Sep 12th, 2013

LG Nexus 5 FCC

With mounting evidence that LG will be the ones to create the next Nexus phone, and with the device already said to be in the hands of the FCC, you had to expect that more would be on the way. A possible shot of the handset has been spotted in new photos from the airwave-regulating folks. This pictures comes with a request for a modification in radios for Verizon’s version of the LG G2, though we know that’s definitely not an LG G2.

So what’s going on here? Well, there are two things that could be true:

  1. This is a Nexus 5, and LG paid someone at the FCC a lot of money to list it as an LG G2, or…
  2. This is an LG G2 disguised in a generic chassis, and LG really did need to submit a last minute change to Verizon’s variant of the device.
  3. Someone just plain screwed up.

That last one is a lot more likely, as any changes that were made to the LG G2 are likely already done as Verizon’s version of the device is available as of this morning. There’s no telling what the truth really is, but we’re getting awfully close to the fall months, which is when Google tends to unleash the latest Nexus handset.

Let’s imagine if this actually were a Nexus device, though — what can we take from these photos? Well, for starters, you might notice a slit at the top of it. While we’d love for that thing to be an ultra cool fingerprint scanner or some sort of pico projector, it’s more likely that this is just a point of entry for the FCC folks to gain easy access to the device’s internals.

Other than that, the device looks pretty standard. There’s a camera on the front and back. The buttons for power and volume sit on the side (as opposed to the back, ala the G2), and it has a nice big display. It’ll take a bit more digging to see if this really is the Nexus phone we’re all waiting for Google and LG to bless us with later this year.

[via PhoneScoop | Image via @evleaks (Thanks, Vanakatherock!)]

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