Paranoid smartphone owner, Moto X customizations, how much battery life is enough? [FROM THE FORUMS]


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Are we living in an age where our smartphones know a little too much about us? Is 48 hours of battery life more than enough? These are just some of the questions being mulled this week over at Android Forums. Check out what’s got everyone talking in this week’s edition of From the Forums.

Paranoid Android — One forum member has had enough with smartphones. They know our every move. Our significant others might be installing secret spyware to receive duplicates of every text message we send (no, seriously, that’s what this dude is saying). He just wants a phone from 1995. Do you?

While on the subject of paranoid smartphone users, member matt190191 is lamenting the loss of a recently stolen HTC One. He’s probably wishing he opted into Android Device Manager.

Custom Moto X handsets, oh my! — The Moto X launched today, did you hear? That means it’s time to start building your dream device. Even if you don’t plan on picking one up, the Moto Maker site will let you tailor a handset to your tastes using its set of virtual tools. Why not share the results?

Counterfeit MicroSD cards a real problem? — This ancient discussion on counterfeit MicroSD cards was recently bumped, and for good reason. While the decline of the SD card reader means many smartphone no longer use the technology, buyer definitely beware, especially when shopping MicroSD cards on eBay. They aren’t always what they seem.

Is 48 hours of up time overkill for a battery? — Yes, in an era when users are craving as much battery as they can possibly get, one is actually asking if the 48 hours of use claimed by the new Motorola Droid Maxx is actually too much. We’ll cede your point that a phone in most situations only needs to last a few days, but what’s the harm in more?

And that, my friends, is just a small smattering of what you will find over at Android Forums. If you haven’t already, why not head over and sign up for an account today?


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  1. People buy SD cards from Ebay?

    1. People buy SD cards from Ebay.

      1. Eww.

        1. your gay.

          1. Cheers mate. Now I’ll go hang out with the non-homophobic/bigoted majority of the human race.

          2. someones not happy XD

          3. Not with homophobia I’m not.

          4. I think its gayphobia, because homophobia would mean you fear all things homo, including sapiens… in which case you fear yourself… i think

          5. It’s bigotry. Not something to be tolerated.

          6. oh look its a troll..

          7. ;)

          8. Sometimes I like to say that Homosexuality is a genetic disorder. It’s your DNA’s way of saying your genes don’t belong in the gene pool, so you’re forced to only enjoy sex that doesn’t risk reproduction.

        2. what a douche

    2. What’s wrong with that mate?

      1. I’m just surprised folks buy them from eBay instead of places like Amazon, Newegg or Best Buy.

        1. I bought plenty of things from eBay, including an SD card. I’ve never had problems with them.

          1. Awesome. It’s just not a place I’ve ever thought to look for SD cards is all.

          2. Well i’ve bought a lot of stuff on there for my phone, since it’s dirt cheap compared to the prices in stores over here (Australia). The 16gb SanDisk Ultra card cost me $16 on eBay while it would have been about $24-25 anywhere else.

          3. Amazon AU never offered better prices?

          4. They don’t accept PayPal so that’s why I don’t use it, if it did and offered better prices i’d definitely look into it.

          5. That stinks. Well as long as your getting value somewhere that’s good.

    3. You do realize that some major e-retailers (Newegg, sell on eBay as well, right?

      1. Get out of here, really? No I wasn’t aware of that. Neat.

        1. Yes! Some may not have quite the quantity listed on eBay as they do on their own websites, but they sell there to increase exposure. Buy’s eBay store has memory I want for my desktop where it’s not available through others.

          As a protip though: When searching for items on eBay, and you’re in the United States, you can search only sellers located in the United States to avoid dealing with international sellers and long times for shipments.

  2. Checked out the moto maker site and played around with it. What happened to all the wood and other funky choices for the back that they showed off when they announced it? All I saw on there was 20 different solid color choices for the back along with about 7 choices for button colors, then a bunch of random wallpaper and junk choices, that anybody could do on any phone. Was disappointed in the lack of options. Will other options be coming later, or is it really just “choose what solid color plastic you want on the back of your phone and whether you want a black or white bezel”

    1. They said the woodgrain will come later (maybe).

  3. In other battery-related news, we still apparently don’t have a viable Lithium Ion replacement that would offer more compact energy. With the rate that the rest of the tech world is progressing, this simple fact still amazes me.

    1. There are a ton of other “viable” options they’re just not at the consumer stage yet. Doesn’t make them not viable, just makes them not ready. Solid state sodium based cells are probably the next most logical and closest progression. You could start seeing that in cell phone sized applications within the next couple years.

  4. Why would you buy an SD card on eBay when Amazon has legit ones that are perfectly affordable. Anyhoo, I’d also like to say…how can there be a such thing as TOO MUCH battery life? That’s nonsensical.

  5. 14 hours under heavy use with a 15% cushion or reserve at the end.

  6. “My battery lasted too long”

    – no one ever

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