Verizon DROID MAXX and DROID Ultra available starting today



Looking for a certain pair of DROIDs on Verizon’s network? The folks at Big Red have officially unleashed the devices onto the masses today. I’m speaking of the Motorola DROID MAXX and Motorola DROID Ultra, two phones we got our hands on just a month ago. These two are quite similar in form and function, but there are some obvious big differences which warrant them being $100 apart in price.

For the Motorola DROID Ultra, you’re getting a 5-inch AMOLED display with 720p resolution, 16GB of internal storage, Motorola 1.7GHz dual-core X8 chipset, 2GB of RAM, a 10MP RGBC camera, a 2 megapixel front camera, a 2,130 mAh battery and all the other usual bells and whistles.

Moving on to the DROID Maxx, things are mostly the same, except it has a 3,500mAh battery and 32GB of internal storage. The DROID MAXX and DROID Ultra are available today for $300 and $200, respectively. Head to Verizon’s website and place an order for yours if you’re liking what Motorola has to offer this summer. As for the DROID Mini, that should be coming to us in just over a week’s time, as Verizon has set that launch date for August 29th.

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  1. bout time someone posted this!

    my goodness its like all the tech sites are stuck in lala land and only are aware of the X as far as any moto phone is concerned

  2. These are the DROIDs I’m looking for..just not at that full retail price (yes, I have to keep my unlimited). Parting with 7 Benjamins for the MAXX…Not sure I can pull the trigger on that.

    1. Do the math. I calculated that it would cost me more over two years to get a subsidized phone than it would to keep my unlimited and pay full price. The only downside is you have to pay it all up front.

      The alternative is to wait and see if refurbs come on the market soon. A new iPhone may be releasing soon and a lot of people (for some foolish reason) get an Android and then return it when the iPhone comes out. It’s kind of a win-win: you get a cheaper refurb and the iPhone user gets stuck with an iPhone (serves them right).

      1. In agreement. During lunch today, I thought to myself, “maybe I’ll just wait for it to show up on swappa.com. I think I can part with 4 or 5 benjamins more easily than 7.”

        It’ll be slightly used, but eh..I can live with that.

      2. I did the math the minute vzw introduced the darn share everything plans. For the amount of data that I use on a monthly basis keeping unlimited for as long as I can is the best move. I have my mind set on paying full price since then so I’m mentally ready to part with $700-$800 for my next device. I’m just pondering which one to get though, the Moto X, Droid Maxx, G-Note 3 or even the LG G2…butI highly doubt that I’ll pick up the LG G2 though. i still have plenty of time to think about it since I’m planning on picking up my next phone by the end of the year…

      3. I didn’t pay up front. Device payment plan. Was $130 out the door. Pay the rest whenever. Awesome.

        Loving the MAXX. Just waiting for root.

      4. How would it be cheaper? I’m currently paying $145/mo, which includes 2 unlimited data plans as well as subsidies for my GNex and my wife’s iPhone 4. Even if I buy 2 new phones full retail, I’ll still be paying $145/mo. Actually, I’ll be screwed either way on my wife’s plan since whatever her next phone is (Android or Apple) she’ll have to upgrade to a 4G plan and will lose unlimited anyway.

        1. That’s what I’m wondering too. With my provider in Canada, I never had to change a thing about my plan when I get a new subsidized phone. So the above math always baffled me.

  3. Got the Maxx and love it so far!

  4. I’ll be up for a new phone in a few months, and Im hoping the Maxx price drops a bit by then. My next phone will either have an Uber battery, or be water/dustproof.

  5. Got it (the DROID Maxx) today… Very impressed :)

    1. I would get one if it wasn’t on Verizon (T-Mobile preferably). Please Motorola, stop the exclusives!!!!

      1. the droid line isn’t really motorola’s fault, its Verizon specifically coming to motorola with an idea and asking them to make it… itd be a different story if motorola had these phones cooked up and verizon just kept buying the exclusivity, but its verizons baby so itll never change carriers

    2. I got it too. People really want to hate on this phone. So far, it’s been really smooth and fast, and the battery is amazing. Also, the screen looks really nice. Folks who hate on it not being 1080p are size queens.

      Sleeper hit: Motorola Migrate. I got all of my stuff from my old Gnex painlessly. If this was a stock Google app, people would love it.

      1. How’s the screen resolution? I’ve been a little wary of the new droids ever since I saw they would have lower dpi than my S3.

        1. It’s not Pentile, for one, which helps a lot – I would argue that 294ppi non-pentile is better than 306ppi (s3 I think?) pentile any day. I came from an S4 and have been pleased with the screen. It’s easier to see in sunlight than the S4, and the resolution differences aren’t noticeable unless you have them side by side… and even then hard to see. I was worried I’d be disappointed in the screen vs. the S4, but haven’t been at all.

