Nexus 5 concept looks good enough to be the real thing


Nexus 5 concept

While we don’t know exactly what the Nexus 5 will look like, Reddit user Vovicon is giving us his best guess on what the device might look like when it’s finally announced later this year. Taking into account a few of the dimensions and shapes from yesterday’s big FCC leak — and what we’ve seen from the device in Google’s now pulled KitKat video — I’d say he did a bang up job.

Note that with a diagonal size of 145.7mm and the screen taking up 126mm of that, we think the bezels might be even smaller along the top and bottom. In any case, we’re expecting a new Nexus device slightly smaller than the current Nexus 4 (which has a diagonal measurement of 150.5mm total) only with a lot less bezel. Sign. Me. Up.


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Very Nice, clean and Elegant. I like it!

  2. Its nice, but hoping that the version we saw in the leak is not the final product. I would like them to keep the glass look.

    1. All I have to say: ARE YOU CRAZY?!?

      1. Not at all, I have the Nexus 4, had it for months with no damages what so ever because I know how to take care of my phones. I love glass phones, and there is nothing wrong with that.

        1. No protection whatsoever?

          1. None

          2. God bless you sir.

          3. Insert an “I too like to live life dangerously” meme here.

          4. lol, I said the rendering looks nice, while I wouldn’t mind it…but the main reasons why I bought the Nexus 4 was because of the glass and development.

          5. I agree, I like the glass look as well but I wonder if it affects wifi signal? My GS2 was obviously plastic and had great wifi coverage in my backyard while my Nexus 4 gets only 1 bar back there. My daughter’s glass iPhone is the same1 bar and my wife’s GS2 is still full bars.

        2. I always use a case(just in case), (cross my fingers) have never broken a phone, screen or anything, but the ridiculous glass back is asinine, just eye candy. Seriously, it is just asking for trouble.

          1. I completely agree, and would understand for their choice to change that if they inclined to.

        3. I’m like Edward except I don’t care for the look. I do prefer the harder feel of the glass compared to the soft plastic of my old GNex. I havent cracked mine yet, knocking on wood. I’ve had an N4 since Jan.

    2. You’re not alone dude. I enjoy the glass back on my Nexus 4 and Xperia Z Ultra. It just feels really nice.

      1. Glad to hear I am not alone. Well, I just sold my N4 so its either the N5 or the OPPO N1….which will win

        1. I probably wouldn’t bother with a Nexus 5 but my lady broke her phone so she’s using the Nexus 4 now, which means Nexus 5 for me! I do love that Nexus 4 though. First Nexus I got and it’s just a great device.

          Oppo is doing some cool things, I’m glad to see so many OEMs getting it right these days.

  3. i’m 99.99% sure i’m going to drop VZW to get this phone.. i’m sad for a 2300mah battery though, if the FCC filings are indeed for the Nexus 5

    1. What are the chances that 2300 mah battery will be more than enough battery life because of enhancements and tweaks in usage and efficiency?

      1. I suppose its possible, but i’d definitely rather have a slightly thicker phone with a larger battery (or removable).

        1. Is the battery not going to be removable?

          1. No removable battery according to FCC docs. Sucks.

          2. And how does that make you feel?

          3. Sad, but understanding…

          4. We’ll make it through.

          5. I think I just may have to get that power supply to keep in my bag though! I often do trade the batt in my GNex.

          6. Why does everyone fuss about the battery life. I wish I had 2,3000 mah battery. I’m on Galaxy nexus :-(

          7. I’m really okay with the amount , but a little more is always nice. I also have the GNex and survive daily with the 1750mah batteries we have, mainly because I use it for tethering to my N7 or things I just want to check quickly.

      2. Could happen though most of my battery usage is on the screen which can’t really be improved via software enhancements in most cases.

        1. It can be improved by better screen technology and removing stupidity from the equation by leaving out 140 unnecessary ppi(see 1080p vs 720p for this phone).

        2. most of the battery usage is probably from the processor. Yes screen takes up 50% of the battery after being on for 5 hours, but the another 40% is being taking up by your CPU being active in the foreground for 40 minutes. The newer processors are are definitely helping in efficiency.

