Aug 15th, 2013

HTC One Red --NextRadio8-9-2013

Sprint has just announced that they would be carrying the HTC One in red, an exclusive color for the Now Network. It’ll be the same 4.7-inch, Snapdragon 600, 1080p device that folks have been enjoying for a couple of months now, except it’ll be red and sizzling hot. It’ll head to Sprint’s airwaves beginning tomorrow for $200 following a new two-year contract agreement.

It’s quite strange that Verizon wouldn’t be in line to carry the HTC One in the very color they’re famous for, but perhaps we should worry about Verizon actually releasing the device period.

Alongside that, Sprint has announced NextRadio support for the HTC One and HTC EVO 4G LTE, an application that’ll make it easy for users to jump onto the FM radio waves to listen to their local stations with very little battery drain.

It’s not as flexible as an internet-based radio station, but it doesn’t take up nearly as much battery life or data. The app provides more than just a way to dial-in to the exact station you want. You can also do the following:

  • Browse stations in their local area by genre or frequency, set favorites, view recently played stations or use a traditional tuner interface
  • Call or text the radio shows they love, providing the ability to send instant feedback to the station whenever and virtually wherever they are listening
  • Watch music and talk come to life with album art, station logos, song and show details, and instant actions like sharing or purchasing songs right from their phone

We’re not sure if Sprint will be looking to bring NextRadio to more of their devices in the future, but I imagine that relies on more OEMs being willing to stuff FM radios into their handsets. In any case, it’s exciting news regardless, and no one can be mad at having too many options. Anyone looking to scoop one up beginning tomorrow?

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