Android 4.3 set to arrive on Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 in October


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During Samsung’s media briefing at IFA 2013 where they showed off their new line of products, it seems the Korean manufacturer had a few additional details to reveal about its current Android lineup.

According to a Samsung rep who spoke with Engadget, both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy S4 can expect the latest version of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean to arrive sometime in October. When it comes to the S4, the update will add Samsung Galaxy Gear functionality to the handset, so that’s a plus for those looking to pick up the smartwatch. Strangely, the Note 2 was left out of the plans, although we may hear more about its update plans later.

As always, the update scheduling was more than likely referring to international models, where handsets in the US typical receive updates a few weeks/months/years later. Where Samsung is usually first out the gate when it comes to Android updates, it seems they may trail behind HTC (for once) who has said they’d be updating the HTC One to 4.3 in September.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 hands-on [VIDEO]

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  1. One of the reasons I plan on selling my Note 2 and going back to the Nexus line. I guess I got used to having the updates right away with the Nexus line.

    I thought the N2 was getting an update shortly after the S4 release??

    1. I’m with you. I switched from a Galaxy Nexus to a Note 2 but I might switch to the next Nexus phone. My decision on the Note 3 or Nexus will depend on if Samsung actually provide proper source for once.

      1. Nothing like the Note 2 stock OS still being stuck on v4.1. ClockworkMod is already making 4.3 nightlies

    2. I have a Note II and I still like it. I am selling mine, but I might upgrade to the Note III or Nexus 5. The phone is still dynamic regardless and people can always make ports on XDA if someone volunteers to do so.

  2. No love for the Note 2 :(

  3. My note 2 still has 4.1.2 :(

  4. Its between the HTC One Maxx, G2 or the Nexus 5…

  5. Wtf Samsung, the timely updates that you push out were one of my main reasons for leaving HTC, know that I have the Note 2 it seems like we can’t get any love.

    1. jeez… hope you’re a lil girl… ofcourse the Note 2 is getting the update. It’s more powerful and newer than the S3 hello?

      1. Add another s to the end of your name and you will get what you are in life, my name says mark2468 or can you not comprehend that Mark is a man’s name.

        1. Im not going to get into your argument, but I would assume the development for the Note takes a bit more time to make sure everything s-pen related works correctly?

          1. On the flip-side, there should be some way to work with carriers to release updates quicker. XDA guys are always quicker and they don’t look to make a profit before taking the time to do something, but carriers like to update products if it has some advantage in the future.

      1. except this takes into account carriers and is US only. Byt the time HTC oneX had android 4.1.1 ( that was in late November early December ) Galaxy S3 had 4.1.2 ( 4.1.1 came in September, early October )

        1. No it is not US only. It is for all HTC phones you daft twat.

  6. Would it be safe to assume this will come to the Note 2 then as well?

  7. Of course the note 2 will get the update. Why would they announce the date for 4.3 of October when they want people to buy the N3. Its a business move

  8. classy new features but still a drag on performance, Galaxy note 3 @ http://viralbond.blogspot.in/2013/09/samsung-galaxy-note-3-has-arrived.html

    1. What lag are you referring to? My note 2 is smoother than any phone ive owned including just as smooth as the htc one.

  9. Sweet. I can maybe look forward to getting this on my Verizon S3 in February or March.

    1. Don’t get too optimistic Lol

    2. Try July

  10. What does 4.3 entail for Touchwiz specifically?

    1. More Samsung gimmicks

  11. I love that Sammy is keeping the updates coming to the S3 but I really hope that this one gets to the states quickier this go round. I’ve been tempered to just go Nexus but then again I love the idea of an SD card slot for expanding my memory at will.

    1. Blame the US carriers

  12. What a freaking rip! Because the Note 3 ships with 4.3, we have to wait for our update?! What bullspit!

  13. More malware from google.

  14. Actually dude you are wrong. Sammy is notoriously slow at updating their devices. It took them on average last year 6 months to upgrade their phones. HTC has the fastest record at updating their phones in 4 months.

  15. Just got a update for htc one but it didn’t give me 4.3 what was that update for I have at&t

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