      3. non removable 2300 mah? dream on

    2. I thought the nexus 5 is based off the LG G2 which has a 3000 mAh. Maybe they slimmed it down. I guess we’ll find out in in the next 2 month or so.

  4. Is it possible to still release concepts at this point in time since Google already accidentally confirmed what the Nexus 5 may look like and FCC documents have been obtained. All the same, a nice concept. Dat bezel though… I hope it’s a lil bit smaller.

    1. Definitely less bezel, since they just took the N4 and stretched it to make this pic.

  5. Darn shame that VZW customers won’t have the opportunity to enjoy this upcoming behemoth.

  6. I was just about to bite on the Sprint LG G2, then I saw the FCC filing. I just don’t know why it supports CDMA all of a sudden…I just hope that this means Sprint is on-board with updates(obviously VZW isn’t, and are you really surprised?), or else it will be the toroplus all over again…..

    1. I believe it does, or it may be to use services like cricket and Net10. Otherwise, there would have to be two phones made.

    2. sprint supports Google. they don’t block tethering or Google wallet. why not give us nexus love. still rocking my toroplus

  7. i may opt for this… I mean the price is going to be right, its has the bigger screen that I want an updates from Google… My One may have to go on eBay, its been real.

  8. There appears to be no glass on the back. This should make Chris happy!

    1. he’ll still complain. lol

        1. y u do dis cris?

          1. do u evn lif? lul

      1. “Ugh, they replaced the premium feel of the glass with cheap plastic.”

  9. This is so sexy looking

    1. Less this and more the leaked vid pic.

  10. I love it!!!!!

  11. any idea what the screen resolution and brightness is?

    1. Coming soon, hopefully, but I can’t see myself not getting this, either way.

  12. Take my effing money! I have a nearly 2 year old Samsung Exhibit II that’s slow as freaking molasses, let’s get this show on the road, really, I’m suffering over here!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I was 100% in on the G2 until this little gem of a leak happened. Now, I’m between making a planned purchase and waiting. I’ve never been so conflicted.

    1. If the G1 is any indicator wait. The LG software is horrible but the hardware, combined with AOSP, is stellar.

      1. More like, If any LG software is an indicator…

      2. What is exactly horrible about it? It doesn’t lag and looks nicer than Touchwiz.

        1. Compared to mine it did. They way they also did some things were counter intuitive. Saying better than touchwiz is like saying better than herpes.

          1. Well when was the last time you used an LG phone? They’ve come a long way since GB and with every phone i’ve tried i’ve seen no lag, same for every review video. And lol @ the herpes comment, i liked that.

          2. The first gen options G I referenced above. And many reviewers agreed with me, great hardware set back by poor software. Take the software of and you have the best nexus yet.

          3. Oh when you referred to it as the G1 I was confused because I’ve never seen it referred to as such. Though I can’t recall seeing many users or reviewers complain about the software, at least not when it comes to performance.

  14. I hope they actually put LTE in it this time. I would assume they would, but I would have assumed that last time too. Now it just needs to come to Verizon.

    1. If the FFC docs are in fact of this phone it will have official LTE support for Tmo, ATT, and Sprint here in the States. Also has support for Sprint CDMA bands. http://anandtech.com/show/7283/potential-nexus-5-fcc-disclosure-reappears-lgd820

      1. What about Verizon? I’m not too familiar with reading these FFC docs.

        1. No Verizon support according to the doc.

          1. Ouch, that’s killing me. I’m grandfathered into their unlimited plan and would rather not leave, but I’m getting tired of their lack of Nexus devices.

          2. I, too am have grandfathered unlimited, but I’m leaving on soon as my contract is up in December. No more overpriced service and ridiculously delayed firmware updates for me. What do think the chances are the Verizon GNex will get the Android 4.3 update before my contract expires (not to mention 4.4)?

          3. Yeah, I have an employer discount on my plan, so I pay $65/month for unlimited data, 450 minutes, and 1000 texts, which isn’t awful, since I don’t need more than that. I still think it’s a bit overpriced, but supposedly it’s the fastest with the best coverage. I haven’t researched that recently though.

