T-Mobile Moto X might only be available through the Google Play Store according to leak


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While the Moto X officially launched last week on AT&T and today on Verizon Wireless, there are still many questions left unanswered in regards to Moto X availability remaining carriers like Sprint and T-Mobile. When it comes to T-Mobile, we may have a little more info on where customers will be able to purchase the device and oddly enough, it appears it wont be through retail stores, or direct from Motorola.


TmoNews managed to grab this internal screenshot from T-Mobile, showing that the X might only be available through the Google Play Store where it mentions the device will only be “sold by Google”. This actually conflicts with previous statements from both Motorola and T-Mobile who said, shortly after the device’s unveiling, that the T-Mobile Moto X would be available for purchase directly though Motorola’s site.

The way this sounds, it appears as if the device will only be available off-contract, as the Play Store currently doesn’t allow users to purchase devices at a subsidized rate (or on monthly payments). Of course, none of this information has been confirmed and until we hear something a little more official, exactly when and where you’ll be able to purchase T-Mobile’s Moto X is still up in the air at this point. We’ll keep our ears peeled and let you know when we hear more.

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  1. This phone is slight upgrade over the Nexus 4 but the Nexus 4 is 250 while the Moto X will be 500 or higher.

    1. I wouldn’t even call it an upgrade from the Nexus 4 if you look at the specs and given that it runs an older version of Android. And when you can get a Nexus 4 for less than $300 off-contract, you’d have to be out of your mind to pick up a Moto X at the current pricing.

      1. Yea, I’d agree with you more than nardva. It would essentially be an expensive side-grade. For me (a nexus 4 owner), I wouldn’t consider it because of the price, and because of the amoled screen (not a fan of amoled). I give moto props for making such a nice looking phone though. It’s so sleek and elegant.

        1. How can you not be a fan of AMOLED screens? Its almost impossible for someone to look at a screen and say its a LCD2 or Amoled screen. I could careless what type of screen it uses, just make the phone last all day on a single charge with normal usage and not crash on me when I open an app.

          I do agree with you that it would be ridiculous to upgrade from a nexus 4 to a Moto X, if the Moto x cost twice the price. But its Motorola’s first phone while being owned by Google. I’m sure they need to make some money. I’m sure the cheap off contract phones are coming.

      2. IMO, the killer feature of the motos is really the screen/size ratio proposition.having held the two side by side, the n4 feels comically large by comparison.

        If they could bring it in near the old n4 pricing, I’d definitely consider it. The n4 is just big enough where I have trouble using it one handed without a lot of fancy and precarious shifting.

  2. Makes sense for T-Mobile since they don’t subsidize phones anymore.

    1. True, just a little odd that you can’t buy it in-store, or even through Motorola.

      1. promoting buying out of contract and researching. Gotta love T-mo

        1. Through my relationship with T-mobile (starting with Voicestream) and having four lines I only got probably 3-4 phones from them in 11 years. I wish T-mobile would adopt standard European frequencies for 3G/4G/LTE, so that finding a phone would not be that hard. Never understood this fragmentation in American market (good for providers=bad for consumer).

      2. I hope they keep on this track. Why not make it like buying a TV. The consumer gets to choose the phone for them on their terms. But I’m sure the carriers don’t want that; who wants the consumer to make their own choices?

    2. I actually think this amazingly great news, if true. It is our only chance at a reasonably priced off-contract Moto X. Maybe, just maybe, Google will subsidize it. Even if it’s only a little, it may be enough that I can buy it!

  3. I would find itt humorous if google lowred the prie for the play store

  4. Enough with the Moto X already. Motorola fumbled the launch and there are more interesting phones coming from Sony, Samsung and LG/Google.

  5. I’d imagine this means no MotoMaker on TMo, as well…

  6. So you’ll have to go through all that malware to get one?

    1. phakeman pls

  7. you guys are kind of late on news lately, find myself on Android Authority, Android Community and Android Police more often

  8. If i brought an at&t version and unlocked it wouldnt the bands work for T-Mobile?

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