Nexus 4 8GB sold out in Google Play, and it probably isn’t coming back


nexus 4 8gb sold out

It looks like the Nexus 4 8GB and 16GB have been selling like hotcakes ever since Google dropped the price by $100 in the Google Play Store. That’s not surprising since that steep price drop made the best value in smartphones even cheaper at price points of $200 and $250, respectively. Now, the 8GB version is officially out of stock.

Google’s Play Store listing notes they’re “out of inventory” and tells folks to “check back soon,” however it’s hard to believe that stock will ever return with the 2013 installment in the Nexus phone line looming. The 16GB models are sill going smoothly, though, so that’s probably your best bet for the time being. (And it can’t hurt to drop an extra $50 for double the storage.) Be sure to consider that option if you want a Nexus 4, but don’t take too long to decide — these might not last too long, either.

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Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I wish Q would stop saying dropped by $100 and just say dropped to $200-$250…

    1. but they did 16 gig was 350 8 gig 300 they dropped by 100 bucks..

  2. Inventory filled up almost as fast as that 8 gigs

  3. @jerelbutler some people just aren’t smart enough to realize that….gotta go easy on em lol


    1. Why would you go for 8 gigs of space? /: o

      1. Unlimited internet on T-Mobile, and mainly keeping music/video/games on a tablet you typically have on hand. I, as well, was considering biting the bait on the 8GB but am weighing out the N4’s fragility versus the forthcoming rumors/leaks of the new N4/N5. If the new nexus/es is/are just as breakable, and the N4 is still available, I’ll get the N4.

        1. Okay, fair pont. Though I still can’t imagine my life without at least 16Gb, Which I needed for my Desire HD 3 years ago! (And I am still using the phone. Yeah… tell me about it… : / : D)

          1. I see it as someone who’s just trying to save money. I always see a mobile phone as an investment, not something to save money on. I want the best my money can buy. Nexus 4 is a brilliant mid-tier device, just not something for me.

  5. I love Verizon’s speed and coverage but dang, they should change their name to “This Is Why You Can’t Have Nice Things” >.<

  6. Put LTE on there officially next time around, for godssakes

  7. Good riddenance… I can’t understand why they were still making an 8GB model anyways. With no sdcard slot, the choices should be 32GB or 64GB. For devices with an sdcard slot, 16GB should be minimum.

    1. 16GB absolutely should be bare minimum today. 64GB devices need to be more common. Apple can’t be the only ones making large internal storage devices.

      1. I’ve had the 16GB version for a few months now, my storage has been hovering around 1GB free since I got it. Having to constantly install and uninstall games and delete pictures/videos sucks..

        1. Which is why 32GB should be the new standard. Oh my gosh, I was on my last gig with my E4GT (GS2). LoL!!

    2. Last year at this very time I would’ve say, what are you talking about? But now, after I have put 2 relatively small playlists on my N4 8GB and have a few apps on there, I end up having to transfer data off of the device to do a nandroid backup. F that, I’ll never buy 8GB again.

  8. In the words of the late great George Carlin “Let it go gracefully” lol

  9. I was shocked when i read this, cuz i wanted to get one for my mum and one for myself. Luckily they are still available in Germany. Phew.

  10. I would guess they will reveal the new Nexus by the end of this month.

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