            I thought the Nexus phones get the firmware updates immediately? Isn’t that one of the main selling points for the Nexus line?

          4. The Verizon Nexus devices get delayed updates or never get updates, that’s what he means. Nexus everywhere else you get immediate updates. Join us, we’ll have Kit Kats.

          5. Nexus does but if it has to pass through The Big V’s airwaves el Goog has to get approved

          6. Updates for the Verizon GNex are delayed by Verizon for months.

            I also have an employer discount, but not as good as what you have.

          7. Its not like its ever a true Nexus Verizon won’t get the updates till after the gsm nexus anyways

          8. Verizon doesn’t deserve a Nexus

  15. The render speaks a thousand words.

    1. I just see “Nexus”


  16. 4.8mm smaller? Pass!

    1. In body dimensions, while the screen is 6.6mm diagonally longer.

      1. Yeah. I tried to edit my post to say I was joking but I screwed it up. I’m so fat and stupid.

      2. So it’s 16:9? I thought the Nexus 4 was 16:10 and I liked that. I like it sort of wide like that.

        1. We’ll have to wait and see. I imagine they did change the screen ratio, though, since they lowed the width and there was very little side bezel on the N4.

      3. My bad. I was only kidding around, somewhat mocking the people who are constantly writing that they are going to pass on a phone with Rumored specs, or because it doesn’t have a 128 gig hard drive.

  17. Is that a HTC one x camera hump I see that people disliked when it came out

    1. In case you’re unaware, the render is not real to life, as is seen in the leak video.

      1. Aye I know what a leak is, I’m jus sayn That because if it is I want to see the same criticism, I don’t want people prasing what they didn’t like at first just because this is a nexus

        1. That is what I’m saying. This is not the leak; the leak didn’t have a bump camera lens. It was flush with the device, think Nexus 7.2.

          1. O ok I see what you saying now, my fault

  18. Have we FINALLY hit a point where you can keep an Android phone for 2 years or longer and still be okay?

    1. On this website, no. There are some very strange people frequenting here who get new phones every few months.

      1. HAHA!

      2. My ears are itching…

    2. I’m still loving my Gnex, personally, but it is technically less than a year since I got it. G2x for 16 months prior to that. Everybody wants the next item. When I get the N5, that will be my stop for a while though, I believe, due to support. Can’t believe I’m returning to LG, but it’s a less breakable Nexus…

      1. I’ve really loved my Nexus 4. As they make Android more streamlined and efficient it might have even got a bit faster. I could easily see this phone running the next few iterations of Android quite well. As a result I am not sure if I will be upgrading soon (despite being one of those gadget nerds).

        1. I was going to jump on the amazing price N4, but wanted to verify the next Nexus wasn’t going be a behemoth or easily break before doing so. I guess I will miss out on it, unless they make further changes to the N5 that make it less desirable, but the leaked pics look like a finished product, matching the N7.2.

    3. We were at that point a while ago. I know people still happily rocking HTC Evos (June 2010). The phone does 90% of what my 2013 model phone does (and that last 10% is fluff save for Google Now). My mom loves her cheapie that is the equivalent of my old Hero, its amazing compared to what she came from.

      Its just us gadget nerds that cant.

      1. The OG Evo, can do the deeds that the 2013 phones can save for battery life, camera quality, battery life, LTE, battery life, and that lag

        1. The OG Evo can do miracles worth of battery life on 2.3.7…Which is is the most effective build ever made on Cyanogenmod for the Evo 4G IMO…Stock battery was pushing to about more then 25+ hours with minimal use. I managed to push to 36 hours if i had the phone connecting to Wifi points. Average use put me at 16 hours….heavy use put me at 8-9 hours..Cyanogenmod did wonders for that phone and messing with Kernal voltages got me to about 36 hours. the evo 4g was one helluva well built phone so as long as you removed any trace of sense and went purely AOSP. you can work any android phone if its got proper development behind it. I must stress the phones we use nowadays have horrid ways of displacing the heat. My Evo 4G would never heat and I think the reason was because that phone properly moved heat along the whole phone and because toward the beginning of release Sprint Signals were excellent. I could have effectively charged it and run video thru its hdmi port with out the phone losing charge because of heat issues. I had been using my evo 4g up till last year of Sept 2012 and wasnt planning on changing till it submerged underwater. …I have an extra evo 4g that I’m going back to and putting my Sprint Gnex to the side. Currently Sprints 4g LTE deployment where im at is slow and 3g is horrendous on my GNex and causing massive drains of battery even with a 3800mah battery……So old faithful will do me well till her Wimax is decommissioned.

