Aug 27th, 2013

Moto X Motomaker screenshot

The Moto X has been available on AT&T for close to a week now, but not for everyone who wanted to order one through Motorola’s Moto Maker site  that allows you to customize the phone with different colors and engravings. All that changes today, though — anyone who wants a custom AT&T Moto X through Moto Maker can now do so without needing any special access code or privileges.

To top that off, you can also order the Moto X without having to sign a new two-year contract. Doing that will set you back $580, which is a far cry from the $300 we were all hoping for way back when. On-contract pricing remains $200 for a 16GB version and $250 for a 32GB. If that doesn’t scare your wallet off then be sure to head over to Moto Maker to get started.


In related news, Motorola has also put up listings for official vehicle and desktop docks on their website. The vehicle dock — designed by Griffin — will automatically put your Moto X into car mode, so you won’t have to worry about pecking around trying to find the apps you need before setting off onto the road. That will cost you $40. The PowerDock, also by Griffin, is a desktop affair that will proudly prop your Moto X up vertical style.

The dock has enough room to accommodate cases up to 2mm thick, too, so any slim-fitting case should be able to fit in there just fine. You can head here for the PowerDock and here for the vehicle dock if you’re interested. And if you still haven’t decided on whether or not you actually want a Moto X, perhaps our thorough review could be of some assistance. Give it a good look and see if you can’t come to a conclusion about this American-made piece of beauty.

PS: Don’t forget that Motorola is offering a free Motorola Skip with each purchase, something that would normally cost you about $20.

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