Sep 2nd, 2013

One of the cooler things Verizon and Motorola were able to add thanks to the advent of the “always listening” nature of the latest Motorola software is the ability to find your phone using nothing but your voice. I’m sure you’ve come across this problem before: you misplaced your smartphone somewhere in a room or a car, and you just know it’s nearby, but can’t seem to pinpoint where, exactly, you put it.

While tools like the Android device manager make it far easier to ring your phone from a remote location, you won’t always be near a computer to activate that feature. As an alternative, Motorola has implemented a “call my DROID” command for Verizon’s latest DROID phones — the Ultra, MAXX, and Mini — that you can issue after activating the phone’s touchless controls using the “OK Google Now” command.

The phone will let out a loud, continuous ringtone and show a cool DROID-esque animation until you tell it to stop. It’s one of those small things that you probably don’t think you’d ever need, but will ultimately prove invaluable once the need to use it arises. Go ahead and watch our quick video showing off the feature above.

PS: we’re not sure if there’s a similar command for Moto X devices, but we’ll be looking to find out. In the meantime, let us know of any more Motorola-specific commands you may have found either on the Moto X or the latest DROID devices.