Moto X now available at Sprint, US Cellular


Motorola Moto X DSC00695

Add another couple carriers to the list of this peddling Motorola’s Moto X. The handset is now available at Sprint and US Cellular, with each outlet pricing the phone at $199.99 on a two-year contract. However, Sprint is offering new customers a $100 discount (bringing the final price of the Moto X to $99) and US Cellular is providing a $75 rebate (final price of $124.99).

The pricing (sans discounts) is inline with what have seen from AT&T and Verizon, the first two US providers to carry the Moto X. AT&T still holds the advantage of being the exclusive retailer of custom-built Moto X designs courtesy of Moto Maker, though this feature should find its way to other carriers eventually.

With today’s releases, T-Mobile remains the lone holdout for the Moto X, though all signs point to the company not making the phone available directly at the retail level. Customers wishing to get the phone for that particular carrier will most likely have to buy from Motorola.

[via Sprint, US Cellular]

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  1. Yay for Sprint Note3 or Moto X?

    1. Neither. Buying a non-TriBand phone for Sprint right now is for suckers.

      1. how many triband phones does sprint have?

        1. None yet, but the LG G2 and the Samsung GS4 variant are coming this fall. A little bit of patience, if you can hold out can pay off.

          1. Will the Note 3 be triband when it comes out for sprint

          2. I would expect so, but don’t know for sure which variant is coming to the US.

      2. buying any phone on sprint, TriBand or not, is for suckers.

        1. Depends on where you live.

          In my area, where the towers are owned and operated by a third party (Shentel), Sprint service is roughly equivalent with Verizon and ATT. And it’s much cheaper, and I get unlimited data here.

          1. Here in San Francisco, Sprint is the worst. That little website you linked to confirms it.

          2. And that sucks for you Bay area customers. I wouldn’t buy a Sprint phone there either. Here, I have good options.

      3. Yep….this.

  2. Dam T-mobile k really wanted a moto x i guess i can order from at&t with color options and pop a t-mobile sim in

  3. Boring….tell me when it comes to UK….:p

  4. Anybody heard when this thing will actually hit stores for Verizon?

  5. I heard someone saying they were upgrading to the Moto X from their Nexus 4… LOLLL…thats ridiculous.

    1. Its not ridiculous, I was all about the latest and greatest in cell tech….but if the Moto X’s reviews of software are spot on for a midrange device priced as a Top tier device and it does the job well with the same processor as an S3 i would jump for this…What sold me was playing around with the Moto X maker. That is one hell of an option for all kinds of customers and im close to being Sold on it….A white phone all around with alternate color options for buttons said “yeah this is me” “Yeah im sure it will be supported with Cyanogenmod”….Im willing to get a moto x, but what drives me to a Note3 is the battery and sdcard something I need for complicated reasons…

      1. The thing is that it’s not much of an upgrade, besides the enhanced notifications, what are you truly getting? There’s no garauntee that you’d even get the latest software updates on time. It’s not even a lateral move it’s damn near a regression. And the price between the two really pushes the Nexus 4 over the edge… It’s a no brained.

        1. Yep, a real upgrade from the Nexus 4 would be the Nexus 5.

    2. Moto X offers more features than an N4. Some of us want more features than just numbers on a page. In this echo chamber, specs > features. In the outside world, features > specs

      1. How about specs & features> features by itself?

        1. now that’s just crazy talk

  6. Just went to sprint….I would have jumped for a Moto X if they had the option for a 32 GB…but they are only offering a 16GB and thats really an uninspiring purchase, considering there is no option for sdCard

  7. another crippled launch. atnt getting exclusives. especially on the 32 GB. Verizon doing what they want. gee ama sell mine online only. sprint late to the party. Motorola dropping the ball on engraving and shipping time.

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      None yet, but the LG G2 and the Samsung GS4 variant are coming this fall. A little bit of patience, if you can hold out can pay off.

  8. What?? ….EVER!

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