Sep 3rd, 2013

While we’re awaiting for the Canadian-bred Blackberry to follow through on their promise to deliver BBM for Android by the end of this summer, we’ve been wondering when we’d finally be able to take a look at the application. After an early scare suggesting their Android app would be poorly designed (that was since debunked), we’ve been keeping our fingers crossed that Blackberry doesn’t screw this up.

Well, we’ve finally gotten our first sneak peak at what to expect whenever the company eventually rolls out this premium messaging service to Android (and iOS). was able to give us our first look of the app running on an HTC First, the AT&T phone that comes with Facebook’s Home user interface by default.

This is a fully-featured affair from what we can tell, with the Android version of Blackberry offering up nearly everything that you can get on the current Blackberry 10 version of the app (with the exception of being able to tag your posts with your location).

Hell, even the user interface mimics that of the Blackberry 10 version’s down to the on-screen back button and the menu sliding in from the right. There isn’t much Holo to be found here, though we hope that’ll change in the future. Grab a look in the video above.

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