Leaked Android 4.3 build arrives for AT&T HTC One, now available as a flashable zip


HTC One Double Dip Flip case DSC09947

Back towards the tail-end of last month, we saw a leaked build from HTC’s version of Android 4.3 (build 3.09.401.1) arrive for the HTC One international version. The ROM was quickly snatched up by ROM developers and made into a flashable zip for rooted users. You may remember a few weeks back when HTC’s president of global sales announced via Twitter that the company was hard at work on delivering Android 4.3 — skipping past Android 4.2.2 in the states — before the end of September.

Here we are almost smack dab in the middle of September, and the clock is ticking down. Looks like HTC is just about ready to drop Android 4.3 here in the US, if this latest leaked build is any indication. Late last night, RootzWiki dev “birdman” dropped a new build (3.10.502.2) in their forum, this time for the AT&T version of the HTC One. The build is available in both RUU, and flashable zip form, just keep in mind that it doesn’t include root. Keep in mind the developer is warning that updating via RUU will update your hboot and prevent s-off using revone/moonshine. Proceed with caution.


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  1. ANd I just put international 4.3 ROM LITERALLY moments ago in my internal storage to flash later… Well I’ll wait til the ARHD version releases

  2. hTC One X needs some love too…..

    1. Htc one x is past its 18 month upgrade period but I hope it gets it too because there is basically a 100% guarantee that it will not see android 4.4 kitkat

    2. I’m sure it’ll happen. No reason it shouldn’t, but you can expect that to be the last update, depending on how big of an update 4.4 is from 4.3.

  3. hopefully T-Mobile usa is on the same path

  4. DNA was supposed to get an upgrade too. Stupid verizon

    1. I’m sure it will……. next year. O_o

      1. That isn’t funny…

  5. The one x will get 4.3 but not sure after that. If it makes anyone feel any better the s3 in Canada is stuck on 4.1.1 lol. I’m actually surprised Htc is getting this 4.3 out faster than Samsung.

  6. Good. Once 4.3 comes to Tmo, I’ll get that. I want my WiFi calling. I don’t care about using my PS3 controller on my phone anymore. Though I will miss using Sinless ROM. I just like the name. LoL!!

    I shall become… Sinless.

  7. nice i like that. i’m already using sense 4.3 one. i wonder if we gonna see sense 5.5 soon. also anyone knows what type of case is in that pic?

    1. The double dip flip. I love it because I can prop it up for videos, but it doesn’t really protect it from drops at all.

  8. Looks like a themer by the name of Onepagebook has an even newer build (3.17.xxxxxx). Wouldn’t surprise me if that ends up being the OTA.

    I’m actually running the stock rooted 3.10 leak and it is smooth.

    1. Oh nice. Was thinking about flashing tonight. Been running stock GPe 4.3 with no issues. How’s the battery life on Sense Android 4.3?

      1. It was pretty stellar on the previous International leak. I’m hoping it’ll be the same with this one.

  9. And yet the vzw one can’t get root :/

  10. How I would love for this to come to the EVO LTE….

  11. Looks like a Viper rom Onepagebook is running. As the colored clock that is centered. And the left icon changed.
    Think team venom got there hands on the 3.17 build and are testrunning it ^^

  12. Ill wait for the official release of 4.3 on my T-mo ONE, only a couple of weeks off now.

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