Samsung ZEQ and Samsung Galaxy Jump appear in USPTO filings


In just a few hours we’re expecting to witness the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, but might we also see the Samsung ZEQ and Samsung Galaxy Jump? Both trademarks were recently filed by Samsung with the USPTO.

Samsung ZEQ

Samsung ZEQ Trademark


There are rumors – which you have to take with a grain of salt – and then there are trademark filings… which you also have to take with a grain of salt.

As is par for the course, Samsung ZEQ and Galaxy Jump could be names for future devices that are planned and never see the light of day, names Samsung is saving for a rainy day, names to throw competitors off track, or maybe even names submitted by Samsung lawyers because they’re on retainer and didn’t have anything better to do. Nevermind… they’ve got plenty to do.

It’s also possible they’re not devices at all, but names of software or service programs. Commenter Shawn Locke, for example, suggests that “Samsung Galaxy Jump” could be a Samsung device upgrade program, on par with T-Mobile Jump for service contracts.

We’ll be watching the Live Stream of Samsung Unpacked 2 very closely, and of course, keeping our eyes glued to the web and our e-mail inbox should any leaks or tipsters let us know exactly what to expect.

How about you: got any ideas?

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  1. Maybe Galaxy Jump is an upgrade program for Galaxy devices, like what Apple is planning to do with iPhones.

    1. That’s a pretty interesting idea, Shawn! Good thinking… but curious how that might conflict with T-Mobile’s own “JUMP” branding, unless it’s part of a partnership they’re planning together.

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