          1. we had different mileage then. Don’t get me wrong, i loved my evo when i first got it. But the lag is evident when using a newer phone side by side. I too had CM on that bad boy. Unfortunately i never received anywhere near 24 hours unless i had the phone in airplane mode. I also NEVER turned on 4g because it would take so long to connect and the wimax speeds dropped from about 12 mbps down to 1.5 mbps in a little over one year.

            If i took my phone off charger at 7am my phone would be in the red at 7-8 pm when i got home from work, if i didnt charge it. I replaced the battery and it helped but still wasnt anything compared to what i can get now on a stock device. (I was pulling 17-20 hours on the Evo LTE unrooted 3g only on the same netowrk/commute). I hate carrying around 2 batteries, and i loved the feel of Evo without a case so i didnt want an extended juice pack either. I just had to make sure i was at full charge before i left work if i was going out.

            Again I loved my old Evo and it was a huge step up from the Palm Pre i had before. Maybe I just had bad luck, or my settings werent tweaked enough, but i was definitely clamoring for a new phone through out the 2nd year of my contract. And my experience with the Evo LTE rocked the socks of the original Evo. I eventually gave that up for a Nexus 4 and jumped ship to T-mobile. Their network is far superior here in NY for my needs and my bill is cheaper.

    4. Only if you have a Nexus device. They get OS updates for approximately 2+ years. All other Android phones… YMMV!

      1. Exactly. It’s irksome that while the carriers (except T-Mo) force us into 2 year contracts, the manufacturers usually don’t support their phones for 2 years. Nexus on either T-Mo or pre-paid is really the only way to go right now.

      2. Not ONLY if you have a Nexus, but also if you have a popular enough device that is supported by CyanogenMod. CM still breathes life into my 3-year-old SGS1 (Captivate).

      3. Actually, 18 months is what OEM’s have said.

    5. I think so

    6. Honestly I think we hit that last year with the One X/SGS3. Both those runs still run great and they have been out for 16 months already.

  19. How did we end up with “a new Nexus device slightly smaller than the current 4,” when it looks like an outright phablet next to the Nexus 4 in that video?

    1. perspective man just think about it

      1. I saw the video. And the man holding the device that these renders are based on was standing right next to a woman holding a Nexus 4, and the device was CLEARLY larger than the 4.

        1. Perhaps the dude had really small hands. Brain Games has shown some crazy illusions with regard to size and perspective.

        2. Depth of field. He was next to her but he was closer to the camera lens so it appeared larger than the Nexus 4.

  20. Why is the Nexus logo the wrong orientation on the back?

    I saw the leak, so I know it’s accurate. That still doesn’t answer the question, though… why?

    1. its just like the Nexus 7 (2013).. must be a new thing…

    2. Its a render….stop being so picky!

      1. It’s a render based on the leak of the real device.

      2. мy coυѕιɴ ιѕ мαĸιɴɢ $51/нoυr oɴlιɴe. υɴeмployed ғor α coυple oғ yeαrѕ αɴd prevιoυѕ yeαr ѕнe ɢoт α $1З619cнecĸ wιтн oɴlιɴe joв ғor α coυple oғ dαyѕ. ѕee мore αт….­ ­ViewMore——————————————&#46qr&#46net/kAgk

        Darn shame that VZW customers won’t have the opportunity to enjoy this upcoming behemoth.

