Moto X bootloader unlock now available for Sprint, US Cellular, and other versions


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As you saw in our announcement post, the Sprint and US Cellular versions of the Motorola Moto X officially went on sale today. Even though both customers on both these carriers are a little late to Motorola’s flagship party (T-Mobile version is still coming soon), they’re the first to enjoy the benefits that come with having a fully unlockable bootloader.

True to their word, Motorola has provided the bootloader unlock method for the Sprint Moto X via their site. You’ll also find the inclusion of Canadian and Latin American Moto Xs as well. The official tool gives users the option to unlock the software on their X’s and root, install 3rd party ROMS, or just generally tinker around with their device’s software in fun ways. Of course, this comes at a cost. It always does. Unlocking your bootloader will effectively void the warranty on your Moto X, so exercise caution. Either way, it’s nice of Motorola to provided their customers with options.

Moto X bootloader unlock availability chart

As for Verizon and AT&T Moto X’s, those will remain locked. Because Motorola’s hands are largely tied in those situations, Moto X Developer Editions supporting those networks are promised in the future but still MIA (as is the T-Mobile version). Motorola reminds us to check their bootloader unlock page often, as the aforementioned models will be added at some point in the future. We’ll keep you posted.


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  1. The moto x runs such a near vanilla android experience. Root and unlocked boot loader really not that big of a deal to me. I know some apps folks like to run require root. But I am very pleased with the stock moto x experience so far. I will not be rooting this phone. I have rooted an og droid, eris, incredible, galaxy nexus and note 2. The x by far has been the smoothest phone in its stock condition

    1. I just have a couple apps that I could probably live without that require root. If I wound up with this phone I imagine I’d leave it alone too.

    2. The phone my be vanilla but if you owned the galaxy nexus on vzw, you know why you want an unlocked bootloader on a device like this.UPDATES! The vzw gnex isnt on 4.3 and it’s a nexus device

    3. Bootloader isn’t as big of a deal because of how stock it is but I need root. I can’t run Titanium Backup, Helium Sync between my devices, tasker as a system app so that I don’t need to have the persistent notification, etc…

      1. Wait, if you run Tasker as a system app (as in, move it to /system/app), the persistent notification goes away?

        1. You can turn it off, but it doesn’t always work then. I’m guessing if it’s a system app then the system won’t close it, and it’ll always work, even without the persistent notification.

        2. What Big_EZ said. You can turn the persistent notification off in the system but then if you are low on memory android will kill it to speed its self up. If it is a system app though it will not be killed.

  2. Why don’t all Y’all mofos get some women in your lives and stop worrying about this bullshit

    1. Says the guy who thought it appropriate to reply to this thread on a Friday night when he should be out with his own lady.

  3. Yawwwwwn. Moto X disappears from the collective consciousness due to Xperia Z1, Note 3 and Nexus 5

  4. Hahaah.. Moto X and its millions of dollars ad campaign.. lol

    They’d rather spend millions on advertisement than making the phone compete with others with way better specs and same price.

    Moto X, too much publicity yet got no balls.

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