          1. Same here… I’m coming from a Galaxy Nexus, and I was worried that the screen wasn’t a big enough upgrade. It looks great. I can’t see any individual pixels or anything like that, and the color and brightness are great. I just find it silly that the camera can record 1080p, and the screen’s only 720p.

  6. Maxx needs to be 199 not 299. Ultra 149…

    1. MAXX needs to be 1080p not 720p.

        1. I read the article and I agree with a lot of what was stated. I bought the HTC One and the screen is amazing. Whether AMOLED is superior to LCD is debatable and a matter of opinion. I have had phones with both technologies. Colors look richer on AMOLED, but they are truer on LCD. Also, LCD seems better in sunlight.

          However, for $100 more; Motorola could have goine 1080p for the MAXX. I do find that text is crisper with 1080p vs. 720p. In terms of graphics, I will agree there isn’t a real difference.

          1. you can’t tell on text unless you have a magnifying glass… its still over 300 PPI and an eye that can tell the difference between resolution at that density can also tell the difference between pentile and non pentile… non pentile wins hands down as long as it has 300 PPI there is no point in having much more than that if your trading off quality of display… I’d be all for a 1080p display that is NON pentile but i would prefere 720p if going up means its pentile.

          2. Pentile isn’t an argument at 1080p and 720p is a non-issue. OLED’s over saturation of colors is becoming an issue however. Look at the LG G2’s screen, the color reproduction is amazing!!

            The next real innovation has to be battery life. I’m not talking about shoving in a huge battery either, brute force only takes you so far.

      1. It’s non-pentile. That counts for a lot.

      2. have you actually seen it yet? resolution mean nothing if your comparing pentile vs non pentile. … NP 720P beats 1080p pentile any day. stop worrying about numbers and focus on the experience

    2. Order it from Sam Club the Maxx is $199.74

      1. Yea but if it was 199 then Sams Club would sell it for $99.

  7. Pass LG G2 is where it’s at or the HTC One Max

  8. The Verizon site now lists the Mini as shipping on 8/22.

  9. In terms of Motorola phones, can’t imagine buying a Droid Ultra over a Moto X.

  10. Actually according to Verizon website, the Mini will now ship by 8/22

  11. Got my MAXX, and let me say it is sexy, the dual core is no matter to this beast, I have had no slowdown and the batter is nice as well, started on 45% life when I got the phone, and now 12 hours later I am at 37% without charging.

    1. Same here, loving this phone.

    2. How much usage? Pretty heavy usage on my first full day, almost 16 hours and i’m down to 37%

  12. Bought the Droid Maxx today. Liking it so far. The touchless control is nice. I need the durability and nano coating to resist sweat and possible falls during cycling.

    1. I’d be interested in an update on that. I always take my phone cycling and it experiences a wide range of conditions that aren’t really suitable for a phone…

      1. Today or tomorrow will be my first ride with it in my jersey pocket. Just upgraded from a Droid RAZR and the Kevlar backing handled the sweat pretty well. It helps that I put it in a ziploc bag to decrease the moisture build up and in case the rains catch me. Screen is a little damp, but never stops responding. Not sure I’d feel as confident with the aluminum bodied HTC One. Also, the Maxx battery should make battery drain a non-issue from using Strava on a ride.

      2. Road with Maxx today. Temps in the low 90’s. No dampness at all on screen.

  13. has anybody heard anything about the wireless charger for the maxx? I haven’t heard anything on availability or price.

    1. I got one Yesterday at the VZW store. $39.99 for the charging pad. I have a corp discount and it was $29.99. Have it on my desk right now, works great. it’s an Incipio Ghost 100.

  14. But how much did you pay for it?

    SamsClub has the Droid Maxx for $199.74 as an upgrade.
    the $30 upgrade fee is billed to your provider

  15. We want the Droid 5 – WITH A KEYBOARD!!!!

  16. What the public wants is a Verizon Nexus phone or, at least, Google Play editions. It’s so much nicer to be able to stay on top of OS upgrades as they’re released instead of hoping your phone will get the upgrade. Verizon has the worst selection of phones of any of the big 4 carriers.

  17. Anyone else get a random software update today?

    1. Yep. 12.7.7. I had an issue with tweet notifications not showing in notification bar or Active Notifications. Worked fine after update.

  18. The HTC One showed in at my local VZW store today. Prior to the news and release of the Droid Maxx I would have bought that phone. Maxx has much better battery and features. Must admit, the aluminum-bodied HTC One looks nice, but looks only take you so far.

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