    3. The orientation is not wrong. It’s the same as on Nexus 7 (2013).

      1. This is not a tablet. It Makes Sense on a tab because tabs you hold it in landscape, Phones you hold in portrait mode. Need I also say that phones home ui don’t have landscape modes unless you utilize 3rd party apps

        1. I doesn’t really matter if it’s not a tablet. You take a picture in landscape (mostly), you record a video in landscape, watch photos, videos. Even my last phone (now 2-year-old) Xperia Mini Pro had a writing in landscape on it’s back.

          1. But again this is not a camera, its a phone which majority of the time will be held in landscape mode.

          2. Its does matter because it doesn’t make sense.

    4. i think it’s because when u take pictures/video in landscape (the way ur supposed to) the branding will be clear to anyone watching…i think that it’s actually a good harbinger that google REALLY focused on the camera this go around!

      p.s. i really really really hate seeing pictures/videos in portrait…irks me to all hell lol

      1. Say NO! to vertical videos: http://youtu.be/Bt9zSfinwFA

      2. I understand not taking videos in portrait because that’s just wrong, but what’s wrong with pictures in portrait mode?

        1. It can be annoying when exporting it to a laptop or desktop(assuming horizontal screens on desktop). You either end up with a picture you have to scroll on or one that is too small to see details. If it stays on a phone/tablet though its fine as screen orientation can be changed easily, printing isn’t too bad but I haven’t printed a picture in a long while.

          Either way it isn’t the disaster vertical video is, its just less convenient compared to horizontal.

          1. Oh ok i understand.

    5. I dislike it too the logo is way too prominent scale it down and remove it. I like when people ask me what phone do you have.

  21. Just my opinion but, why the big logo? It would be better if it were just an “X” rather than the entire word. Yes, I’m aware that this may lead to some confusion with the Moto X. But “less is more.”

    1. I like the big nexus actually

    2. I like it too @toomuchgame441:disqus. I also like that it promotes the Nexus brand, which in the longrun I’m hoping will stick it to the carriers, well the big ones.

  22. @ChrisChavez How’s the keypad on your HTC One working out for you? Can you easily type on it, access on screen apps and notification drawer with one hand?

    1. Yeah, but just barely (and I have big hands). It wouldn’t be as bad without the bezel and speakers getting in the way. I’m thinking a 5-inch device with no bezel will fit perfectly :)

      1. The whole 3 button issue and bezel would be solved with on-screen keys

      2. Hello, “Chris Chavez”.

  23. Smaller hardware but bigger screen? HELL YES! Google, take my money!!

    1. Shut up

      1. Yesbama

      2. You*

    2. We need a little bit of bezels for side tweaks.

    3. iPhone 5 features a bigger screen and smaller hardware compared to the 4S but because it’s Apple you botgoats get mad and can’t accept it’s the best.

      When it’s google you all do a 180 and call it great. hahaha got to love the botgoats.

      1. The iPhone 5 is most definitely larger than the 4S…….

  24. LG G2 vs New Nexus (4or5) Cons and Pro.

  25. I hope they offer a 64gb Nexus 5, the best news is the new Nexus can run on Sprint cdma and their LTE.

  26. I was one of those guys that bought nothing but a Nexus device. As of late I have gotten pretty sick and tired of their lousy hardware and complete lack of internal storage. They take away the sd-card support, OK I can live with that but give your dedicated customers some interior storage to work with. Then the lousy ass camera they put in their phones, they just suck. I have lost complete faith in Nexus as a phone. The only thing going for the Nexus is the updates. With the movement of the Android OS I can wait a little while for the next few updates, I would rather spend my money on great hardware and if I have to flash my own software then so be it. To be very honest there hasn’t been much changes added to the last few updates, My last few devices I have left completely stock and maybe just change up on the launcher. If the Nexus 5 comes out and they give us some int memory and a descent camera then I wouldn’t hesitate to jump on one but they haven’t impressed me at all. Come on Nexus, I was hoping that Motorola and Google would build us one bad ass phone to be proud to carry, time will answer that. The bottom line is Google doesn’t care about the hardware at all, I think that will always be their reason not to build that great phone.

  27. looks like crap

    1. Da hell you talkin ’bout?

  28. Hmmmmmmm….really supercool concept and am dam sure with it most of the gadget lovers will love it

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