Toshiba TransferJet hands-on: NFC-like file transfers faster than ever



We are live from Qualcomm’s Uplinq event at Sunny San Diego. We have already seen much of what is around, but one always finds great products at the show floor. Let’s take a loot at this one – it’s Toshiba’s TransferJet technology.

Sending files via NFC is great for small files, but it is worthless if you want to send anything that over a hefty amount of megabytes. This is why Samsung’s S-Beam is so convenient (uses WiFi to transfer), but it is still not fast enough to send files that are too large. This is where TransferJet comes in handy.

While S-Beam transfers files via WiFi at an average of 20 Mbps, TransferJet can throw files around at about 357 Mbps. It works much like NFC, you have to send get the chip close to the other sensor in order to transfer files.

Currently Toshiba is displaying this technology with USB and micro-USB dongles you can put in devices. They also offer microSD cards with the functionality embedded. This is not available straight to consumers, though.


Toshiba is hoping that manufacturers and accessory makers take the idea and run with it. In the future, accessory and SD card makers can take Toshiba’s technology and take it to market. And maybe even smartphone manufacturers can adopt it.

We will have to see what happens, though. It certainly feels nice to transfer a 50 MB file in just a few seconds. A whole DVD-quality movie should never take more than a minute (if that). What do you guys think – does Toshiba have a winner here?


Edgar Cervantes

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  1. I love this brand but i want them to make some new technology smartphone that can last at least 5 days without charging.

  2. Lots of neat stuff going on lately with the Kyocera speaker, the Samsung Gear, and this.

  3. Can most phones even keep up with that speed?

    Rarely do I feel that transfers to/from even a class 6 SD card (in any of my mobile devices) are running at anything close to what the card can do in a good PC card reader.

  4. I suspect it won’t work without USB otg. Otherwise I’ll d have an immediate use.

  5. At least explains why the dongles look like ugly lego bricks.

  6. You missed the transfer speed. He corrected himself. It is 375mbps, not 357. (at 1:25 in the video)

  7. I’d lose that sucker in a week.

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