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moto-x-nfl-themesThe Motorola Moto X is one of the most interesting Android phones to come around in quite awhile (read our Moto X Review) thanks mostly to its focus on custom designed hardware. Customers can use a new service called Moto Maker that will let them custom configure their device, from colors and wallpaper to storage and accessories.

What types of color schemes will customers pursue? We’re guessing sports teams will become a major focus, and with the NFL regular season and the Moto X and Moto Maker launch dates both fast approaching, we thought it’d be fun to compile a ranked list of the hottest NFL themed Moto X phones.

Feel free to agree or disagree with our rankings in the comments, but regardless, these are definitely 18 awesome NFL Moto X themes.

#18 – Baltimore Ravens

The defending Superbowl champions come in last place on this list, but we figured they at least deserve an honorable mention. Without a solid “purple” in Moto Maker, we were forced to mix and mash the purple and black into the creation found below.


#17 – Arizona Cardinals

The yellow might be a tad off, but being able to combine all three logo colors into one mostly attractive phone and headphone combo made us happy. If only that bright yellow could inherit some gold, many teams would enjoy a slightly sexier place on this list.


#16 – Denver Broncos

The blues and oranges don’t quite match, but were still close enough to make our list. Slap on a wallpaper that bridges the color gap a bit more and you could definitely have a winner. Denver fans should be able to relate: just call an audible at the line of scrimmage.


#15 – Cincinnati Bengals

We traded the Bengal stripes for a Kevlar back in hopes the wildness would transfer over well, and to some degree it does, but there simply isn’t enough orange to make it feel like a true Bengals phone. A limitation of Moto Maker that may have been forgiven with a pair of orange headphones, but alas…


#14 – Oakland Raiders

The black and silver are a classic team with a classic logo and history steeped in tradition. While our Raiders phone looks nice, it doesn’t look any different than many Androids you can already find on the market, and some may question why it’s ranked as high as 14.


#13 – Atlanta Falcons

Red, white, and black: the Falcons phone takes a straight forward color scheme and successfully imprints it on the Moto X. Nothing earth shattering, but definitely worthy of some Hotlanta love.


#12 – Dallas Cowboys

Not much different from the Raiders, the Cowboys blue and silver could be considered plain, but we were somehow wooed by its beauty. Simple or not, the phone hits the Cowboy’s star right on its target.


#11 – Detroit Lions

Take the Cowboys blue and silver but pizzaz it up with some excitement, flair, and ferocity and you’ve got the Lions’ Moto X phone. It looks great, and if you ask me, the whole country should be rooting (at least a little) for Detroit this year.


#10 – New York Giants

Let the Red, White, and Blue begin! Several teams enjoy this simple color scheme, but the Giants don’t pull it off as well as their competition. On the upside, Giants fans, Eli’s team continues to beat big brother in the rankings.


#9 – Buffalo Bills

The blue and red of the Bills logo match much better than those of the Giants. Not bad looking at all, but do Bills fans still exist? Hello?


#8 – Houston Texans

The Houston Texans and New England Patriots (below) feature a slightly darker, classier blue, which is why they get the nod over the Giants and Bills. If the Texans can stay healthy this year, they might finally make the playoff run that Andre Johnson so deserves.


#7 – New England Patriots

Tom Brady. That’s why the Patriots are ranked #7 and not #10. Moderators, please proceed immediately to the comments section.


#6 – Chicago Bears

Trade the Patriot’s red for some orange and you’ve got the Bears Moto X. It isn’t head and shoulders above the Pats, but it gave us a sigh of relief that we didn’t have to sit through any more red, white, and blue phones.


#5 – Carolina Panthers

With the Panthers phone we officially reach the sacred land of the Moto X Elite. The Panthers colors are sick and the logo is nothing short of bad ass. Moto Maker lets us match that electric blue color beautifully, which help the Panthers Moto X stand out above the majority of the competition.


#4 – Green Bay Packers

The greens and yellows don’t match perfectly, but they’re awfully close, and somehow with the Pack logo overlaid it enhances the slight differences in hues. This phone really stands out to us as a beauty… we’re sure cheeseheads across the Android world will agree.


#3 – Pittsburgh Steelers

Uh-huh, you know what it is! Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow! There is absolutely no denying that this phone sticks out like Troy Polamalu’s hair. Not a hard recipe to follow, but boy does it turn out flawless. This upcoming season we’re guessing a lot of Steelers fans will have this phone in one hand and their terrible towel in the other.


#2 – Washington Redskins

Hail to the Redskins! The Skins’ burgundy and gold comes awfully close to perfection with our Redskins Moto X phone, and being a bit more difficult to accomplish than black and yellow, we had to give it the nod. One glance at this and it’s undeniably Redskins territory.


#1 – Miami Dolphins

Talk about undeniable! The Miami Dolphins Moto X would have flipper jumping through hoops: the colors are absolutely PERFECT and these aren’t exactly colors or color combinations that you come by every day. This works so well that you almost wonder if Motorola or Google have a Dolphins fan amongst their color-picking ranks. Even iPhone loving Dolphins fans will have a hard time passing this one up.


Cut from the team

Moto Maker is the first service of its kind that lets consumers customize the colors of their phones directly from the manufacturer. Right now, color selection is limited. Hopefully, in time, the concept will catch on and prove its value, allowing manufacturers to extend the offerings even further.

While Moto Maker lets us take customization to another level, some team phones would require a little bit more:

  • Jaguars, Saints, Chargers, 49ers, Rams, and Buccaneers – all suffered from a gold and bronze identity crisis, being forced into a “yellow” that just didn’t fit
  • Cleveland Browns – no brown in Moto Maker!
  • Colts – the blues didn’t fit and being forced into an accent color meant looking like the Cowboys or Lions
  • Kansas City Chiefs – suffered from the lack of a true red
  • Minnesota Vikings – suffered from the lack of a true purple
  • New York Jets – suffered from the lack of a true quarterback. I mean green.
  • Philadelphia Eagles – No real green in all of Moto Maker!
  • Seattle Seahawks – somehow the color scheme evaded all the selectable combos

Hopefully in the future, Moto Maker will accommodate any color scheme you can dream up, but for now we think the above options are pretty darn awesome.

Some disclaimers

A few things we think you should know:

  • We are in no way affiliated with the NFL or any of its teams and created the above renditions completely as theoretical fan art and entertainment. All trademarks and logos are the property of their respective owners.
  • We have not seen these actual phones, colors, and color combinations in person and created our rankings based solely on what we viewed on the Moto Maker website
  • Even within the Moto Maker website, different angles of the phone seemed to depict slightly different colors/hues although the technical selection was the same
  • You should make your own purchases based on your own research, the above list was created purely for your entertainment!

What’s your favorite NFL Themed Moto X phone? Got ideas for your own? Let us know in the comments!

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