Moto x does NOT have a pentile display! Where have you been! Just bc a phone is oled, does NOT mean it’s pentile!

    7. Wrong. Moto X does not use Pen Tile. The Samsung S4 does though.

  6. I love how he tossed his old phone! Priceless!

    1. мy coυѕιɴ ιѕ мαĸιɴɢ $51/нoυr oɴlιɴe. υɴeмployed ғor α coυple oғ yeαrѕ αɴd prevιoυѕ yeαr ѕнe ɢoт α $1З619cнecĸ wιтн oɴlιɴe joв ғor α coυple oғ dαyѕ. ѕee мore αт…­ ­ViewMore——————————————&#46qr&#46net/kAgk

      Lol Perry realized he came into the wrong neighborhood as soon as they mentioned that he had an iPhone. Smart move on his part.

  7. DFW is the happiest city/area in the US right now.

    With it being the corporate playground it is here. This is where innovation is going to come from. Products made and designed in Texas, Software designed and implemented in Austin.

    Texas is too big to ignore.

    1. Going to work for national instruments in Austin myself come January . this statement couldn’t be more true…… I wish Texas got to run things for the us lol

      1. Moved from Chicago 2.5 years ago to DFW. Never going back.

        TX is way ahead of Chicago in terms of innovation and fun. Its like living in California without the hippies. Well, our hippies have jobs.

        1. Yup lol…. I was born and raised in dfw (flower mound) went to OU for my degree in engineering and can’t wait to move back to Texas to use my degree!

        2. I still live in Chicagoland and dream of paying zero state income tax just about everyday of my life.

          1. This is the “Merican promised land.

            Now its multicultural and generally very friendly. They cannot drive worth a darn though down here. Rain scares them deeply.

          2. LoL!! Don’t talk about us. Even though mofos here can’t drive.

          3. omg the sleet! the sky is freezing and falling at the same time! drive like its the appocolypse

  8. Would like to buy one but i will no longer settle for a plastic phone, non 1080p screen, or the lack of stereo speakers on the front.

    1. Someone is indirectly saying they like the HTC One.

  9. Rick is gäy just like android

    1. You’re an idiot, Phakeman.

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