Sep 3rd, 2013

nexus 4 8gb sold out

It looks like the Nexus 4 8GB and 16GB have been selling like hotcakes ever since Google dropped the price by $100 in the Google Play Store. That’s not surprising since that steep price drop made the best value in smartphones even cheaper at price points of $200 and $250, respectively. Now, the 8GB version is officially out of stock.

Google’s Play Store listing notes they’re “out of inventory” and tells folks to “check back soon,” however it’s hard to believe that stock will ever return with the 2013 installment in the Nexus phone line looming. The 16GB models are sill going smoothly, though, so that’s probably your best bet for the time being. (And it can’t hurt to drop an extra $50 for double the storage.) Be sure to consider that option if you want a Nexus 4, but don’t take too long to decide — these might not last too long, either.

[thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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