Telltale Games announces Android version of The Walking Dead, headed to the OUYA



Julie Uhrman’s managed to score one helluva deal with Telltale Games — makers of the critically acclaimed The Walking Dead video game — announcing today that they’re finally ready to bring their gory series to Android… well, the OUYA anyway.

For those of you that purchased the OUYA, you can look forward to the entire first season of The Walking Dead to launching later this year along with the 400 Days bonus episode. In typical OUYA fashion (which requires game makers to provide free demos to their users) the 1st episode being provided free of charge. When it comes to season 2 (also expected to release later this year), Telltale says that it too will be available for OUYA owners, though whether or not it will launch at the same time as other platforms remains to be seen.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead video game has seen a release on everything from the iPad, to the Xbox, PS3 and more recently, the PS Vita. For whatever reason, the Android platform has been shunned by the developer, leaving Android’s millions of users left scratching their heads. While the game was only announced for the OUYA, we’ll be keeping out fingers crossed that Telltale will also drop the game off in Google Play while they’re at it.

[Telltale Games]

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  2. they would be stupid not too.

  3. I was playing this on my friend’s Xbox. I stopped at level 3 because of some loading issue. Then I think we deleted my data on accident and everything. LoL!!

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    I was playing this on my friend’s Xbox. I stopped at level 3 because of some loading issue. Then I think we deleted my data on accident and everything. LoL!!

  5. I guess season 2 will be cancelled when it comes to evaluation of profit made with the Android Version of season 1, especially when it will remain an OUYA exclusive + everyone already played it + let me tell you, playing this on any screen < 7" is no fun at all (played it on my iPhone (he used the bad i-Word!) and my PC, totally different experience).

  6. and why not just launch it on android in general? i have a Bluetooth controller for my phone and am MHL adapter… i’ll pass on OUYA…

  7. Telltale The Walking Dead Game=Awesome Sauce.
    Amc’s The Walking Dead Game=Biggest Regret I EVER MADE!
    I think I should be refunded the price of the game and paid a stipend for every hour i spent playing that abomination.

  8. Awesome

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